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  1. Rush on C-SPAN

    Phenomenal video. I'm afraid that even as straightforward as Rush is, the liberal mind just cannot comprehend his point. Hope I'm wrong. Thanks for the link, a pleasure to watch!
  2. Guns for self defense

    And just think, if we didn't have the freedom on owning a gun, what might have happened to that poor guy and his wife. Hope Obama sees that video...
  3. "Cash for Clunkers" Passes; dangerous?

    Didn't finish my statement, I apologize... *The program begins July 1, 2009 but the rules and regulations for the C.A.R.S. Act will not be released until July 24, 2009. This means that the dealers could potentially be delivering vouchers to customers before the rules of the program are even set. On the 24th, when the criteria and rules of the program are released if anything is different than expected the potential loss to the dealerships is significant. Stimulating?
  4. Will the "Cash for Clunkers" (C.A.R.S. Act) really help stimulate the economy? President Obama signed a bill on June 24th to offer a voucher for U.S. citizens to "trade-in" their old inefficient "clunker" for a $3500-$4500 credit towards the purchase of a new more efficient vehicle. I don't necessarily consider myself an authority on the C.A.R.S. Act, but I work in the industry and have read the law. I thought I'd share some interesting points; it reminds me of a bunch of politicians scrambling to save an industry in this great book I read ;-) *The program begins July 1, 2009 but the rules and regulations for the program will not be released till July 24, 2009. So, does that mean dealers will be giving $3500-$4500 *The expected boost of sales is 1,000,000 vehicles for the year, however, the program ends when $1,000,000,000.00 is spent - when the average credit is $4000.00 that means only 250,000 vouchers will be given. How does that translate to 1,000,000 vehicles? Anyways, thought it was an interesting tidbit on how they are handling the crisis in the american auto industry....
  5. Hello All! I am new to the forum and its a pleasure to be here. I was looking for a good book to read one day, and several websites rated Atlas Shrugged at the top. I started reading it without a clue about the book, or Ayn Rand for that matter! I had no idea that in the following 1100 pages I would begin to discover my own morality. So, that's my quick story and I look forward to diving further into this forum.