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  1. Art and immortal beauty

    What is your purpose in pointing that out, ruveyn? She lives now, is beautiful now, and so is the painting.
  2. Remembering Stephen

    That is a fitting tribute, Vesp. I didn't get to converse directly with Stephen, as I joined the forum in 2009. But like Betsy says, his posts are still here and I have gone through many of them. From them I gather that he was benevolent, as you say, which is evidenced by his patience and willingness to answer all manner of questions. He seems to me to have assumed as much good nature and intent was there in his "audience" as in himself, which must've been a very pleasant attitude to have about people. Clearly his thinking was also sharp as a Feather blade. I'm glad his voice was granted permanence here.
  3. John Carter (2012)

    Yep, not the pinnacle of any particular discipline within film making, but it has good qualities and fulfills Erik's point well. I enjoyed it.
  4. That's fascinating. Thanks for the beautiful video, Arnold.
  5. That would be Kristin Davis, all 3 of them. Impressive. She's 45.
  6. Seems like it might be wise to invest in a trenchcoat, a CCW, and a pair of night vision goggles.
  7. I've found the opposite to be true, to a degree surprising even to myself. I want to associate with people of my (and their own) choice. That's not say family couldn't have value, but only to the extent I'd associate with them regardless because of who they are. And such people don't exist in my family. Mind you this is after one has grown up and achieved financial independence.
  8. Seems the last link in my post got applied to the first two as well, somehow, so all 3 are linking to the same image. Oh well, they're imdb so anyone can find them. Copypaste the text (not the link) and it'll work.
  9. You have good taste, ruveyn. Here's an Israeli model, Moran Atias: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm565545216/nm1785054 http://www.imdb.com/media/rm733317376/nm1785054 http://ph.cdn.photos.upi.com/collection/upi/e5a85f650b1b741a32cc04c32e2ba39d/Moran-Atias-attends-a-screening-of-The-Next-Three-Days-in-Los-Angeles_8.jpg
  10. Hidden gem movies to recommend

    Sherlock Holmes from 2009 isn't obscure, but it's special because it specifically upholds reason as efficacious. It's not what I expected from a modern movie. It has other good qualities as well and I consider it a gem and something of an island in modern cinema. I'd guess it owes a lot to the script writers, so who knows if we'll see more of that kind of thing. It seems they didn't work on the new sequel though.
  11. Sounds like a good plan for Laars to try out while he's still young enough not to have made his own place (wife, house etc.). Of course, some people are simply useless and so there's no point in spending time with them even once a year, but that's something he'll have to judge for himself. At 17 the options are limited for most people but I know some guys who at that age started spending holidays with their girlfriends' families as much as possible out of preference. As for your overall (year-around and long term) relationship with your family, Laars: A person's character, personality, and values is what matter the most. Barring abuse, most parents, siblings etc. hold an "account" with you because you grow up with them/together for many years and that means something. If you're lucky they'll be people you will find worthy of having in your life even when this account is spent, because they're just that good. But if not, it'll do you no good to give them credit they haven't earned just because you're related. At 17 you probably don't have to make any permanent decisions just yet, but you'll know what to go by some years down the road when you'll become busier and more independent.
  12. Interesting that you should mention this, Laars. I am in a similar position though I'm 8 years older than you (whoa, time really does fly. I did say I'm behind schedules ). I too am growing apart from most of my family. At first I was concerned about this but as I kept looking at the truth, I found I wasn't even that dismayed by the prospects of not having much contact with them. That's the power of ideas right there - I genuinely don't believe that sharing DNA trumps sharing character, so my emotions followed suit. There's some disappointment there for me, but also a sense of finality because I know this is the way it has to be given who I am and who they are. Getting along with and enjoying your biological family is anything but given. Some get to do it, others don't; nobody chooses their parents, siblings etc. so the way I see it is that I simply wasn't "dealt that kind of hand" in life. In the long run the people who really matter are those you choose: your life partner, friends, children (if you choose to have them), and any previous family you choose - for good reasons - to keep in touch with. It's harsh being a stranger in your own family but it's just luck anyway. Get dealt a bad hand, you go make your own.
  13. You all have at least some knowledge of Sweden's faults as a multiculturalist and egalitarian mixed economy. But something you may not be aware of is perhaps the most obscene among all its perversions: the endless mercy and tolerance for those who are guilty of crimes against individuals (do not blaspheme - such as committing tax evasion - though, or you may go down harder than a rapist) coupled with unbelievable indifference toward and crippling of their victims. This article details the latest example: http://www.thelocal.se/37916/20111213/ In short, a 41 year old murderer was released this year after his prison sentence for murdering his girlfriend. 6 months later he raped a 12 year old. Read the article if you want more details. He is now being sentenced to 4 years and an additional 4 because, well, he did kill a person previously. Thankfully I don't need to tell or argue with you how obscene all of this is. Taxes, welfare, multiculturalism, Islamization, anti-freedom of speech laws - they'll all real. But it is in this area that the true spirit of Sweden's collectivism is manifest most clearly. One "unnecessary" blow from an attacked defending his life and health against an assailant and he's prosecuted. You may not use weapons, since life is to be a jousting match between the innocent and the guilty, and who's to say who deserves better? Why, let's actually answer that and proclaim "the guilty and the state". Americans should not hasten to group themselves with Europe as the "Western world". Don't forget how unique your rights are. Your First Amendment is unmatched not just by North Korea and its peers, but by other modern industrialized countries as well, to an extent I suspect would surprise you. And I know that many of you appreciate your Second Amendment, but to me it is absolutely sacred. I've seen too much obscenity. As soon as I can, I am leaving everyone I know behind permanently and the 2A is a very large part of my reasons. It doesn't take another life ruined by a criminal protected by "compassionate" high school graduate politicians on top 3% payrolls for me to make my decision.
  14. Drawings

    I agree with Betsy, there's an "expression economy" used here. That which is to be told with just what it needs to do so. The result is very agreeable.
  15. I guess teleportation would be the only way. But what if you keep your original direction and speed? You'd smack into the planet or through the atmosphere at 20km/s.
  16. On Ayn Rand on Racism

    So, given equal conditions and barring disease or injury, is every human brain on Earth identical in terms of intellectual capacity? Is the brain exempt from the physiological differences that are manifest in every other aspect of the human body? I do agree that the character of a healthy person is volitionally shaped, since character requires essential humanity, not genius.
  17. Embassies

    How civilian is someone who storms a foreign embassy, though?
  18. That sounds good, Bill. Being from Sweden, it's hard to imagine a modern Westerner not being able to read English, but I understand things are different in France. So if this translation gets more of them to read Atlas, that's just dandy.
  19. That's good to hear, piz. I like that you're so aware of how she's developing, that's got to be an asset for her.
  20. Eichler Homes

    How about that? I didn't know he lived in an Eichler home. Makes you wonder just how much inspiration he drew from it.
  21. Hard Fascism vs Soft Facism

    From what I gather, the distinction of fascism, as a subcategory of statism, is governmental control of property with nominal private "ownership" acting as a false veneer of rights. Mussolini's Italy is usually brought up as the prime example. I see little substantial difference between any statist systems, since they all feature the institutionalized violation of individual rights. Like most of the Western world, the US is a mixed economy. There are differences between such states that can be very meaningful to ordinary people. A given man may avoid murder or mutilation in the US because he has the right to carry firearms and to self-defense, whereas in Germany he may die, become crippled or prosecuted if he used enough force to reliably escape injury or death. An American woman's rapist (if he gets past her Glock 19) might be put away for a long time, whereas in Sweden he would be all but guaranteed success against disarmed victims and then let out in a few years, without escalation for repeat offenses. A US businessman might never have become one if he'd have to deal with 60% taxes and government control over his hiring practices. But statism is on an aggressive rise in America as well, and in some arenas more so than in various European countries. You still have unmatched rights to free speech and self-defense, however, as well as more domestic options for employment and business locations. The current trend still has to be reversed if any of that is to remain, of course.
  22. Betsy's Book

    That sounds genuinely interesting. How about a limited edition of signed copies? Will you do something like releasing the first chapter publicly, like Craig Biddle did for his book Loving Life? Because that sold me on it.
  23. Happy Birthday to Betsy Speicher

    I, and I'm sure many others on this forum, have more than one thing to thank you for, Betsy. Happy birthday and have a good one.
  24. Degree of letting emotions influence you

    Poor formulation on my part. I did indeed mean to refer to the source of the emotion. Attempting to "excise" the emotion itself instead of the premises that cause it would be mistaken. Thanks for the examples you provide.
  25. Degree of letting emotions influence you

    If it hadn't vanished despite your conscious knowledge and positive evaluation of her, what would that have indicated? If, say, you wanted to get rid of a feeling because everything you know renders it mistaken, but it persists anyway?