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  1. You don't really want Civil War II

    4) Texas secedes
  2. I'm new to the RSS feed thing

    Link says 'permission denied'. Whats the name of the feed?
  3. I've been digging through the online lexicon but can't find the passage I am looking for. It relates to why the hard sciences continue to make achievements while the humanities sink into primordial ooze. The closest I could find was this: But this isn't the one I was looking for and doesn't capture what I was remembering. Any ideas? I am out of town and without access to my books. I should really get a nook or something All the best, Cabbie
  4. I got an android phone with app capabilities and have discovered how easy it is to receive RSS feeds on it. I started searching for things I was interested in...TED, CNET, ESPN, Android, Engadget, etc. I then searched 'Objectivism'. After searching through pages of nasty slurs, the only one I added was the ARI's press releases. I was saddened by all the vile things out there. I'm looking to add more feeds of a technological advancement nature...and also some current event ones. Anyone have any recommendations?
  5. Fairly open ended question. Ever since I have realized that my girlfriend and I actually have a future, I have secretly become a jealous guy. What happens when my charm and full head of hair run out? I have gotten to the point where its getting really hard to imagine living without her and want to know what keeps a wife with a husband (loyalty is a given), because I think that promise is sacred.
  6. Or perhaps give your judgment in a nutshell. Do you think they should be able to form themselves legally into groups? Do you think that the existence of organized labor inevitably lead these groups to advocate statism? When I think back on my business education, I realize that the topic of unions has been covered only lightly and briefly in one business law class.
  7. Problem of Ship of Theseus

    Would you say that contradicts my solution?
  8. Four times? Good lord! Do you find these crazies on craigslist personals or just hanging around rehab clinics? If that happened to be repeatedly, I'd probably end up becoming a monk.
  9. I did a quick search but did not see that this has been discussed before. wiki link On the face of it appears that this is only a 'paradox' if one blurs the line between metaphysics and epistemology by asserting that concepts are the object they designate. A boat that has the hull replaced is still a boat but its not the original boat which means its not the same object existentially. However, given a definition of a boat that includes the existence of a hull to keep it afloat in water, then it remains a boat conceptually. Thoughts?
  10. Opinion from Peter Schiff's Site

    Good article.
  11. Chiropractic Treatment: Bunk or Legit?

    My experience qualifies me to vouch for the efficacy of chiropractic technique on my injury, nothing more and nothing less.
  12. Chiropractic Treatment: Bunk or Legit?

    There were three parts to every visit I made. The first is that I would lie in traction for 10-15 minutes. I would then receive a 5 minute massage to my neck and finally chiropractic adjustment. This sort of affliction I had was not going away without slow, methodical technique to get me from A to B. I am not a materialist and I cannot provide you a graph saying rating my level of pain before and after as taken from some machine, people will just have to take my testimonial from the survey I took at the beginning of treatment to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10. I went in with 9 and left treatment with 2. Anecdotes, I know. If what you are saying is true and that my neck 'should' have healed in around 6 months, then how come I did not feel healed until I had 4-5 months of treatment after suffering for at least 3 months? That would add up to 7-8 months. I don't know where you are getting these numbers or if you are even really qualified to give them, but I might just be ignorant of your credentials.
  13. Chiropractic Treatment: Bunk or Legit?

    I dove into a pool where I misjudged the depth and hit the top of my head squarely on the bottom. For months I suffered neck pain and headaches until I decided to use my insurance to pay for chiropractic treatment. At my first appointment, they took an xray and showed me how the spine in my neck looked. It was very straight. Then compared it to a 'normal' neck where there is a curvature that takes the pressure off of the nerve. That was the cause of my discomfort and after only 4-5 months of going for treatment twice a week, I felt fantastic and the xrays showed visible improvement of my neck curvature. This is not an anecdote, this is a hard, perceptually given fact. Does one form the basis of abstract theories on perceptual observations, or something else? Unless one wants to deny that the curvature of the spine is necessary for comfort and proper motor functioning, then there's no where to go. There was no shred of mysticism in this practice. Not in the literature I was given, not in the magazines in the waiting room, not on the posters on the wall, nor in my conversations with the staff. There's no doubt theres fakes and phonies who will take advantage of irrationalism to drive their sales but that I'd suspect that their numbers are dwarfed with objective, rational people who provide effective relief from pain. I am a happy customer and the relief I've had would not be possible without my chiropractor.
  14. Chiropractic Treatment: Bunk or Legit?

    They take xrays and look at the curvature of your spine. Their methods re-establish it when its been lost due to injury/posture issues and that is visually perceptible.
  15. An American Nightmare