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  1. Robin Hood Tax

    Unlike we, most people do not view force as being separate from persuation (or other non-force) in any meaningful way but strategy.
  2. Permit-Free Guns A Great Idea

    The right and ability (i.e. owning firearms) to defense is one of the primary reasons I'm strongly considering moving to the US. Sweden's treatment of criminals and victims, both in law and in convictions, is positively grotesque. A perfect inversion of ethics. (Also, rtg24, I've been meaning to send an email to you; I'll get to writing it within the week)
  3. I've Had It!

    I don't see much point in arguing from the USC or even the Declaration or Bill of Rights. They're all imperfect, and the fact that they are is one of the reasons you're now having to debate about your rights. Argue from the position of truth.
  4. I'm L-C, resident of Sweden and student of Objectivism. The latter was on and off from 2004 until 2007, when it became more systematic. I've since devoured many, many posts on forums such as CapMag and later Objectivism Online. It was Betsy and Stephen Speicher's posts there that brought this forum to my attention. Going on 24, I've only recently begun integrating Objectivism into my life, even though I've agreed with it for a good while in principle. Thus, my life is currently heavily "under construction" as I'm doing my best to determine what my career should be. I'm currently studying Computer Science since video/computer gaming is what I've done most of my life. Not sure if it's the way to go for me (author is another career I've toyed with), but effort and reason are what I can offer in order to find out, and those are the things I will use. The state (so to speak) of Sweden and whether to move or stay is another big issue. There are compelling arguments for both. Increasingly, the scales tip toward the US...
  5. Greetings

    Well, I find our weather too warm most of the time. California has some interesting business but I desire the right to self defense and gun ownership (including CCW) which is not well protected there. Self defense is extremely persecuted, prohibited and punished in Sweden so it's a bit of a priority for me.
  6. Greetings

    I was thinking Delaware or New Hampshire.
  7. Greetings

    Thanks. jordanz and alann: I can list some of my reasons for wanting to move to the US: I want the right to defend my life, health and property from violent crime. I want to pay less than 50% income tax, 25% sales tax, 125% gas tax etc. I don't want to be a stranger in a strange land when it comes to Objectivism. Your current president is one of the worst yet but at least you have an ideal to fight for, and a laundry list of freedoms not available here. Also, Europe and especially Sweden are quickly moving toward a future as a caliphate. It's fast. A generation from now, Islam will have increased its influence here a couple of orders of magnitude since the early 90's.