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  1. Multiple Intelligences

    I take it to mean the best thing she had seen from them that they had done twice. That is, repeated.
  2. Arrogance and Stupidity

    Yeah, I think you mentioned the Israeli procedures being much faster and more effective. Why not go that route? Is there some sort of domestic agenda behind this travesty of harassment and futility?
  3. Cop with questions.....

    That is just incredible. On what grounds? By what right? Who do they think they are?
  4. Cop with questions.....

    I think the hostile attitude and behavior of law enforcement turns people off. The lawful lying during interrogations and attempts to trick people into incriminating themselves (see the popular "why you should never talk to the police" lecture on YouTube) are a few examples of the practices that make enemies out of the police. What are the most common interactions ordinary people have with the police? They're not bodyguards, that's what CCW licenses are for. You wouldn't even want a police force capable of routinely protecting people from ongoing violent crime. No, it's traffic tickets, many of them frivolous or even "planned". It's investigations in which the police try to sucker punch individuals who don't know or dare to employ their Fifth Amendment rights. Then there's the no-knock raids and murders straight out of a Gestapo handbook, where the two alternatives offered to peaceful citizens are 1: either suicidally hold fire against unidentified invaders and 2: defend yourself and get gunned down. All this is in addition to the enforcement of non-objective laws which make people's lives poorer, shorter and more difficult.
  5. Delegation of Rights

    Oh and rtg24 isn't kidding: just like the healthcare advice for a resident of the third world is "don't get sick", so the self-defense advice offered to us Europeans, implicitly, is "don't get attacked". There are Mexican diseases that make you less sick to your stomach than Europe's, particularly the Northern states' love of the guilty.
  6. Delegation of Rights

    The distinction I make is between defensive and retaliatory force, where individuals have the right to use the former but only government can use the latter. I don't see why it has to be framed in terms of retaliatory force only, with an exception granted to individuals for "emergencies". I can think of three fundamental categories of force: initiatory, defensive and retaliatory. A fourth, preemptive, could be placed under retaliatory as a subcategory. The first should properly be a crime regardless of perpetrator. The second is immediate protection from force, whether used by an individual or the state. The third and fourth are properly government actions against criminals (as defined by a rational set of laws) or enemies during war.
  7. Photography

    Both are very nice. At which time of day did you take the G&S one?
  8. Photography

    Beautiful dogs. Sounds like a pleasant breed, indeed. What does big boy over there weigh?
  9. Cop with questions.....

    Check the premises of those who advocate laws against "victimless crimes". What are laws for? What is the purpose of and justification for government? http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/government.html
  10. Cop with questions.....

    A few links: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/law--obj...-objective.html http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/justice.html And if you set out to write a book of the nature discussed here, I recommend reading The Art of Non-fiction, and The Romantic Manifesto. I have read both of these, and have ordered The Art of Fiction as well.
  11. Other than Visa concerns, there are still things (educational, vocational and personal matters) to work out before I'm ready. There's been a lot of problems throughout my mid to late teens and early twenties, so I'm behind schedule. But I keep the goal in mind, and in the meantime I can talk to Objectivists online on this forum and elsewhere. It's a great resource.
  12. It's not the overt threat of a knife, but I know that if I need to shut up in order to keep a job so I can eventually move out of Sweden, that's what I'll do even when (not if) I hear irrational arguments and statements. I can see nothing but risk in trying to debate from an Objectivist perspective here. I'll stick to you guys for that.
  13. "one need not launch into unprovoked moral denunciations or debates, but that one must speak up in situations where silence can objectively be taken to mean agreement with or sanction of evil. When one deals with irrational persons, where argument is futile, a mere "I don't agree with you" is sufficient to negate any implication of moral sanction." And if this is potentially dangerous?
  14. The dangers of direct democracy

    What are the essential differences between the Californian and Swiss systems?
  15. One of the questions Dr. Peikoff answered in this week's podcasts is "Is it proper for a doctor to perform a sex change operation for a patient?" It's currently accessible on the frontpage here: http://www.peikoff.com/podcasts/ (length 2:41) I'm no expert on the biology of sexual identity, but isn't it said that people who don't feel at home with the sex they are had something go wrong during the fetal stage, and that their brains really are wired more like that of the opposite sex? He compares the desire to change sex with what I believe is commonly known as "Body Integrity Identity Disorder". I don't know if that condition is influenced by faulty wiring, but the effects of amputating a healthy body part is clearly objectively bad. Now, I've never felt an urge to change sex, but if waking up as the opposite is tantamount to what these people experience, well... Of course, if it is based on poor philosophy thinking then I'm inclined to agree with Peikoff.
  16. Rearden Paper?

    Sounds good but I assume it's relatively lightweight. While that is certainly an advantage in many applications, wouldn't a light bridge be less stable? I'm not knowledgeable on the subject, though, so maybe that's irrelevant.
  17. Stem Cell Therapy Is Here Now

    The first link is down at the moment. Hopefully it'll come back up. Anyway, this area in the field of medicine is an exciting one. It'll be interesting to see what they can come up with in 5-10 years. I have personal reasons to hope for good progress.
  18. Mispronunciations

    The former. This is the exception.
  19. Mispronunciations

    My pronunciation pet peeve would be using the regular "the" even when the following word starts with a vowel sound. "Thuh egg" or "thuh orange". I was taught that you should use "thee" in such cases.
  20. alann, I would be very surprised if such occurrences (i.e. splits between friends who don't share philosophy) were uncommon. After all, that would mean philosophy is as arcane and inapplicable to reality as most people think it is. Sorry for your loss, though. Undoubtedly there's quite a bond after 20 years of knowing each other. As for me, I'm having a very hard time imagining being friends with outright leftists, as some people here seem to be. Maybe their sense of life tends to be different in the US, but here I can't imagine having such a person as a friend, unless it's just about online gaming or such. But spending time with them regularly in real life...I can't imagine their philosophy not bleeding through to areas such as behavior, privacy, class, tactfulness, respect etc., even given shared hobbies.
  21. Exactly, and this, among other things, is precisely what Sweden is a world champion at doing. And rtg24's point is highly related; most of the immigrants we get are not Westerners looking to produce but Middle Easterners who, on top of bringing 10 relatives with them and going on welfare, are culturally Middle-Eastern with all that entails. Not everyone is like this, but not everyone needs to be for the system to fail catastrophically, and fast. It is at this point that (due to Leftism) I almost reflexively point out that this is not about race, but then I remember where I am and I thank you preemptively for your reason. As a quote attributed to Pythagoras says: "Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression." Production is the ticket out of misery. Not that one should forget the fact that the problem exists and that one should get out of it, but generally I find there's enough reminders of that fact as it is.
  22. Coddling Criminals Creates Community Chaos

    You will get more of this. Your country's future is our present and soon to be history. At least you still have the right to self defense, to some extent. That extent can be stretched by living in a shall-issue and Castle Doctrine state. Over here crime is increasing and the government takes an active role in preventing the self-defense of innocents.
  23. But, being in Sweden, it means everyone I know is like this in various degrees. I try to stick to the areas in which we are compatible, but I grow weary of the "shadow world" (where everything is but a pale image of what it could be) of non-Objectivists. I want to deal with people whose differences from me are limited to interests, personality and tastes, rather than character and philosophy.
  24. Introduction

    Welcome aboard, Bill. You're right about Objectivism and computers. Just look at the kinds of people that are (generally) drawn to mathematics, and natural and computer sciences as against those that make up the majority in the humanities.
  25. Ewa Da Cruz: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2103753472/nm1851772