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  1. World's most ambitious privately funded projects

    Betsy, you forgot to add, And make all the other fascinating buildings, inventions and human endeavors not only possible but routine.
  2. Greeting fellow proselytizers. I'm concluding that most people here share my conviction that capitalism is the only economic system that can sustain an industrial society and that without Ayn Rand's view of morality, capitalism will disappear. That we are here, at this forum, because we see ever more of our efforts being confiscated and redistributed inappropriately; that our enjoyment of life demands of us that we take an active role trying to reshape our society as the people we've entrusted to keep us free are instead, working to enslave us. Time to fight back and I'm here both to 'milk' this resource for ideas and 'use' this platform to offer some of my own ideas, at later postings. A bit about me: I'm a Canadian, living on the left coast of Canada and have been an Ayn Rand follower for years (that I own the autographed copy number 57 of the tenth anniversary edition of Atlas Shrugged will give you some idea of how long). I share the admiration for the Max Planck quote and would only remove 'scientific', "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." to see, the work of teaching the young is the only final solution to bring about a rational society, and I support ARI in their endeavor. I see the US Declaration of Independence as the document at the base of our freedom, regardless of where we live in this world. The open declaration of being born equal brings an end to hereditary privilege and is the driver of all opportunity. Personal: I've made a living doing a multitude of things but primarily supervising industrial construction in the wood processing industry. As a kid, 'why?' was always my first question and I'd take everything apart, sometimes even putting things back together (yes, I scored high in the Popular Mechanics test). In my early twenties I found Ayn Rand could explain the 'meaning of life' better than my religious upbringing could. Some years later, my desire to articulate the ideas that I have absorbed, caused me to learn to write, a skill that I had never learned, as I dropped out before finishing high school. Over the past twenty years or so I've been writing occasional LTE's and I have a number of unpublished essay written to clarify my own thinking, some to be posted. I first became aware of Betsy and Stephen Speichers' commitment to Objectivism sometime around 2000 when I finally got 'connected' to the internet. Over the past 6 or 7 years my time has been absorbed in the build of a house, largely my own effort, but now that the bulk of the work is completed, I'm looking to become more active and see this attractive forum as a place I'd like to post, mainly for evaluative feedback. Thanks Betsy, for holding this together and please accept my sympathies that Stephen had to leave. garret seinen