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  1. Science Brain Bogglers (Round 1?)

    Ok, what I think is that air is not affected by the sun nearly as much as the earth is. I think this is because the heating of an object has to do with friction from movement of molecules caused by light waves. The moving, dispersed air therefore stays cooler than the dense earth. So the main source of hot air is not directly the sun but the earth. The air is heated on the surface then rises into the unheated air and eventually cools back down.
  2. I recently read the "Objectivity" chapter in OPAR and couldn't believe how amazing the ideas that knowledge is contextual and knowledge is hierarchical are. I think the ideas of "reduction" and integrating knew ideas without contradiction should be wide spread. So far, though my process of doing it is sloppy, it has greatly helped organize my thoughts and made decisions clearer and more certain. I think this skill is essential to understanding, living by, and promoting the ideas of Objectivism. I wish to study it further and was wondering if others who have had interest in this could recommend additional material. By reading posts, I can tell there are people who have became very skilled at this. Any advice or material would be greatly appreciated. If any material is recommended, can you please provide information explaining why it has helped you.
  3. Mercury, That was very helpful. I am currently listening to UO and your review is very accurate. Once I am done I plan on getting The Art of Thinking. RayK, After listening to Reduction: The Tie to Reality and part of UO I understand better what you are saying and what I was looking for. I am working on understanding Objectivism, but I am more interested in the method of understanding right now. What you recommended was what I was looking for (a crucial part of that method). It didn't add much to my understanding of Objectivism but so far UO has done a pretty good job of doing both.
  4. With the high price (for me) of the lectures, I just want to make sure that what is important to me can be found in the lecture, and that I don't get more then is necessary.
  5. I read the linked review above about AOT and I am very interested in it but I know order does make a difference with learning. Can you tell me how you found Understanding Objectivism helpful?
  6. I went ahead and ordered "Reduction: The Tie to Reality" and I am contemplating "The Art of Thinking" (I want to be sure its worth the price). Thanks for the help.
  7. Do you think you can give it a quick review? It sounds like what I am looking for, but I'm interested in why or how it has helped you. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. New "You Rate It" categories

    I strongly agree with this. Some of the lectures at the Ayn Rand Bookstore sound like they would be very helpful but they cost so much that, to purchase, I would need to see some reviews. Can this category be made?
  9. I decided to go but the time i'm staying is only two weeks. I am just going for the experience (no pay) and it is planned that I go around and see everything I am interested in. I agree that being in a professional atmosphere no matter the profession can be benificial and that it is good to look around this early on in my search for a career. Thanks for the advice and if there are any doctors (or others) who think there is a particular interesting aspect that I should see, please let me know.