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  1. Confessor

    Yeah, but I think the way Jagang was disposed of without any real drama was fine, there really was no point making it too dramatic, plus the end of the book was really quite dramatic enough as it is. In fact I think given the events portrayed, and the choices the characters like Richard were likely to have would have likely been inplausible that it would have been too dramatic. Good review overall, and I agree with most of the opinions expressed, but that one did warrant clearing up I think.
  2. Paul Speath

    It does not look like I have mentioned this guy on this forum yet, even though I thought I had some time ago He has some pretty good stuff if you dig into his website a little bit, some of it isnt the best, but a lot of if it fairly positive and has a good sense of life. Particulary: Prelude to a Dream, Celtic Legend and Starlight. Warning: If you plan to listen to anything on his site, turn the background music off, you will see a little link for this somewhere.
  3. Programming

    I dont want ot sound overly critical here, and I know I am jumping in a little late...but Dreamweaver is not quite all that it is cracked up to be. It can be a great tool to help you get stuff done, particulary if you cannot be bothered with wading around in source code, but quite frankly I think if you actually want to get a grip of that, you should probably not use Dreamweaver... Ultimately it depends on whether you are more concerned with how the page looks (in which case Dreamweaver could well be a great tool) or if you are worried about the source code , in which case it might not have a lot to offer, and might actually encourage bad habits.
  4. Book vending machines

    I think ultimately, the best way to implement this sort of thing (at least a little further into the future) would be something like this: You go up the vending machine, go through some process to indicate what it is you want. It has access to a huge collection of electronic ebooks that it can send to you, and it transmits the ebook(s) you request either by plugging certain devices into the thing or it does it wirelessy, although wirelessy has obvious issues like someone standing behind you trying to get the transmission.
  5. The Dragonlance Chronicles

    I fail to see why these books have been rated so highly by so many here... I thought the writing was terribly bad, even for a series devoid of much a clearly delivered theme. The storylines were particulary terrible and silly, even considering its a fantasy based on a rather lame series of Dungeons and Dragons adventure modules.