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  1. I've read a lot about inflammation from the Paleo folks but I don't know what it refers to in this context. Is there quick and objective primer on it?
  2. My next read

    I really like The Romantic Manifesto. It'll make everything about art more clear to you, and I've also found it to be a source of inspiration.
  3. I'm more worried about one nuke in the hands of Iran than 10000 in the hands of Russia and China.
  4. Teaching my son

    You should be glad that you have this option. It's illegal where I live. I know I'd do it myself if I had children. And I'd move abroad to be able to do it.
  5. Advice requested: melatonin

    I ordered a box - if it doesn't get here I'll take up on your offer. Thanks.
  6. Has anyone used melatonin to treat problems with sleep? Every night I wake up at least once before I'm supposed to, and I can never reach 8 hours of sleep. Usually 5-6.5 and I need more. Unfortunately melatonin is prescription-only in Sweden and in practice it's never prescribed (other than in rare cases at a rate of $1.5 per pill), but it's not classified as a narcotic so I'd guess the worst that could happen when trying to import it would be having it seized by customs. What are the factors to look for with regard to dosage, brands, type (regular vs time release etc.) and so on?
  7. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    Do you know how welfare voting works, though? No amount of cultural influence will do much of anything if there's a horde of welfare takers who keep voting for more statism. Other than classical dictatorship, that's the strategy of every leftist party in the world.
  8. Advice requested: melatonin

    I'll give you a bit of background to explain the situation better. Who knows, the US might be facing a similar situation soon enough... Patients in Sweden only pay a small proportion of their total healthcare expenses out of pocket. The rest is tax funded. This means that patients are not proper customers from which the service provider stands to lose a great deal should they fail to deliver. There's also a lack of competition since most people are taxed out of the ability to afford private healthcare. These and other factors have a variety of consequences for the way a person deals with the healthcare system. One is that the government sets the terms (as anyone who pays, whether or not their money is stolen, is wont to do) for how the patient-doctor interaction is to be done; for example, you can't "shop around" for doctors: one is appointed to you. You can't call them, instead you have to call your health center which then sets you up for a "phone appointment" at a time of their choosing, for a fee. Another is the arrogant and dismissive attitude of Swedish doctors. This has led to a lot of people preferring to be assigned any doctor with a foreign-sounding name - in a country where a foreign-sounding name will often get your resume thrown in the bin by employers! These doctors can't be fired and aren't subject to market forces. They will spend as little time talking to you as they can get away with, will routinely dismiss your health problems as psychosomatic, and have no qualms about refusing to prescribe the best treatments (various drugs or apparatus) if it means less pressure on the public budget. It's a top-down arrangement, and you're the bottom. Pun intended. The way this pertains to my situation, Paul, is that such a doctor's recommendation, or lack of one, would not be based on the medical facts and my status as a customer. Hence I can't rely on it.
  9. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    On another forum I saw a remark from someone saying that, thanks to the re-election, "maybe we're finally catching up to Europe". I had to laugh at the absurdity. But in actuality it's not funny. "Catching up to" a continent that will never rise out of statism barring total annihilation and replacement of the entire populace, and that is also in the process of becoming a supra-nation caliphate? Check your aspirations, buddy.
  10. Advice requested: melatonin

    That doesn't work in a system of socialized medicine. Priorities, incentives, attitude etc. are all screwed up. There's a saying that goes "You have to be healthy to survive Sweden's healthcare".
  11. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

  12. Advice requested: melatonin

    This is Sweden, I can't just get one. Maybe if I travel abroad and manage to convince someone to sell me one.
  13. Advice requested: melatonin

    I've had this problem since February and have tried altering those things. I'd say stress is lower than it was before that time. Very consistently I wake up after 6 hours even though I need more.
  14. CGI full feature movies

    But yeah, I'd say scenery, effects, and models look a lot more natural and less glued-on than they used to, especially when they need to be combined with real footage.
  15. CGI full feature movies

    I haven't watched a lot of modern CGI movies. Do CGI models still move as if they aren't subject to momentum and inertia? No-acceleration falls/movement, large masses making sharp turns, jupiter gravity running etc.
  16. Advice requested: melatonin

    I'm 26, 6'1" and 185 lbs, I take zinc and magnesium supplements, don't drink, do eat a piece of cheesde before going to bed, and go to the gym several times a week. I suspect I have obstructive sleep apnea to some extent, however, and will get a nose/throat exam next month. Possibly I'll start to use a splint to keep my jaw pushed forward during sleep.
  17. What if you get the selenium from other sources such as brazil nuts?
  18. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    My plan is to make my skills special enough to warrant a work visa, maybe in a few years, and then take it from there. Hopefully I'll get to meet up with some of you.
  19. You make your own sashimi? Sounds like a great way to get the weekly dose of marine lipids. Just mind the heavy metals.
  20. MSM in Sweden specializes in covert bias. There's none of the impassioned talking heads of CNN or Fox News; instead they practice a very dry, formal reportorial style so as to appear neutral. Immigration is one of the hottest issues in Sweden but the media and Reichtag political parties try to suppress any discussion of it, any notion that it's an issue at all. Lots of Swedes are starting to rebel, however, by voting for a pseudo-nationalist party as a last resort simply because they're the only ones willing to challenge the government's policy of massive welfare immigration. Fortunately there are online sources of uncensored news, but the great bulk of Swedes still get theirs from the old telly.
  21. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    That ain't nuthin'. We're taking in tens of thousands of welfare recipients every year, on a population of less than ten million. Our average total tax burden has been estimated at 70%, not including statism influence on markets, industry, technology, innovation etc. Isolated Muslim ghettos are beginning to form in many places, and much of the Jewish population has already been forced to flee the southern city of Malmö, the city with the highest Muslim concentration in Sweden. The reason we're still mostly glass and steel instead of stone and mud is YOU. Europe can't and won't return the favor when you're in the same place that we're now. The US of A had better pull itself together or we will all, to quote Full Metal Jacket, be in a world of ######. You think gas is high at $3.50. It's $8.50 here. Use that as an analogy for everything else as well.
  22. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Only because the US as we know it still existed. Europe is decidedly statist and is being conquered by Islam. If the US becomes an EU style welfare state with recipient voters locking the welfare party in place permanently, there will be non one left to bail you out. Switzerland or Singapore won't do the trick.
  23. Happy Birthday to Red

    Gratulerar, Red. Have a good one today!
  24. I was referring to the OP; your post wasn't there when I left the reply box open.
  25. That's impressive. I especially like his inclusion of that last line.