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  1. The Beatles -- on a ukelele!

    I've never considered the ukelele an instrument worth taking seriously, but has completely changed my mind. I want one now! I didn't know it could be so graceful and powerful. Admittedly, I've never heard anyone play it with such mastery.By the way: he's playing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
  2. The Beatles -- on a ukelele!

    It turns out the name of the musician is Jake Shimabukuro, and he is, in a word, awesome. I like this description, taken from another video on youtube.com: "The 29-year-old virtuoso shatters musical boundaries, playing jazz, blues, funk, classical, bluegrass, folk, flamenco, and rock. While Jake has great respect and love for traditional Hawaiian ukulele music, his mission is to show everyone that the ukulele is capable of so much more." Some other great performances by the very talented Hawaiian: (in concert)
  3. Multi-Monitor Usage

    This was my initial reaction too, in a sort of "of course there is" way. But Elle mentions that this is "in the same vein as the 'crow epistemology'," so I thought she might be trying to make a connection between cognition and a maximum number of screens (or programs) a person could juggle (in a productive way)?
  4. Multi-Monitor Usage

    PS: I have two mice (1,2).
  5. Multi-Monitor Usage

    Hey Elle! I use 2 monitors at work; I do engineering design work for a manufacturing plant, graphics intensive. The left (primary) is 19", 1600x1200. The right is 17", 1280x1024. Applications I keep running consistently are: Autodesk Inventor 8, Excel (usually three documents), Outlook, Firefox (at least two tabs), two Windows Explorer windows, a unit conversion program (Convert), and the Windows Calculator. I also use these applications from time to time: Autodesk DWF Viewer, Cosmos DesignSTAR, and Adobe Acrobat. I used to have four monitors... that was the sweetest setup. The third display was my laptop LCD, 15.1", 1024x768, left of the primary. I had another monitor connected as a "slave" to my laptop which served as the fourth: 19", 1280x1024, sitting to the right of the 17" monitor. I was able to connect them to my work PC using MaxiVista. I use only two monitors now because I like keeping my laptop at home. It's too much work setting up the extra two monitors everyday. For multitasking in my environment, four monitors would be ideal if only the resolution was at least 1280x1024 on the quartet. Regardless, having immediate access to my four main programs on eyesight allowed me to work at a notably higher pace (3-5% productivity increase, I reckon). As a side note: I used to lose track of which monitor my mouse was on sometimes. I think this software had a keyboard command to either help you find it or automatically center it on the monitor of your choice (I don't remember). Sounds interesting, could you elaborate?
  6. Jokes

    Monty Python - International Philosophy, Germany vs. Greece
  7. One day, I will have a sculpture made in my likeness. I don't know what it will look like: bust/figure, pose, etc. But I know one thing: I want it to be carved from a single block of marble. One look at this and I was convinced. If you were to commission a sculpture of yourself, what would it look like?
  8. Longitude

    Please add this book for review.
  9. Top Gear

    Glad to see I'm not the only "petrol head" on the forum that loves this show! You nailed it; the combination of a stellar production, sharp, witty hosts, and a real love of good cars on any level really make this show jump out of the screen and into any car guy's 7 liter V12 heart.
  10. Acura NSX

    Great car, that NSX. It's a driver's supercar, with a V6 that can sing, and Honda reliability. It's got staying power too -- the Automotive Lease Guide estimates the car retains 63% residual value after three years (50% is considered very good, if memory serves). However, these things are meaningless if the car doesn't light your fires as soon as your eyes greet its body, or as soon as you enter its world, shut the door, and give the orders. Why do you love this car Elle? Personally, for these reasons, the NSX just doesn't do it for me.
  11. The Wally

    The Wally 118 was featured on a Top Gear episode; it looks astonishing. The car's not too bad either.
  12. Atlas Shrugged

    Thanks for the advice, I'll keep this in mind on my next read.This must be why the Dagny-Galt romance never made complete sense to me. Without a clear image of Galt in my mind, I was left rooting for Francisco, the character I knew best. Funny; I always thought I rooted for him just because his personality is similar to mine, and my brother's... Wait -- was I introspecting out loud?
  13. Atlas Shrugged

    I've read AS only once; it was about 2 years ago. I laughed through most of the book, as the only way of expressing the overflowing joy I felt. I knew I had found uncompromising heroes when tears ran down my face. I love this book. However, something's bothered me since I finished the book: in my mind, John Galt's personality wasn't as well defined as Francisco's. I know how Francisco would laugh, sit on the floor, smile when telling a joke, stand while making scrambled eggs, etc. I've never been able to imagine these things about Galt. I suspect this is my own fault, from not imagining his persona well enough -- maybe from not paying enough attention in the book? I don't know. Has anyone else experienced the same?
  14. Photography

    This is my Aristotle bust, 5.5" tall.
  15. Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics

    Please add this book for review.
  16. Photography

    I just took this one today, came out great. It's a marble-cast reproduction that stands a glorious 12" tall, next to my desk.
  17. The "look and feel" of THE FORUM

    The standard IPB skin works on my pc. Are you on Firefox 1.5?
  18. Photography

    How inspiring
  19. Photography

    hmm... I've run out of attachment space Here are a couple other ones, I think these were taken in Coral Gables somewhere. Enjoy!
  20. Photography

    Thanks Stephen! We hired a photographer to take a series of photos of us around Miami, where we used to live. That was by far my favorite from the set. Some others that I liked:
  21. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to an honest man.
  22. Photography

    These are some of my favorite pictures of myself: My high school girlfriend and I, downtown Miami. Probably my favorite of all time. My brother took this shot -- he's got a good eye. Halloween, 2003, with a huge stogie!
  23. Photography

    This is one I took while canoeing at a park in Tallahassee. What I love about it is that I haven't cropped it at all, and I took while the canoe was still moving! And the turtle's kinda cute too.
  24. Pictures

  25. Happy Birthday to Kira Withrow, Magnus Kempe

    Thanks Stephen! And happy birthday to my fellow Aquarii!