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  1. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    I'm a little late, but happy birthday B. Royce. I enjoy your poetry; thank you for sharing it with all of us.
  2. The Philosopher President

    William James, John Dewey, Nietzsche, Thoreau, John Rawls? Disgusting.
  3. Best Type of Exercise

    Thank you Red and RayK for your responses. Glad to hear that it's normal and that it will go away eventually. I really dread exercising because it is so unpleasant, but I try to keep in mind that in the long-term it is very beneficial and necessary.
  4. UN Fails To Challenge Causes Of World Hunger

    Brad: Just saw your article published in The Bulletin! Also, it is currently included on's home page
  5. Best Type of Exercise

    I have been exercising once a week (I do not have weights; I can't afford them at this time) doing things like leg lifts while hanging, stepping up and down from a chair, straight leg lifts from the ground, pull ups, push ups, and ankle lifts (tucking one foot behind the other and lifting up on my ankle). I begin my exercise with jumping jacks until my heart rate is up. I find that my biggest problem is that at times I cannot do the exercise until muscle failure because I feel nauseated. I've noticed (I've only been doing these exercises for 3 weeks) that the cardiovascular aspect of the workout is the hardest part for me. After my 20-30 minute workout is finished, I feel intense nausea and tension in my chest area. Does getting used to the cardiovascular aspect of exercising usually take this long? Is there anything I can do to make it "better"?
  6. Thanks for sharing; I'm happy to hear this. I was personally getting kind of depressed seeing all of the attacks on Ayn Rand, but put into the context that you just offered, it becomes a bit more encouraging.
  7. Happy Birthday to RayK

    Happy Birthday, RayK, and thank you for all of your advice.
  8. Favorite scenes in an Ayn Rand work

    and, why? Because they sum up everything else perfectly.
  9. Favorite scenes in an Ayn Rand work

    Mine are the last paragraph of the Fountainhead and the last page of Atlas Shrugged.
  10. An Introduction

    Laars: The Ayn Rand Institute offers a valuable Suggested Reading List for Ayn Rand's works. I suggest you read all of Rand's fiction first, as I have come across plot spoilers throughout her nonfiction works, and many references to the fiction that would best be understood by reading the fiction first. The Romantic Manifesto and The Objectivist Epistemology may be the nonfiction books that you actually read last, considering in the hierarchy of philosophy, aethetics is the highest level abstraction of philosophy (others, please correct me if I phrased this awkwardly or incorrectly). The Objectivist Epistemology, as I have heard, is fairly complex and abstract, and may be difficult to read if you are not already an objective reader (I have not read the book myself, this evaluation is based on what I have been told by others). I would suggest reading in accordance with the suggested reading list to the best of your ability. In regards to which books to purchase first, I would say, obviously, purchase all of them, as you suggested. However, under a limited budget I would suggest reading The Fountainhead, then We the Living, then Philosophy: Who Needs it.
  11. My New Computer

    I want that mouse!
  12. 401k Nationalization

    Good point. I also thought it was very odd that the Finance Bill got little to no media attention. A complete overhaul of Wall Street and giant bureaucratic agency and no one is that interested apparently.
  13. Spoof Article

    I have been reading the article "The Anti-Conceptual Mentality," in Philosophy: Who Needs It, and there is a very interesting issue in this article that you've written, that I could not name until now. If Barack Obama were to actually give this speech, he would be laughed at, because the *concrete*, scientific Laws of Thermodynamics are accepted as logical and factual. However, the conceptual, more abstract issue, the Laws of Economics, are equally factual and logical, but are *conceptual* facts. The fact that if he were to give this speech about the Laws of Economics, many Democrats/Socialists would rejoice and full-heartedly agree with him (however, many - due to the pragmatic nature of America, would say that he is being 'too extreme', but agree with him, *kind-of*). My point is that it is interesting to recognize a concrete example of the anti-conceptual mentality, and I (excitedly) wanted to point it out explicitly.
  14. Spoof Article

    Wow, this is very clever. It's almost as if he actually said this!
  15. My first letter to the editor!

    I wrote a letter to the editor in regards to this article written by Burgess Laughlin. The editor emailed me today to inform me that my letter will appear in their 10/20 edition. How exciting! However, after reading it today, it's a bit vague for my liking. Here it is: "To Whom it May Concern: I just recently came across this gem of an article, titled "Is Neoconservatism Dead?" by Burgess Laughlin. I consider it a gem, because it is crucial at this point, when so many ideas are battling for power, to expose the bad ideas for what they are. It is time for us citizens to attempt to understand those who are attempting to take control of our lives, and fight for the founding principle of the United States - the principle of individualism, and of freedom. Individualism is the idea that we, as citizens, must fight for; we must expose the collectivists as, not the proponents for "fairness" that they claim to be, but as only another statist group fighting for power over our lives. Thank you. ---- ------"