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  1. Whose side would she take?

    Thank you everyone for your input; I wish I had the time to read the stories (links), but such is life as a student. As a favor to me though, could you answer what you think Ayn Rand would do? Like it would be nice if you could support which side you think she would choose, and then end the post with "owner," or "worker." I really like to see how she would take side on this, I'm getting the feeling that most everyone thinks she is on the side of the owner, but I'm not so sure. In order for the factory to work, all the workers would have to do their best, which I believe is a major value that Rand expresses. However, their communist pay would be frowned upon by her. Their work ethics are good, but their reward system terrible. Here's a scary coupled thought: The owner has rights to the factory, therefore he can reposses it. The government is who we rent property from, so if the people reposses it, who are we to argue since the people are goverment. Sad relization: we don't have private property, *sniff*.
  2. Whose side would she take?

    Yes, that's the problem, so in that case I would probably want my house back and for them to vacate. However, I believe if either I leave, or they leave, there needs to be compensation. The case mentioned above the owner still has legal rights to it.
  3. Whose side would she take?

    Interesting case, the situation I mentioned above isn't an inventive plant, but I see how the status among the workers are the same. By the way, I love Gortex! Awesome stuff.
  4. Are viruses alive?

    I'm currently taking a virology course and here's two interesting factors concerning viruses: 1. They don't carry out any metabolism 2. they lack locomotion With these two factors many other things can be understood about the nature of viruses. I would explain more, but I'm not sure if this thread will continue much longer, so if you do have any questions ask.
  5. Whose side would she take?

    I was discussing politics with one of the professors at my university, and he explained a situation that happened down in south america--Argentina I believe: There was a factory, like any factor this factory involved skilled workers to run this factory. The owner of the factory faced difficult times in which taxes were increased on his factory, making it a seemingly worthless endeavor. As a result the factory owner left, along with the managment. Leaving hundreds of employees without a job and the factory, which was still fully equiped, idle. The factory workers, not wanting to be without jobs, decided take over the factory and since each had skills in every area the factory ran smoothly. None of the workers was considered the boss or above any other, all had equal pay (with the exception of hazardous jobs). Since the factory became functional, the owner showed up to take back the factory, and all the factory assets. Whose side would Ayn Rand take? The workers or the factory owner? Please, give support (logic) when answering. I have my own opinion, but I don't wish to voice it quite yet. If any clarification is needed, just ask me. This supposibly is a real case, but I had not the time to research it. Thus, the information is based solely off that of which I remember the professor told me.
  6. An American Nightmare

    That would be horrible, but haven't you heard that already the government has paid farmers not to produce. They do in fact control and use your money to promote farmers to be lazy. I think the major one if you guys want to look it up is the Agricultural Adjustment Act of1933. The jist of it was that farmers were producing too much of the same crop causing farm owners to go out of business because they couldn't sell their product. Gov came in and gave them money not to produce as much by giving them subsidies, which then after became the major potion of their gross income. This is fairly digusting to me, and I'll give you an example of what would have happened if the government hadn't. In Wenatchee, Wa (Apple Capital of the World) there was a decline in the price of apples over a decade ago, since all the orchardists were producing eith reds or goldens. Talk of having Government aid was happening, but nothing happened. Orchards eveywhere were ripped up... and guess what happened? New kinds of apple trees were created and planted. Now I think reds stink, and goldens only ok. Now, We have great new varieties such as jonathans, pink ladies, fujis (my fav), and so many more. Lots of my information came from talking with orchardists, and others of Wenatchee valley, so its credibility is questionable. I believe them, why not?
  7. Health Care Plan

    This health care plan is becoming quite scary to me. I am currently heading off to a university in California where I'll be majoring in biology, and the next step is medical school. The President plans to take the health care system away from the private sector. What he and others need to realize is that our health care is the best in the world, and that's because it's motivated by money (profit). If I do indeed become a doctor, I want my reward of high pay for my efforts. This might seem selfish, and indeed it is. Does this mean I won't care about my patients and I'm only in it for the money? No, I'll care about my patients, they are the means for which I can gain money. Money is the reward for my efforts, it is an equal trade between patient and doctor. Gratitude is nice, but I can't even buy a bean burrito at tacobell with it. Tell me what you guys think on my views, and feel free to inform me in any aspect of this health plan. I like to keep my mind open.