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  1. Liver metastasis

    My mom's cancer is now terminal, and I don't expect her to make it until next summer.
  2. Elevated estradiol

    I've been lifting for 3 years, I'm 6'1" tall, and I weigh 190 lbs. As mentioned I've increased my T, which by itself has had positive effects. But if anything that will give aromatase even more material to convert into yet more estrogen. I don't think anastrozole use would be problematic. as long as my levels are kept at a healthy 40-60 or so. 147 is "80 year old demasculinized shell of a man" territory.
  3. Elevated estradiol

    ...Unless it could be arranged for an Objectivist doctor to have a German colleague do it. For all I know that might be ridiculously farfetched in terms of policy, but technically speaking it shouldn't be a problem with the right connections. (Sorry for triple post) This is a problem that's been plaguing me for years. My body composition, libido, and general drive are messed up because of it. In 2010 I measured low testosterone but that has since increased. It's only now that I got my estradiol done and just like I suspected it's very high. All my medical problems going back 10 years make sence in the light of this.
  4. Elevated estradiol

    Unfortunately American prescriptions are not valid in Sweden, but perhaps a doctor's recommendation could help me sway a particularly cooperative local doc.
  5. Elevated estradiol

    That sounds good. Wonder how much it'd cost to have them look at my blood work results and offer an opinion based on symptoms, history etc.
  6. Elevated estradiol

    It's extremely unlikely that any Swedish doctor will prescribe Arimidex, which is what I need to correct this gross excess of estradiol. I'll probably have to move to the US to get it legally, which will take years. In the meantime I'll be forced to live as a hormonal hermaphrodite or risk going to jail for buying it illegally.
  7. Elevated estradiol

    My estradiol (the most potent estrogen) is too high. It's made by an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estradiol. Block the aromatase, and the latter goes down while the former goes up. I need that or I won't function properly.
  8. I recently did a hormone test, with testosterone sitting at at 691.2 ng/dl (24 nmol/L) and estradiol at 40 pg/ml (147 pmol/L). The E2 is just below the upper ref limit in Sweden, which at 150 is way too generous IMO. I think my 147 is far too much and I need to lower it. I'd like to cut it in half at least. Is that possible without pharmaceutical aromatase inhibitors?
  9. Practicing math

    Concrete-loading. Practice on previous exams and other resources until enough of the test feels like your own backyard that you retain sufficient time for the rest.
  10. How much faster are F1 cars?

    Didn't they use to use more downforce, though? I thought they reigned it in a while ago because the speeds they started to attain during turns were becoming too dangerous. But yeah, it looks like they're following a Shinkansen track.
  11. Gradualism is the perfect political weapon against those who don't think in principles. It's disgustingly effective in bringing a nation of compromisers to socialism.
  12. Muslims in Europe documentary (2012)

    The law here won't do any good. It forbids any substantive criticism of Islam while allowing any and all denigrating of native Swedes. Mainstream media is in a coalition with the ruling parties to suppress all reports of problems with immigration.
  13. Muslim Abuse Of French Citizens

    I agree, ruveyn. It's a totally new kind of threat. The Soviets had more than 10000 nukes, but they were at least vaguely human and wanted to live, in some manner, on this earth, and so they could be dealt with by a Cold War. Even medieval Christianity wasn't this bad. This is distilled annihilation as a supranational movement. Europe isn't fighting it. It isn't tolerating it. It's not even merely supporting it. It's waging war against the native Western populace on its behalf. Some European countries are closer than others to becoming caliphates. I would stay away from France, and will do my best to leave Sweden.
  14. Muslim Abuse Of French Citizens

    This is starting to happen in Sweden as well. On its current course, Europe is finished.
  15. I'm trying to find a passage by Leonard Peikoff. I'm not sure which book it's from, but it's about someone retraining, with great effort and strain, their psycho-epistemology or ability to focus or something like that. Could be from OPAR but I can't come up with the search terms to find it. Does it sound familiar to anyone?