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  1. Capitalism, R.I.P.

    Ok, you've given an example of a gov't destroying a virtue. Can a gov't drive out of existence a vice, via regulation? Can they create virtue through regulation?
  2. Capitalism, R.I.P.

    I don't agree, I think that the virtues and vices are more fundamental than the political system. As a central planner, you cannot enact policies that create or destroy morals. You can reward or punish but that is not the same.
  3. Capitalism, R.I.P.

    One other point. I don't think a political system either can create or destroy virtues or vices in individuals. This is the idea behind regulation in general, that it can control "greed" or foster "benevolence". Short-range thinking isn't created by the government. But the government can create policies where it is easier for fly-by-night crooks to obtain business and compete with honest businessmen. Basically, I don't think you can "regulate" vices out of existence.
  4. Capitalism, R.I.P.

    First, let me say that the piece of writing of Ayn Rand's that sticks out in my mind the most regarding these events is "Egalitarianism and Inflation" in P:WNI? If you understand that essay, this crisis should become clearer. The government is absolutely the cause of this crisis. The government's ability to lend money at low interest rates severs the necessary link between interest and risk. The government doesn't lend it's own money. It borrows money based on it's ability to tax. All loans should be made from saved capital. Then loans will be made carefully. In this case, loans were not made carefully, based on the illusion the government was (and still is) creating.
  5. Go to: Click Month: May Click Day: 7th listen around 23 min into it.
  6. Microsoft internal emails released

    I wonder whether and how badly the government anti-trust interference with Microsoft contributed to this.
  7. Another Attack on Free Speech

    Looks like Exxon is backing down:
  8. Koran advocates violence

    I am looking at the word "acceptance" in Burgess's quote and asking myself what it means. I think if acceptance means acceptance in any full and final way, a person is mostly cut off from reality and cannot be influenced by conflicting ideas in their subconscious. For example: does acceptance include the person who tries to live their life by a scripture, but also has strong selfish desires which sometimes cause them to hold back on certain sacrifices? Or does it only include those who have truely made an effort to cleanse any non-scriptural influences from their mind? I too would think that there are other causal factors at play when someone commits aggressive violence, some are tied to scripture, but many aren't. For example, a person could commit violence out of jealousy. Acceptance of scripture and violence are closely related, but either could exist without the other. As for the other "substances" that are catalyzed along with faith, I think the strongest one is political. I think if acceptance means acceptance in any full and final way a large group or society cannot be influenced by conflicting ideas from individuals. I don't think individuals can act alone on faith. It would be really hard for someone who has given up his mind to find faith that was radically different from that of his religious group. I think supression of differences of interperetation is a very big part of why there is a use of aggressive violence and an insistance on the use of a dogmatic set of texts, Jewish, Muslim, anybody. Differences in interperetation of scripture are intolerable because they contradict the whole idea of revelation. Force must be used to stop this. People need to operate in this world. If they give up reason, but still have things they want to accomplish, however contradictory and ill-thought-out they are, they have to have some means of approaching their goals. So I would say there would have to be a strong lack of reason, a deep "acceptance" or insistance on some other guide, and a very compelling difference from a neighboring society or group. Finally, therefore, I think the text must be incidental at most as a causal factor, be it the Koran, the Old Testament, or the Communist Manifesto.
  9. Koran advocates violence

    Will someone please post a link to a page which contains verses in the Koran pertaining to violence? Thanks in advance.
  10. Impressive acrobatics

    From, check out some impressive acrobatics. I am truly impressed with, with a little discipline, the feats a human body can perform. I know many of you will feel like going outside and trying a cartwheel when your done watching.