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  1. Healthiest Diet for Humans

    Dr. RJM, Thank you for your interesting and imformative reply. Glenn Martin
  2. Aristotle's Poetics

    According to the translation I have by Kenneth Telford: Nomic poetry- a solo poem accompanied by the kithara. (footnote on p. 4, Aristotle's Poetics, Translation & Analysis by Kenneth Telford)
  3. Musical Timbre

    I'll take Itzhak.
  4. Peikoff on the coming election

    I am sorry if you or anyone else took it that I was implying that you were immoral or that you or anyone else on this list does not understand Objectivism.
  5. Peikoff on the coming election

    See 19-minute recorded statement from Dr. Peikoff's DIM Hypothesis: Dr. Piekoff gives his reasons for voting against Republicans (in 2004 election). (From Capitalism Magazine)
  6. Peikoff on the coming election

    I agree with Dr. Peikoff. The Democrats are incapable of holding any ideology due to their inability to be certain about anything. It is impossible for them to hold any long-term view. They are environmentalists today, and who knows what, tomorrow. They are less dangerous because they can't act on conviction. The religiously ideological Republicans are much more likely to come in with guns, break down your door and put you in chains, or worse, for not believing in spirits or the correct spirit. They are as bad as the democrats and worse. They are for the welfare state, environmentalism and most everything else the democrats are for. But worse, they are against individual rights, science, and medical advancement, for mystical reasons. Bush and his team have rigorously courted the religious fundamentalist right. This is a huge organized movement across the U.S. There is a resurgence of religion on college campuses and the "praise & worship" movement is re-invigorating the churches. Creationism is now being taught along with what little actual Science that is being taught in the schools. But the main dangerous thing about the Bush-Republicans is that they are highly organized and pushing a religious agenda. They are religious zealots. Sixty years ago, people were religious, but they still had common sense and believed in science. Religion was not a part of the curriculum in the schools. We were able to fight and win W.W. II. We did not have the fawning, religion-inspired altruistic, kind and gentle approach to war that the Republicans push today. The Republicans certainly are not doing a good job fighting terrorism. They have our best people bogged down in a no-win war in Iraq. They do not believe in totally destroying the enemy. I agree that the Democrats seem to be weak on defense. But which is worse, to take a few hits from the Al Qaeda or to become a Christian theocracy? I don't think that Al Qaeda's best effort can destroy America. They can do a lot of damage, but not the damage to the Republic that the Republican-Religious-Right can.
  7. Hip-Hop

    I don't think the concept of brutality can be conveyed just by the music alone, without lyrics. A waltz with brutal lyrics could be just as evil as some contemporary pop music. The lyrics add the conceptual. Possibly, a malevolent sense of life could be conveyed by the music of a rap tune, although not the concept of malevolence. (See Ms. Rand's discussion of music in "Art and Cognition" from The Romantic Manefesto.
  8. Hip-Hop

    The small amount of rap that I have heard seems not to have much melody, if any. It seems as though the rappers are chanting words to certain rhythms. Maybe there are some rap tunes with recognizable melodies. If there is no melody is it still music? I will admit that I have never purposefully listened to a complete rap tune, but have heard snatches here and there as I flipped the TV tuner from channel to channel.
  9. Hip-Hop

    Is the music of Hip-Hop Rap??
  10. Hip-Hop

    Thanks Valara
  11. Hip-Hop

    What is Hip-Hop? I asked some students once and they laughed at me and said "it is a lifestyle, not a type of music."
  12. Hip-Hop

    I generally don't listen to lyrics either, especially in pop music. Exceptions would the great standards by masters like Cole Porter, Rogers and Hart, Bacharach and David, Rogers and Hammerstein, George and Ira Gershwin, & Henry Mancini (Moon River). But then, you can't really compare them to what is produced by today's Entertainment Artists. I liked Carol King, the 5th Dimension, and Brazil 66 also. They did some nice originals and treatments of popular tunes. I probably wouldn't remember the melodies on these except for the lyrics: Carly Simon .......You're So Vain that I bet you think this song is about you... Dusty Sprinfield (Barry Mann) Just A Little Lovin' early in the mornin' Beats a cup of coffee for startin' off the day... But, it's the melody that usually catches my ear, and sometimes an interesting beat. I can definitely understand enjoying music without understanding the lyrics.
  13. Part of Space Ship Two Unveiled

    Very inspiring, Michael!
  14. Le Nozze Di Figaro

    My first experience with this opera was when I was in college and played the Overture with the school Wind Ensemble. I also rehearsed, conducted, and performed this piece when I was a high school band director. The overture is totally integrated work. The themes are presented and developed seamlessly. Everything fits and nothing could be added or taken away. It has a wonderful buildup and climax at the recap of the main theme that makes me want to sing and dance with glee! It also projects a wonderful, uplifting sense of life. The opera has this same kind of integration and sense of life. I had the good fortune to hear Le Nozze di Figaro at the Munich Opera Festival many years ago and have heard it live several times since. I like listening to recordings of opera music, but much prefer live performances, especially a comic opera by Mozart or Rossini. The music, as great as it is, is only a part of the work of art. An interesting biography on Mozart is: The Life of Mozart, Including His Correspondence, by Edward Holmes. It includes many letters by Mozart recounting how he composed, and his and the general public's reactions to his musical works. A nice web site is The Mozart Forum.
  15. Humans now in control of Earth's climate?

    Is this pure junk science, or is there some valid work being done? Maybe they are helping to predict the weather. If humans are in control of the climate, are we also causing the weather?
  16. "Humans are now in control of the Earth's climate, for better or worse," Hansen tells ABC News. For more see: here "This evidence implies that we are getting close to dangerous levels of human-made pollution," ... James Hansen of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies For more, see: here (from (Also on ABC News this evening (9-25) I wonder if NASA gets more funding if they take a pro-environmentalist stance? How can the same agency who puts up the Space Shuttle make such statements?
  17. New CDs available!

    I'll have to check out my Villia-Lobos albums.
  18. Conflict with My Convictions

    You are right on this. Facts and knowledge are out. Consensus education and not offending the students with certainty are in.
  19. Conflict with My Convictions

    Do I understand correctly that students were allowed to take calls and get up and leave the class to answer them? Was this during the teacher's lecture?
  20. Conflict with My Convictions

    Substitute teaching is a thankless job. I did it for several years in the early '80s until I found steady employment. Unless you are in a private school with an excellent principal and a tradition of good discipline, you can almost count on the students trying to run over you. I have friends who do it now, and it is a nightmare for most of them. When I substituted, I would sit or stand in the back of the class where the students could not tell who I was looking at. In small classrooms if you stand at the front, close to the students, it is almost impossible for your range of vision to catch people goofing off, causing disruptions, and talking. Standing in the back helped me to have better control. I never hesitated to call the office for assistance. Instead of lecturing the class, I would have them outline or summarize the chapter and turn it in at the end of class. If I was going to be in a class more than one day, I would always make sure I had questions or handouts for the students to complete and turn in at the end of class. I would not attempt to lecture in this type of irrational environment, or allow students to make comments about the material being studied. It just turns into a free-for-all. There was such a demand for substitute teachers that I did not care whether any one school ever hired me back or not, so I did what I had to do to survive. Usually the administrations could care less whether any teaching is going on. They are happy as long as no one gets hurt or commits a crime while you are on watch. I finally quit doing it. I also quit teaching full-time, secondary education for the same reasons. Teachers should not have to keep discipline. They should be able to walk in and teach the class in a professional manner, without having to worry about student conduct. I'll open the door for folks at Wal-Mart before I teach again in the public schools. I doubt if the general public knows what tripe is being taught in the name of science. Although I agree with Stephen on teaching what one is hired to teach, I think it is possible to insert ideas that are not covered by the text and not be unprofessional. One could at least say as an aside: "There is much controversy about this idea. There are many scientist and individuals who think that this is not true." The other option is not to take classes where you are supposed to teach ideas that you know are lies. You are caught in a bad situation, having to teach something that you don't believe to students who are trying to roast you. Just keep in mind, if it is any consolation, that it's not just you, and that they treat all substitute teachers that way!
  21. 1812 Overture, Op. 49

    Thanks, Arnold.
  22. 1812 Overture, Op. 49

    My Favorite in this series is American and British Band Classics with Fennell and the Eastman Wind Ensemble. The Crown Imperial March by William Walton is one of the most inspiring and uplifting pieces I have heard, especially this performance. The Fennell albums in this series are considered to be the definitive interpretations of the wind band pieces included. Another great one in the Living Presences Series is the album with the Howard Hanson Symphonies no. 1 (Nordic) and no. 2 (Romantic), conducted by Hanson.
  23. 1812 Overture, Op. 49

    I have this vinyl recording too (since high school). It is the best one I have heard. The engineers at Mercury really had something going and put out a series of great recordings. I have this one reissued on CD too. The sound of the analog to digital recording is as good or better than most digital recordings. I think they just set the levels and left them alone on the original taping. No fancy mixing with a mike on every instrument in this series of recordings (except for the cannons and bells on 1812. See for more CD releases of the series: The Eastman Wind Ensemble put out some great recordings under the directions of Frederick Fennell in this series also.
  24. I assume that since a law is being broken when someone enters the U.S. illegally, and is caught doing so, that some legal process is enacted. What is the current legal process? Is this issue specifically covered by the Constitution? What rights does the accused have? Do non-U.S. citizens qualify for rights given by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Is there a temporary assumption of innocence? I would assume that it would have to be certified that the accused was not actually a U.S. citizen who had been falsely or mistakenly accused, and that certain safeguards would have to be built into the law. I would think that the laws of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries were put in place to protect U.S. citizens, but at the same time, provided reasonable basis for people of other countries to become citizens of the U.S. I assume that the INS and agency law have muddled the process.
  25. Seeking Assistance

    I think this is a great approach! It reminds me of Tiger Woods. He wins often, but also has days where he does not do as well. He continually works at improving his game and works at winning even when he is having a down day. He wins a lot because he keeps going for it and knows that a consistent effort, doing the right things, will put him near or at the top a most of the time. With this attitude, he is actually winning all of the time.