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David T. McKee

Senior Software Engineer at ACN

I am currently working at ACN (American Communications Networks) a MLM reseller of communications services and systems. I am primarily working on the Business logic areas of the support websites, applications, and Java technologies (Spring, Struts, EJB's, etc.).

Previous to this job I was hired by the founder of Managed Objects (now part of Novell) as a Senior Software Engineer in January 2000. There I developed new capabilities as well as improved existing technology within the Formula™ platform. Before Joining Managed Objects, I worked at IBM Global Systems (now Tivoli) in Raleigh, NC and GTE Government Systems, in Research Triangle Park, NC.

I have extensive experience in Object Oriented and XML based technologies, including Ada, C++ and Java. I attended Clarkson University of Potsdam, NY where I minored in Physics and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

I also have my own company, Celtic Cross Engineering where I am working on the ultimate goal setting and achievement software known as "Achieve Master" (www.achievemaster.com, www.celticcrosseng.com)