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  1. I've been lifting for 3 years, I'm 6'1" tall, and I weigh 190 lbs. As mentioned I've increased my T, which by itself has had positive effects. But if anything that will give aromatase even more material to convert into yet more estrogen.

    I don't think anastrozole use would be problematic. as long as my levels are kept at a healthy 40-60 or so. 147 is "80 year old demasculinized shell of a man" territory.

  2. ...Unless it could be arranged for an Objectivist doctor to have a German colleague do it. For all I know that might be ridiculously farfetched in terms of policy, but technically speaking it shouldn't be a problem with the right connections. (Sorry for triple post)

    This is a problem that's been plaguing me for years. My body composition, libido, and general drive are messed up because of it. In 2010 I measured low testosterone but that has since increased. It's only now that I got my estradiol done and just like I suspected it's very high. All my medical problems going back 10 years make sence in the light of this.

  3. It's extremely unlikely that any Swedish doctor will prescribe Arimidex, which is what I need to correct this gross excess of estradiol. I'll probably have to move to the US to get it legally, which will take years. In the meantime I'll be forced to live as a hormonal hermaphrodite or risk going to jail for buying it illegally.

  4. My estradiol (the most potent estrogen) is too high. It's made by an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estradiol. Block the aromatase, and the latter goes down while the former goes up. I need that or I won't function properly.

  5. I recently did a hormone test, with testosterone sitting at at 691.2 ng/dl (24 nmol/L) and estradiol at 40 pg/ml (147 pmol/L). The E2 is just below the upper ref limit in Sweden, which at 150 is way too generous IMO. I think my 147 is far too much and I need to lower it. I'd like to cut it in half at least. Is that possible without pharmaceutical aromatase inhibitors?

  6. It seems that gun right defenders would have an opportunity to pick up the ball and propose a universal background check law that would be a true, limited background check law, and supercede the other federal encroachments.

    The problem is that yielding any ground on gun-control will be aggressively exploited by the leftists as one more step in the creeping direction of gun bans.

    I think it's similar to how while marginally raising taxes on everyone might help in balancing the budget, still raising taxes should be resisted on principle because we should never yield anything to leftists who would view it as another successful little step towards statism.

    Gradualism is the perfect political weapon against those who don't think in principles. It's disgustingly effective in bringing a nation of compromisers to socialism.

  7. I agree, ruveyn. It's a totally new kind of threat. The Soviets had more than 10000 nukes, but they were at least vaguely human and wanted to live, in some manner, on this earth, and so they could be dealt with by a Cold War. Even medieval Christianity wasn't this bad. This is distilled annihilation as a supranational movement. Europe isn't fighting it. It isn't tolerating it. It's not even merely supporting it. It's waging war against the native Western populace on its behalf.

    Some European countries are closer than others to becoming caliphates. I would stay away from France, and will do my best to leave Sweden.

  8. I'm trying to find a passage by Leonard Peikoff. I'm not sure which book it's from, but it's about someone retraining, with great effort and strain, their psycho-epistemology or ability to focus or something like that. Could be from OPAR but I can't come up with the search terms to find it. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

  9. The law used to send neo-Nazis to court for displaying their insignia and gestures in public, but it has now become a real disaster due to the rise of multiculturalism and ME immigration. They couldn't have asked for better allies among the natives of the the country-to-be-conquered. The Swedish government is an accomplice of the aggressors in the war against the West.

  10. Wow. Interesting! Do you have any links handy to how European laws contradict the clauses on "free speech" found in UN statutes?

    (Swedish) http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hets_mot_folkgrupp


    "Sweden prohibits hate speech, and defines it as publicly making statements that threaten or express disrespect for an ethnic group or similar group regarding their race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, faith or sexual orientation..."

    Bold mine. "Ethnic group/race" does not include native Swedes. Based on this along with legal precedent, as I see it many articles written by Objectivists would have been illegal to publish in Sweden, especially those dealing with impending dhimmitude and what should be done about Iran.

  11. Don't underestimate how unique the First Amendment is. Europe has cars, computers, smart phones, fashion, broadband connections, and modern big cities just like you, but that doesn't mean we're just another flavor of Western civilization. If you look at how European laws contradict the already futile clauses on "free speech" found in UN statutes and the various national constitutions, you'll realize just how frighteningly lonely the First Amendment stands on the global scene.

    This is one of the main reasons I believe that "the fight is in the US". Anyone outside would do better to invest in their career rather than throw themselves in front of the juggernaught before it's even reached the only bulwark on earth, the only place where it can be stopped.