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  1. Betsy's advice is very good, and as an interesting example of someone who also followed this was Leonardo da Vinci
  2. The Source Of Violence In Islam

    He is from Sweden wich is not covered by the US constitution, so for him it is not there.
  3. Objectivist Dropouts

    Wouldn't they be then unreasonable?
  4. I disagree. The movie was exceptional.
  5. School Vouchers As The Key To Educational Competition

    I understand the thought process behind using vouchers as a wedge to pry the school system away from the state, but after reading an article in The Objective Standard on this subject I am reconsidering. According to that article in the state of Louisiana, the state has to approve of the private school curriculum and other provisions. It also makes a good case that once you accept state money you are at the states beck and call. This sounds like the tactics used by drug pushers, get them hooked on state money and then make them dance to the states tune.
  6. Cars and traffic safety

    It has been found that people will naturally drive at a reasonable speed for the given circumstance. In Montana, when they briefly had no daylight speed limit, the accident rate was the lowest it had ever been and rose significantly when a court decision forced Montana to implement limits . This study also validates this observation
  7. Hot Wheels stunt at Indy 500

    That truck produces 875 horsepower, this equates to about 37000 BTU/min that the cooling system needs to handle, it is also designed for racing in the desert races in Baja California and Paris Dakar.
  8. Hot Wheels stunt at Indy 500

    That is the radiator location on those type of racing trucks.
  9. Spam Attacks on THE FORUM

    Is there a way to fingerprint the computer or computers a legitimate person would log in from?
  10. Dr. Peikoff on McCaskey

    A note from Yaron Brook concerning this matter. It looks like John McCaskey had taken a stand against Leonard Peikoff's and ARI theory of induction and the book presenting these theories. It seems like John McCaskey made disparaging remarks about this book prior to his Amazon post in other venues. Based on this I find Peikoffs actions to be perfectly reasonable and within his rights as founder of the ARI.
  11. 401k Nationalization

    I would like to remind you that the US government has done this before, when Roosevelt outlawed gold ownership on April 5, 1933. Didn't see revolution then, why would there be any now?
  12. Drinking & Driving

    I read this on a blog from Rights, Risk, and Regulation My first question is does this square with a Objective concept of rights? I find it hard to define what objective risks I would have to accept and what risk I should not have to accept. I think that many behaviors are like playing Russian roulette with other peoples lives and I think drunk driving is certainly up there, how about a fireworks factory in my basement, or an unlicensed pilot flying an Airbus 380? I begin to agree with the notion that harm does not necessarily mean actual bodily harm or money lost. This begs a question of how to objectively quantify what is acceptable risk and how to make laws that address them.
  13. Abby Sunderland: A Seeker Of Values

    It is not invalid, I know for a fact that the US Air force and Navy conduct rescues around the world, including a rescue of a Australian who ran into the same trouble as Abby back when my father was a rescue pilot in the 80's and I never heard of them being repaid. In the US the coast guard according to TITLE 46--SHIPPING Subtitle II--Vessels and Seamen Part A--General Provisions CHAPTER 21--GENERAL Sec. 2110. Fees (5) The Secretary may not collect a fee or charge under this subsection for any search or rescue service. The US and Australia are also part of International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) if you look at the map IMO Ocean Atlas The US has a large chunk of ocean it is responsible for. So it is a matter of reciprocal service and Maritime law and as an Tax paying citizen either herself or her parents she is entitled to the service she received by virtue of being subject to and in deed paying taxes like the registration fees on her boat.
  14. Abby Sunderland: A Seeker Of Values

    I disagree. I do not see how you can claim to know or even suspect what planning had gone into the trip let alone what was done to manage risk. In a around the world cruise you will be in some body of water during the period of increased risk for storms. Jessica Watson did experience conditions similar to Abby Sunderland she however did not have a serious equipment failure like a dismasting. Until taxes are no longer mandatory, I do expect the services promised to me by the government and have no compunction to receiving those government services as repayment for the taxes taken from me. I have not seen any evidence that Jessica Watson should be chosen as a more exemplary seeker a values over Abby Sunderland, I find them both to be heroes in my eyes.