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  1. Drones and Innovation vs Regulation

    Its letting me read if I go there from a google link (I originally linked from google news). Try searching "drones and faa wsj." It came up as the first link for me.
  2. Here is an article detailing the FAA's attempt to hold back drone use and how people are reacting to it. Warning - contains maddening details about regulation holding back progression.
  3. The book does a decent job describing what the bill is on paper and if continued to be implemented as is, who it will benefit, who will suffer, and what issues could possibly arise. It does cover how much has already been revised which is interesting considering its not even half-way through the role-out period (the final pieces are suppose to go into effect January 2018). The book acknowledges its a changing law but tries to predict where the friction will arise forcing these revisions.
  4. This book gives a great overview of the major aspects of Obamacare. It is easy to read, full of good facts, and works as a good introduction to ObamaCare. It seems to be written with the goal of being very easy to understand as it is overly repetitive at times but it does help drive the point home. It focuses on what ObamaCare is and how the pieces of it that have been implemented have changed the health industry, not necessarily the consequences or morality of it. However, it does make some reasonable predictions (e.g., it doubted that Americans would be able to keep their current insurance plan ). I highly recommend it as an introduction to ObamaCare.
  5. Amazing Skills Thread

    Its good to see that videos of people with mad skills are everywhere and some of the most popular videos on youtube. Thought it'd be fun to create a thread dedicated to them. Post videos that show people with mad skills in any area. This one is mainly of action sports: Love this person's skill with a helicopter:
  6. I'm just in it for the money.

    The attitude of criticizing someone else for doing something in their interest which does not harm themselves is so frustrating to encounter. Some people sincerely don't want others to succeed but I suspect others just get parts of this attitude by osmosis - especially in regards to the profit motive.
  7. Happy Birthday to Bert

    Thanks Betsy!
  8. Thanks for everyone's advice. That book has been very interesting and I'm appreciate the recommendation!
  9. But there are certain mental operations that, although useful can become somewhat atrophied due to new technological options. The example in the article is the usage of one's memory - being able to look up facts so easily can make one lazy in this sense diminishing one's ability to remember. Wouldn't specific mental exercises geared towards strengthening these now sometimes optional mental skills be useful?
  10. Finding the right person is important to a good relationship but at the same time, making it work doesn't necessarily come natural. Some people seem to really understand how to build and sustain a relationship whether a romantic one or a friendship. They find special ways of interacting, showing their affection, and keeping the bond going strong. I've had a problem with this but have met someone who is extremely good at it. As I spend more time with her, I feel I am depending on her to support the relationship. That's why I'm looking to better understand the different aspects of a successful relationship - does anyone have any good recommendations? I know there are countless relationship books but I'm looking for something that really gets to the heart of what is required for intimacy and sustaining an enjoyable, healthy relationship - ideally romantic. I've started to read "The Selfish Path to Romance: How to Love with Passion and Reason" by Edwin Locke and Ellen Kenner and it seems to be in line with what I'm looking for but gathering as much material as I can find - any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hearing about unrealized innovation is ridiculously frustrating. At the same time, its refreshing to see some of these ingenious ideas.
  12. Transportation and other technology has made it possible to be much more physically inactive. Now it is becoming easier to be more cognitively inactive with information just a search away. Perhaps people will have to adjust to cognitive aids as they are having to do with physical aids by doing specific cognitive exercises analogous to going to the gym.
  13. Funny Videos

    It was making fun of Democrats overly relying on other people for help.
  14. Funny Videos