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  1. What Can Be Done?

    Ha, at least now I know why Greg is taking so long to respond to my latest post to him.
  2. Do we have the government we deserve?

    I don't know how you got the implication that I think bartering is a major portion of the economy. I was questioning his point of view of things based on his life alone....I didn't state my opinon on anything yet. I understand that the government controls MOST areas and at the same time understand that the government's grasp does not reach every single corner of the country and there are those that choose to live the "underground" life. I completely agree that if bartering became a major portion of the economy consumers would find a way to get government to regulate it and it wouldn't work. I just did not want to argue that point until I confirmed I have Greggo's side of the arguement understood. -Brian
  3. Do we have the government we deserve?

    Greg, I think I might understand what you're trying to say because I grew up with someone like yourself(or at least my percieved definition of what you may be) as somewhat of a mentor you could say. I'm getting the impression that you're saying that government changes do not affect you since you minimize your involvement in society. You do this by growing your own food and probably trading/bartering as a means of obtaining things. By not working in a taxed business you probably have little or no taxes to pay. As to how you could possibly avoid paying social security(the ponzie scheme) I'd like to know because trust me, it's not an investment I like making and would gladly stop that investment if I knew I could without getting arrested. It seems that your trying to say that by a citizen making the choice to participate in society he is doing so at the risk of goverment and/or society screwing him over and the fact that it is a CHOICE to be participatory in this society justifies the reprocussions he receives in participating. I'm not currently trying to argue, but rather get a summary of what you're trying to say first. Regards, Brian