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  1. My first spotify/itunes song

    This year I have been a part time student in musicproduction. I have no made my own music, and the song is inspired by a lot of libertarian ideas. The music is very pop alike, but the lyrics have ideas from Ayn Rand and liberty. So if you have spotify just go to the link, and it will play, or you can buy it on itunes: Artist: Ole Landfald Songtittle: A New Way Lyrics Verse To bee different is wrong, and we won't get along because you're gay, and you'll born to be ashamed. That's why when a new thing comes bye, it's a crime. Go to hell were going to say! We're afraid of a threat and decline, its not alright. To be changing from prime old time. Thats not great neither safe,were gonna play the public game. The unfamiliar shall go away! Chorus Wish this prime old time a long goodbye, cause now it's the new way who's going to shine! A change of mind and feeling fine Cause I'll got awareness to rock this life! Verse We don't wanna see any new good idea from what we heard, or been seeing all allong. Thats why when jesus came by he had to die cause will frightened by new ways it's wrong and we wont get along until we say. I'm gonna look in another way, To finally get into my mind and shout out loud. My ego is clarified! Chorus Wish this prime old time a long goodbye, cause now it's the new way who's going to shine! A change of mind and feeling fine Cause I'll got awareness to rock this life! The message in the text. - Individualisme (new ideas brings progress) - Society hates the new and things that are different - We care more about having right, than to seek the truth. - Equality does not make you happy. So if you like the song i would appreciate if you would voluntarily paid 1 dollar on Itunes, or listened to it almost for free at spotify. If you think the song is amazing you are also alowed to post in on your facebookwall, twitter or other social media. Artist: Ole Landfald Songtittle: A New Way Peace
  2. Thanks for answers. Maybe its not amateur, maybe it's called semi-proffesional. The team is in 3rd division. I think my dection will be. I take 300 dollars if we win, 100 dollars for a draw, and 50 dollars if we loose. I don't want to be there of no value. It's not a sacrifice to play football, but I have a lot of things to do this weekend, that's why I'm not certain if I can do it. But it's more tempting to make room for it if I can get som money for it. And I hope it will be a win-win situation.
  3. Hi, I got a phonecall from the coach of an amateur soccerclub i played for 2 years ago. He said that they were missing a lot of players, and wondered if I could play as a striker. I said that it would be difficult, because I got something else to do this weekend. After I hang up, i got a message that I could have 2000 kr (300 dollars) for playing a game. The problem with this situation is - I don't like that they are bringing old players who don't come on trainings, and that young guys who want to play, and are fighting for theire position are put on the bench. No I'm one of those old guys who don't train. - I have also a brother who are a goalkeeper. 18 years old, who has been promised to play this year, but they use an old guy who was supposed to be a goalkeepertrainer for my brother. (From what I've seen my brother are a better keeper now, but the leaders just like the prime old times, and safety) - So I have some options I'm wondering on: 1. Say that I can play if they pay my trainticket for 40 dollars, and that my brother shall be a goalkeeper. If we want 120 dollars. (I don't want to be there for no value, and to take 300 dollars for coming there and loose would be wrong. Specially when the other players don't get payed, but have to pay for traininglicense) 2. Take the money and play, not mentioning things that I think my brothers get an unfair treatment. 3. Play for free (because I can come there and train in the summervacation, with no requirements or payin for traininglicence. 4. Not play, because I got other things to do How can I know what is a selfish act or altruistic act here?