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  1. Happy Birthday to jordanz

    Congrats, hope you have a good one today, jordanz. Any specific plans?
  2. Steve Jobs is gone. Age 56

    One of the greats. He did a lot of good but this is too soon.
  3. Anti bailout Ford commercial

    Hopefully they aren't so traitorous.
  4. Descendant of Somebody Famous?

    Supposedly I'm related to Roald Amundsen, but I haven't yet tried to verify that.
  5. Battle for the California Desert

    Is there even such a thing as property any more? Or is it all just licensed, meaning it can be taken away at the government's behest?
  6. Gold strategy

    The parts of this that I do understand, I find interesting. But then there's GLD, in-the-money, (implied) volatility, theta, long etc. Is there a good and reliable resource to learn from for (almost) total novices like me? Other than trudging through it all via googling and Wiki. Most people here don't seem to deal in investments other than a small amount of stock and dwelling-hopping. I suspect the shape and level of the income curve has something to do with it, and obviously the high taxes do their part as well. Even doctors and the like seem to mostly just sit on a house and a savings account. None of this is ever close to being touched on in school unless you specifically major in economy in college.
  7. America's Newest Newspaper

    I would say "good luck" but I think "good work" is more appropriate. Hope you and your wife have a good time with this, Brad.
  8. Inventor Gary Cola has apparently demonstrated the validity of his claims regarding his new process for making lighter and stronger steel, and doing it very fast: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/...10609173718.htm Hopefully it's as good as it sounds.
  9. Quote on invading a country

    If I may, I'd like to include some more text to provide a better context for the question. The following directly precedes the original quote: "It is not a free nation's duty to liberate other nations at the price of self-sacrifice, but a free nation has the right to do it, when and if it so chooses. This right, however, is conditional. Just as the suppression of crimes does not give a policeman the right to engage in criminal activities, so the invasion and destruction of a dictatorship does not give the invader the right to establish another variant of a slave society in the conquered country."
  10. Quote on invading a country

    The following is a paragraph from the essay Collectivized "Rights" in The Virtue of Selfishness, page 122 in the Centennial Edition: A slave country has no national rights, but the individual rights of its citizens remain valid, even if unrecognized, and the conqueror has no right to violate them. Therefore, the invasion of an enslaved country is morally justified only when and if the conquerors establish a free social system, that is, a system based on the recognition of individual rights. [bold mine] What about defensive action against a country such as Iran? Does this mean that if the US were to destroy that country's government, it would be obliged to implement a rights-upholding alternative, rather than leaving the aggressor in ruins and only returning if they come to pose a threat once more? I assume thermonuclear strikes against Tehran and other important targets would be equivalent to invasion in this context, if used for the same purpose: toppling the country's rule and power to attack the US. Or am I missing something?
  11. HP To Apple: You Win

    Seems like yesterday might've been the day for Apple shareholders to sell. I don't know exactly how integral Jobs has been to the Apple of the past 7 years or so, but they sure have a lot to thank him for.
  12. HP To Apple: You Win

    As long as hardware manufacturers like Intel, AMD, Corsair, Asus, MSI, nVidia and so on stay in business, I think non-brand (i.e. self- or store assembled) PC's will win out in terms of price/performance, max performance for enthusiasts, and tolerance of customizing. But there's obviously a big market for quality closed systems such as those of Apple. But that kind of reliability, support and "tightness" comes at the cost of consumer control over the software and hardware. Good thing the computer and handheld markets aren't regulated enough to destroy either segment, so people can still choose according to their preferences.
  13. Tax the Rich

    Really? I guess we'll be seeing some expatriate French going to their respective embassies to annul their French citizenship. Too bad about those who only have permanent residence permits in their new country. What a tacky move...
  14. Tax on financial transactions

    What will this mean for investors and traders heavily involved in European markets?
  15. Tax on financial transactions

    What's the scope of this? EU-wide?
  16. Another Greenspan nugget

    How can this be the same person as the one who contributed essays to Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal?
  17. Jokes

    Good one, Paul. Didn't telegraph the punchline either.
  18. Yeah. It's a shame it has to be that way. But if that's what it takes to let the work go on... As for the Chinese, it's interesting to note the disconnect between their basic philosophy and mentality regarding individual rights, the role of the state etc, and what seems to be a surprising prudence in financial affairs, at least in some respects. Not that I've had more than a cursory glance at what they're doing but that's my impression so far. Then again, they do have a long history of production and trading (on some level), don't they? If only it'd be matched by Western philosophy.
  19. Sent you a PM, rtg (maybe NoScript ate the pop-up? I think it did for me before I whitelisted the forum). Do you think there's a way to make the actions and results of speculators and others in the finance industry more obvious? Not that they should need to once one understands the principles of their business, but it does seem like an overly thankless job in the sense of the public berating it receives.
  20. State Sales Tax Holidays

    Tax holiday, huh? Over here they're a bit too fond of our 25% VAT to just let it go like that.
  21. Key Ingredients in Successful Psychotherapy

    I suspect Hurd and yourself, Scott, would have quite a lot to agree about. Both ways, I'd wager. He usually writes about the fundamental aspects of psychotherapy, such as what therapy can and can't do (and why), the acknowledgement of volition, and the general willingness of the client to improve. You've explored the latter and its counterpart in the therapist as well, which I found interesting. In a way, it's a complementary piece to his writings, which is just splendid.
  22. Tax Expenditures

    Those who stay don't believe they're morally entitled to their lifestyles. Many still keep them because they like them, but subscribers to altruism (i.e. the vast majority of Europeans) can't be self-interested and moral at the same time. Sometimes you can spot gruff comments about having the sweat of your brow taken from you, but they're fading sparks under a mountain of ash. Furthermore, almost every time I see or hear someone successful complain about taxes, they make sure to mention their support for taxation as such, only it would be nice if it weren't so excessive. But if you support thievery, you don't get to select its extent or target.
  23. 40W light bulbs will remain legal until the end of this year in Sweden, so I'll stock up enough to last me until it makes sense to transition to an acceptable alternative such as LED's. I will not needlessly expose myself to mercury in the name of environmentalism.
  24. Now and Then

    The Islamic movement is a specter enabled and fueled by the West's, particularly Europe's descent into the mysticism/altruism/collectivism axis. Irrationality does not guarantee that the punishment for those who exercise it will be limited to a mere slow decay. Islam is quickly rampaging throughout a Europe that willingly surrenders to Islam's "strength" due to its own weakness and philosophical and moral bankruptcy. Along the way, European governments and popular parties join the movement in enforcing collective suicide upon its Western populace, with most victims being confused or willing. "When men reduce their virtues to the approximate, then evil acquires the force of an absolute, when loyalty to an unyielding purpose is dropped by the virtuous, it's picked up the scoundrels—and you get the indecent spectacle of a cringing, bargaining, traitorous good and a self-righteously uncompromising evil." This is what's going on here but uglier still, since many of those in power are passionately multicultural, that is to say anti-Western. Without significant changes, in a few generations, America will have to see just how much of a friend Europe will have been after it's fed Islam a modern industrialized continent.
  25. Canucks lose; Vancouver riots

    I have found that, in many cases, the level of rationality of each member in a group is divided by the number of people in that group. But these rioters are also men without purpose. Did they cherish success, peace, happiness, productivity and industrial civilization before they started to smash windows? I don't think so. They set fire to cars they could never conceive of building, on streets they couldn't pave in 50 years, before they go back to heated homes with electricity, running water and internet connections instead of the damp caves that would have been the only choice of dwelling in their kind of world. Sometimes I wonder if a more powerful message should be sent as to what the good in our world think about the marauders. Let's say that instead of tear gas and tazers, we were to use flamethrowers. Barbaric? Sure. But fundamentally no more so than these looters. Just imagine the faces of the rest of their ilk at such a response from the good people who desire a good world to live in.