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  • Interests taken from my introduction...<br /><br />My central life purpose is Chemical Engineering. The other things I take very seriously are Objectivism (philosophy), physics, relationships and Japanese. My favorite pastimes are ballroom dancing, badminton, bicycling, origami, shooting, anime, cooking, R/C airplanes, hiking and camping.
  1. Patents

    Unfortunately there isn't that much more to read besides what is in Capitalism the Unknown Ideal. Personally I don't think that 'true' intellectual property should have time limits. In the same way that heirs of physical property are not necessarily deserving - the same goes for intellectual property. The only question is whether or not the creator has a right to their property - which includes how it is to be handled after death. I do see how this would harm innovation anymore than a worthless heir squandering a fortune is harming the economy. To be clear my view of intellectual property is more limited than most Objectivists'. If someone writes a book or designs a jet engine - there is no question that that book or that engine would not have existed had it not been for the original author or designer. To that extent the book or design can be protected in terms of preventing other people from taking credit, marketing and profiting from it. However, to get around the copyright it would be ok to paraphrase or redesign something using the same principles of design.
  2. Sawyer is a great character. Reading this thread confirmed that this took place in the last episode (haven’t watched it yet) – otherwise I think I would have remembered it. :-) And speaking of Ayn Rand’s works being present in mainstream television: Atlas Shrugged has made appearances in both South Park and Family Guy (two rather crude but very popular cartoons – not for children).
  3. The continued failure of the Airbus

    Previously on Airbus... from 2005...
  4. Mac Users -- Yuppies and Leftists?

    I just made the switch to Mac last December. (new MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo !) What I was looking for in the switch was: Something a little sleeker and more aesthetic I could carry around, a computer I could start up fast and sleep and wake up frequently, and a no hassle intuitive operating system. I can’t say I’ve been disappointed. I think the perception of Mac users does have a lot to do with the price being paid for aesthetics, sleekness and simple intuitive interfaces. Perhaps aesthetics aren't being mainstreamed as serving a practical purpose, and people who value them might be thrown into the non-business stereotype or just be considered superficial. Also, Apple’s advertising campaigns try to portray the company and its users as young and hip… bloggers and musicians unite. In the whole “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” advertising campaign the middle-aged business-looking guy wearing a suit is being mocked by the t-shirt-wearing young guy. This definitely wouldn’t bolster the impression that Mac users are pro-business.
  5. Alcoholic mixed drinks

    I don't think I've ever had Ouzo, but I really enjoy Sambuca, which sounds basically the same. Back in the day these after-dinner liquors were full of herbs and spices and were largely medicinal (I think Nightquil today is 40 proof). As for Sambuca you can get filtered or unfiltered - the unfiltered also being referred to as "Black Sambuca," and my personal preference. If you like Ouzo, black liquorish or anise, Sambuca should also be to your taste. To serve properly introduce 3 whole coffee beans of choice into your favorite glass for good luck and the slight aroma and taste of coffee. I usually light the liquor on fire to roast the beans a little and warm up the Sambuca. Needless to say the fire is burning away the alcohol so watch out for the point of diminishing returns. Sambuca is my favorite liquor and helpful for settling the stomach after a large meal. Also, although I haven’t done this since I turned pyro, you can serve Sambuca on the rocks for a crisper taste and interestingly enough the filtered (clear) Sambuca will turn hazy when the ice cools it down. …I don’t think anyone bothers to throw in coffee beans when served on the rocks since it is harder to enjoy the aroma when cold.
  6. Alcoholic mixed drinks

    If you don’t like light beer but a friend brings some over or something, here is a nice way to get rid of it: Galloping Hodger (pronounced ‘whoo’-dger) Frozen lemonade concentrate Canadian Whisky Light beer, at least 4 cans (better if cold) Ice (if desired) First, take concentrate while frozen and put in a blender (if it’s not coming out of can run hot water on the outside). Second, fill concentrate container with whisky and put that in the blender. Blend some ice in if you want more of a smoothie. Now the trick is you want to mix in the beer, but if you put it all in the blender you will make a big mess because of the carbonation. I usually mix a little of the beer in the blender then pour more beer in my glass. This is a great drink, reminiscent of a margarita, which is perfect for making use out of otherwise not-too-tasty ingredients. As a note: I’ve heard this isn’t very good with regular (not light) beer – probably because of the competing flavors (light beer has none).
  7. Sushi

    Making sushi is a great way to offset the cost of getting it at restaurants. Japanese and Korean supermarkets usually carry sashimi grade fish, frozen unagi and imitiation crab sticks. All Asian markets should have nori and sushi rice. By doing it yourself you can end with 'more than you can eat' sushi for two people under $15 - the compromises are the variety and doing the dishes!
  8. Dancing with the Stars

    haha. Being a ballroom dancer I was looking forward to some reference to the TV show, which I haven't seen as much of as I'd like, "Dancing with the Stars." This was quite enjoyable though. :-)
  9. Gun Control

    The equivocation of guns and nuclear weapons has come up before but I was only able to find this thread about nuclear weapons, safety and law. I think the difference between weapons that citizens don’t have a right to posses and those that they do, is that they A) can not be used for self defense with enough control to avoid endangering innocent bystanders or B ) they present an active danger to the lives and property of those around them. In response to Stephen’s questions: 1. I do not mind a waiting period to do a background check if I believed it would actually stop there. Anyone could argue that middlemen could easily circumvent a background check. So then you need serial numbers and records to track purchases to find these middlemen and the government ends up with detailed records of where all the ‘legitimate’ guns are. 2. The most referenced problem with carrying guns in public is that a gun displayed by anyone other than a police officer would threaten some people. Anyone who has been to a gun range however might share my experience that you could not hope for a more polite and courteous bunch of people. Arguments from the self-defense perspective are complicated because a displayed gun can be a deterrent or it can lead to you becoming a target. All in all though, I couldn’t see any criminals displaying their guns in public because of the unwanted attention, which is the same reason I prefer concealment – except at the range. One note about gun laws as they are now: state governments, not the federal government, issue permits to carry. This is something I disagree with because our right to bear arms is part of the constitution. I have a license to carry a concealed firearm in Pennsylvania, which is not valid in most other states. I don’t know for sure that a Federal permit doesn't exist, but I haven’t heard of it. If indeed I have a right to conceal a weapon on my person for self-defense it shouldn’t matter what state I’m in.
  10. The 'Hardy Boys' was a great series, I think I read them all. Once in a while they got together with Nancy Drew. Has anyone else read ‘The Way Things Work?’ It was very visual and developed my curiosity in engineering. I got it when I was six and I still like to flip through it.
  11. Martial Arts

    I did Shotokan Karate and Taekwondo. I think martial arts are great for the self-discipline and the physical training.
  12. Happy Birthday to GoodOrigamiMan

    Thank you. It was a very happy birthday – but now I have two finals today and one every other day of the week. I’ll be active again in September when co-op starts and homework stops. Till then, see you guys later! Eran – you owe me a story
  13. Your Avatar

    I think what Andrew meant was that he’s not photogenic. I have taken dozens of pictures of Andrew but none of them were good enough for him to use here (according to him ). As for me, I think that an avatar should fit the screen name theme. And since my screen name focuses on one of my interests my avatar should be commensurate. Of course if your screen name is your name then anything goes for your avatar, it’s all good. But since I’m a believer in the primacy of the screen name, screen name avatar combinations where the avatar is general but the screen name is specific do strike me as awkward. Currently my avatar is a picture I took of one of my paper cranes (edited in Photoshop)... an ORIGAMI crane... At this point I don’t think I’d use my picture as an avatar because I want to maintain my origami theme for my online activities... plus, unlike a crane, I can’t cram all my beauty into eight thousand one hundred pixels (uhh ohh! my head is getting heavy again - time to go play basketball).
  14. Singles?

    Fine then, I see how it is. Anyways, I’d like to suggest that any guy looking for a way to meet girls and become more comfortable with girls at the same time should take themselves to some ballroom dancing lessons. As for long distance relationships, moving back and forth from Philly to Pasadena has put me in two. I didn’t have a hard time with the distance simply because both times I knew there was no one else I would rather be with, the distance really didn’t have a factor in either of the relationships ending. I’d take the girl next door over the one in Toronto, should they both be virtuous, as a matter of principle. I think it is possible for a case of optional values between two girls... "it is possible" - as in I'd consider myself lucky to have two girls to I liked enough to use distance as the deciding factor. Pomo... the only thing I found on google was a group of Indians in northern California? Can’t be.
  15. Singles?

    With that attitude, standing out is only a matter of time. Don’t forget though that you’re already taken though!