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  1. Slavery and the Constitution

    I don't know without the quote Oakes, but perhaps he meant that they were rebelling against the constitution in that they had lost all potential power to block legislation outlawing slavery with the institutions established by the Constitution? They had long since lost the House of Representatives, were going to lose the Senate very soon if they had not already (See The Compromise of 1850) and with Lincoln's election had lost the Presidency as well. Thus a rebellion against the Constitution--not because the Constitution outlawed slavery, but because of demographic changes it no longer served as a bar to the banning of slavery.
  2. Pre-Objectivist Political Leanings

    As a good example of this type of person Pre-Objectivism I could not agree more. I had stopped going to church 3 years before, read the ideas of the Founding Fathers and considered myself a deist/agnostic "Classical Liberal". I knew religion wasn't the answer, but I simply didn't know how to defend myself rationally against moral relativism even though I understood how wrong it was in practice, and that really bothered me.
  3. Israel Conflict

    I don't care who does it, really.
  4. Israel Conflict

    True enough. Lets hope that Hizballah is the first step towards eliminating Syria and Iran.
  5. Israel Conflict

    The Lebanese army is ~60,000 men with a military budget of ~540 million. Israel's army, by comparison, has 185,000 (including navy and air force) with a military budget of 9.5 Billion and 600k reserve soldiers. This really isn't about Lebanon, of course, but Hizballah. It would be nice if Lebanon used this opportunity to rid itself of Hizballah, but I doubt it will as that would likely cause a civil war (35% of the population is Shia and supports Hizballah, hence the cabinet posts for the terrorist leaders). On a side note: Check out the latest blusering foolishness from Iran's President (Fox report via Iran's state run news agency): "Despite the barbaric and criminal nature of the occupiers of Jerusalem, the regime and its Western supporters do not even have the power to give Iran a nasty look," the agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying in Osku, in northwestern Iran. *glares in his general direction*
  6. Israel

    I'm glad someone started this thread. I was going to. Israel deserves the full support of every friend of Western Civilization.
  7. Inspirational Moments in Sports

    As I prefer personal achievment over team sports I have to go with Lance Armstrong. The man is an amazing example of will, determination, pride, and above all hope. He was given less than a 3% chance to live back in 1996. Three years later he was the best athlete in his sport and stayed there for 7 years. And he got there through tons of hard work and innovation. Nobody spent time in wind tunnels before Lance. Nobody scouted and rode the mountain stages of the Tour de France before Lance. The French hate him because he embodies a lot of American attitudes AND he's better than they are. That's exactly why he's my favorite athlete, without a doubt.
  8. Destroying Hurricanes

    Hi guys. I haven't read this thread yet (its pretty long) but I want to give you a chance to look at this article. There is actually a video of it if you have broadband. For now it is still on the main page. Transcript: Can Diaper Gel Stop a Hurricane? Friday, September 23, 2005 This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," September 22, 2005, that was edited for clarity. NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: A Florida businessman thinks he has a way to stop Hurricane Rita in her tracks. Peter Cordani wants to fly 10 747s into the hurricane filled with something called Dyn-O-Gel. The substance, used in diapers, absorbs water and turns it into a gel, which would fall into the Gulf Coast. Now, Cordani says it could slow down and maybe even stop the hurricane. How much is Peter asking from the governor for all this? Let's ask him. He is the guy with the gel. All right. Good to have you. How will this work? PETER CORDANI, CEO, DYN-O-MAT: It is a super-absorbent product. It is designed to absorb moisture on contact. And through testing, we found out it had an endothermic feature and it will cool the storm down up to 20 degrees. So, those are two really important parts of the storm, being that it is built by moisture and heat. CAVUTO: So, how would you get this into the hurricane? You would take some planes over it and just dump into it? Is that it? CORDANI: Yes. Well, we have a system worked out where we have a triangle piece, sort of like a pie shape. And we feel, if we go in by the eye and hit that pie-shaped piece with the 10 aircraft, it will break that section up and it will use its own energy to diminish itself. And we are talking about just slowing the storm down, taking the devastating punch out. We are not going to stop a storm at all. We know how important the rains are to us. So, we are just talking slowing it down by 10 to 15 miles per hour. And that will take out almost 60 percent of the caused damage. That is why it is so important. CAVUTO: All right, so, slowing down a storm at 160 miles an hour would bring it to 145 miles per hour. So, it is still pretty severe, but it's not as severe, right? CORDANI: Correct. Yes. We are just taking the devastating punch, because we definitely realize what hurricanes are. They're to release the heat. So, we just want to leave them and tamper with them as minimal as possible. CAVUTO: I did have a chance to see what some government experts think. And they think you are nuts. What do you say? CORDANI: Well, I don't know what they are working on. I mean, I worked with Dr. Hugh Willoughby from NOAA on the project. They thought it was the greatest thing since the wheel when we first started. And, after I cleared radar, they parted themselves from me. CAVUTO: OK. CORDANI: And the product, we are working on the eye of the storm. We are not working, draping over nautical 300 miles of a storm. CAVUTO: OK. That's what you would be looking at. Well, Peter, I wish we had more time. We will see what happens with this. But, you know, everyone can offer ideas, not a bad one. So, Peter Cordani, thank you very much, the guy behind Dyn-O-Mat. Content and Programming Copyright 2005 FOX News Network, L.L.C. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Transcription Copyright 2005 eMediaMillWorks, Inc. (f/k/a Federal Document Clearing House, Inc.), which takes sole responsibility for the accuracy of the transcription. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No license is granted to the user of this material except for the user's personal or internal use and, in such case, only one copy may be printed, nor shall user use any material for commercial purposes or in any fashion that may infringe upon FOX News Network, L.L.C.'s and eMediaMillWorks, Inc.'s copyrights or other proprietary rights or interests in the material. This is not a legal transcript for purposes of litigation.
  9. The Internet and Objectivism

    I still wish I had discovered it sooner than last month. Finding the philisophical/moral basis for your ideas can never come too soon. Its like having blurry vision and then getting glasses. You can percieve the truth fully now, whereas before you were never quite certain of it if questioned.
  10. The Roberts Hearings

    I was really disappointed this afternoon. I was expecting *some* questioning to happen today. I've never watched a confirmation hearing for a SC Justice. I didn't really get interested in politics until 2000 and into law until 2002 so I was expecting something more from today's proceedings than what I got. You can tell Roberts is sharp though, adjusting his opening statements to reflect a couple different metaphors given by senators. Of course most of those senators are/were lawyers themselves so they aren't going to be influenced by something so petty. At least I doubt it. Should be interesting to see.
  11. The Roberts Hearings

    They are going to be questioning Roberts soon and I'm going to be taking notes, though I won't be able to tape it. I'll come back when I'm done and discuss his answers here if anyone is interested.
  12. The Political Compass

    Economic Left/Right: 9 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.09
  13. Looting in New Orleans

    As someone from Southwestern Louisiana I've been watching the hurricane coverage a lot lately. More and more I hear from people trapped in New Orleans something to the affect of "Where is the help?" in a hysterical or angry tone directed at Local, State, or Federal government officials in charge of the efforts. Quite frankly it makes me sick. Mostly because these people are demanding help from us after they were told to leave the city but refused to. (Those that went to the Superdome and other shelters in the city are excepted from this, obviously, they did what they could) I've been through several hurricanes myself including a direct hit from Lilly a few years ago. I understand what these people are going through. Yet I'm disgusted by worthless creatures like this who DEMAND help NOW. If you were too stupid to get out of the city when you were told that evacuation was manditory and that the city was going to flood like this you made your choice, now live with it. The government is doing what it can, but the problem is massive and they cannot help everyone at once. I guess I'm coming off as caloused and spiteful of these people in dire need of help. For the vast majority of people in the area affected by Katrina I am very sympathetic, even proud of how most of them are handling this disaster. I heard stories of people in Baton Rouge and Lafayette who were asking to help emergency workers any way they could, not simply asking for handouts but working to make things better. Its just the hysterical people who think we aren't trying to get help to them as soon as possible and demand that they be saved that ticks me off. /rant