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  1. Happy Birthday to Joe Zoch

    Thank You Much!
  2. On matters of Objectivism and Ayn Rand, I steer clear of any literature NOT endorsed by ARI. Anne Heller is making the talk radio rounds and will be appearing Sunday November 8th on Book TV. I just listened to her interview on the Rosen Show, and I learned nothing of any importance. I did not hear anything wildly negative; in fact, this particular interview seemed to encourage reading her books. I remember becoming politically aware around 1991/92 and I started listening to Rush Limbaugh and another local Talk Show host, both encouraged reading Atlas Shrugged, I did, and here I am today as an admirer and advocate. The irony is their encouragements of reading Rand helped me understand the errors in their own arguments, so I don’t think Heller’s book will necessarily result in a bad first impression.
  3. 2000 is a lot of people on short notice! That was at the Sommerset Mall, which is 5 minutes from my house. How were you notified? I shouldn't be missing these events.

    It stands to reason that a turnout to a July 4th Tea Party would be low because many people take their vacation around that same time. I was busy vacationing from my job this past week to catch up on some work at home and visit with friends and family. Many of my co-workers, friends, and family simply left town for the weekend. According to lansingmiteaparty, Lansing Michigan had a turnout of around 1500, and did receive some media attention. Alex Epstein reported on Facebook that he spoke to a crowd of 300 people. In my opinion, 40% wanting to read Ayn Rand IS promising.
  5. Pro-Capitalist Cartoon

    Fun! I've posted it to my Twitter and Facebook account. Thank You!
  6. Twitter

    I just use it as a one stop shop for news, geeky stuff, and Objectivist updates. Also, my works firewall doesn't block it yet.
  7. Going Galt

    I apologize - I missunderstood what you meant.
  8. Going Galt

    Felix - Once you start "" or whatever, I'll be right there participating too. It’s not going to be a single activity that changes the culture, but a preponderance of activities like letters to the editor, blogging, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc.), talking to friends and family, attending Tea Parties, or sponsoring Atlas book drives to Politicians. Mr. Small has created one more venue for our activism, and if it doesn’t suit your interests then shrug, and try something else.
  9. Going Galt

    I will participate in this effort, and I've linked it to my Facebook page. I've been handing out Atlas to those I know for many years, but never thought about sending it to a Politician.
  10. Dollhouse (2009)

    I really like this show. It reminds me of a more intricate Stepford Wives.
  11. Go to, scroll to the bottom, and select page 2. This the best I can give.
  12. The description should say Properly Using Blog and News Site comment sections NOT "the Blog"
  13. Starting on page 2 of the comments section, Amy Peikoff nicely rebuts Steven Crowder’s specious post against Atheism on the Big Hollywood website. I think this is a good demonstration of how to advocate the proper ideas without being off-putting, and knowing who your audience is. As you follow the thread you see she makes her case by personalizing it and ultimately wraps it up by pointing the viewer to Ayn Rand. Often, I see Objectivists (I’ve been guilty of this too) try to refute bad ideas by throwing in the entire Ayn Rand Lexicon, or using jargon only known by those well studied in Objectivism. Commenting on blogs and news sites is a great way to spread Objectivist ideas, and I think Amy’s approach is a good example.
  14. Facebook advice?

    Good! It's your account, just as it's your life. You have no obligation to anyone. Generally, I accept most everyone, except ex-girl friends or anyone I was intimate with. I believe that would be rude to my wife. Since I've started, I've been using it more and more for passing along pro-liberty and pro-Objectivist articles, images, and announcements. Most of my friends are not Objectivists, but I have received some comments of interest from them. I did get reacquainted with an old high school friend who believes in situational ethics and claims to have read Atlas Shrugged several times, but cannot name one idea from the book. Anyway, I was close to dumping him, but he is friendly and who knows, I may post something that makes him really read Atlas or read it again and try to understand it. Also, on the News feed page you can remove people you really don't want to see or who write ridiculous non essential entries like, "I'm eating snails for lunch." They won't come back until you post on their page. Betsy - I see you're 2 friends away from the BIG 500!
  15. The Individual in Movies

    My picks are The Winslow Boy (I like the 1999 version), Shane, and Planet of the Apes (the 1968 version).