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  1. Debate on the Obamacare bill in the Senate may begin tomorrow.Please Fax copies of Dr.Peikoff's Health Care is Not a Right,Linked to here,, ,to the Senators on the List linked to here http://encyclopaediaofthe2ndenlightenment....+Not+a+Right%22 Ideally today,& to all of the Senators on the list.But if you cannot,then please try to begin as soon as possible,& to fax as many Senators as you can. I have included mutiple fax numbers for each Senator,not because I think you should call each number,but so you have more than 1 number ready if the Faxes are jammed,turned off,the line is busy etc. I also encourage you to spread the word as widely as possible,to others. You may also wish to try posting to various groups on Objectivism,Anti-Obamacare groups,& other groups sympathetic to Objectivism &/or opposed to Obamacare.You can find such groups on Aol,Yahoo,Google & MSN.