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  1. In the event you're still looking, may I suggest a cooking class. Lots of successful women in their twenties and thirties are taking cooking class. After getting their career off the ground, they are realizing that they will have to entertain. I (Female) have taken cooking classes. There would be a lone male or two who were tired of eating out all the time. The women made a big fuss of the lone male. And what better way to ask a women out by inviting her to test your recipe from class. Homework can be fun
  2. Objectivist Dropouts

    i don't consider it unreasonabe not to distinguish betwee people and ideas if all I see at first is a bunch of people who've been arguing since 1968; It's more than understandable to not want to pursue the ideas. It's a loss, yes, but i hardly blame the person. I'm sorry, the so-called people have done themselves a tremendous disservice.
  3. Objectivist Dropouts

    Those "countless people" are not making the necessary distinction between ideas and the people who hold them. Agree totally, but let's be fair, the many 'people who hold them' have probably done countless damage to Objectivism by turning many reasonable people away.
  4. Objectivist Dropouts

    What about the countless people who back away from Objectivism because they are tired of the moralizing (one year, Peikoff claims that anyone not voting his way is 'immoral." Then - oops. My bad. This kind of moralizing is as smart a reason for leaving Objectivism as I can imagine.
  5. I appreciate the fact that posters on this site aren't prepared to accept Leonard Peikoff's edicts without question. But why should it even be assumed that anything LP says/writes automatically has merit. The man has been wrong about many things (homosexuality, voting, etc.). I feel the onus is on him to make some valid points, not for the reader to find them and excuse the rest. Heaven knows Rand's Intellectual Heir hasn't had too many original thoughts.
  6. Mispronunciations

    The Other Jake: Language is and always has been fluid. Most of what was correct in the 17th century has changed. That's language. No need to get irritated.
  7. John, why on earth do I have to master those 100 things?
  8. Chiropractic Treatment: Bunk or Legit?

    Okay, Ray. As to the shot of whiskey - if I were in pain and had no other remedy, I might take it. As it happens, it hate whiskey, so I'm not really sure. Maybe there's something else I can do for the pain. Now, if I were an alcoholic, not on your life. And that's only me. Other people would have a different take. Let's say your 18, in pain, and want to take that shot. But you promised your parents you wouldn't drink. Do you endure needless pain and do you keep your promise? Ray, how do you make one answer fit all?
  9. Chiropractic Treatment: Bunk or Legit?

    Carlos, see Bob's reply above. Chirop. relieves his pain and that's all he cares about. You seem to be seeking some definitive answer. Maybe there isn't one and you just have to go and find out for yourself - or not go. Some people benefit and some don't. The one true answer won't be out there, Carlos. See for yourself. Find out and make a determination for yourself. I guess I'm asking you to think for yourself. Other people can't tell you how chirop. wil work for you.