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  1. Another link that just shows Atlas Shrugged box office sales. http://www.the-numbers.com/movies/2011/ATLAS.php
  2. Another site showing box office sales.  Slight drop on Saturday.  Sunday's results will be interesting. http://boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/?sort...4-15&p=.htm
  3. Box office sales for April 15. http://www.the-numbers.com/charts/today.php
  4. Hi Ray, Lisa and I went to the matinee in Portland.  Estimate about a hundred people and there was applause at the end. It has been along time since I saw a movie where the audience showed their approval. Loved the train scenery, reminded me of my drive to St. Louis through that country several years ago. Favorite scene was Wyatt, Rearden and Dagny having dinner after fighting for their values and earning success.  The scene embodied happiness for me and I was reminded not only of the struggles that were overcome to build the John Galt line but also the struggles that were fought to have the movie produced in the first place. I will see it again this week. Final thought,  all the critics remind me of the detractors against Rearden Metal, they need to shut up and get out of the way.
  5. Do concepts change?

    "As this thread has now been given a title and as I have a backlog of questions/comments to answer and can't get to them at once" Take your time.  Some questions to consider as you work through the back log. 1. Do all concepts change? 2. Has the concept table changed?
  6. Do concepts change?

    Tom, I am wondering why on one hand you claim concepts change but than on the other hand deny that first-level concepts can include attributes and actions that are perceived, examples are red and rolling?
  7. Do concepts change?

    Tom has raised the claim that concepts change. Do all concepts change or only some change? If only some concepts change than I am wondering why first-level concepts like table, ball, pushing and red have not changed but concepts like optimism and transmission have changed as Tom has claimed?
  8. Do concepts change?

    Why has the first-level concept table not changed? Why has the first-level concept ball not changed? Why has the first-level concept pushing not changed? Why has the first-level concept red not changed?
  9. The Logical Leap and criticism

    OK you don't see his pain, I do. Stick your own tongue on the pole and I am certain you will feel pain. Unless you take morphine, as you said earlier, but taking morphine concedes to the fact that sticking your tongue to a cold flag pole causes pain.
  10. The Logical Leap and criticism

    A single particular instance, i.e., the concrete example. I watch a boy stick his tongue on a cold flag pole. The tongue sticks. The boy crys out in pain. The generalization: Wet tongues stick to cold flag poles. Effect: A boy is crying out in pain. Cause: His tongue is stuck to a cold flag pole.
  11. The Logical Leap and criticism

    "It would be nice if you would offer some proof or evidence of such assertions." Granted this is a dramatization, but this is all the evidence I need to know that wet tongues stick to cold flag poles which causes pain.  I also realize other individuals may not grasp that induction after watching the video.  I am certain they will grasp the induction if they stick their tongue to the pole instead.
  12. The Logical Leap and criticism

    Are you now disagreeing with your own example? "The wet tongue of a dead man may stick to a frozen pole, but will cause no pain." "Dead men feel no pain," is a generalization I inferred from the example you gave me.
  13. The Logical Leap and criticism

    So pushing a ball against the wall can cause it to roll?
  14. The Logical Leap and criticism

    Dead men feel no pain is a generalization.