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  1. Hi all: As most of you know, Powell History offers a history curriculum for homeschoolers, called HistoryAtOurHouse. This program has been available since 2006 and has been growing steadily. It now reaches nearly 200 homeschooling families across America and the world, and it is growing steadily. In fact, with the program's growing reputation, especially among those who call themselves "secular homeschoolers," and the obvious demand that exists for this type of quality curriculum, I'm worried about not being able to keep up with demand! For that reason, I am looking for student teachers, who will begin working with me in the upcoming 2010-11 school year. If you're interested, please read the full announcement concerning this opportunity here: http://powellhistory.wordpress.com/ I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Scott Powell Creator and Teacher, HistoryAtOurHouse
  2. Teller Speaks!

    Hello all: Powell History is especially privileged to have among its honor roll of students former Latin teacher, now comedian extraordinaire, TELLER, of the famous duo "Penn & Teller." Every since joining a recent class of A First History for Adults, Teller has been among my most accomplished students, and without a doubt my most enthusiastic supporter. What exactly does Teller have to say about Powell History? Simply put: "JOIN NOW!" To read more, simply go to: http://www.powellhistory.com/tellerspeaks Best, Scott Powell.
  3. Thank you. I am definitely thrilled to be offering this product. I wonder if anyone on the forum has specific experience with homeschooling and might be able to share ideas on how to market this product outside of Objectivist circles. Regards, Scott Powell.
  4. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Scott Powell Remote History Program VanDamme Academy 25201 Paseo de Alicia, Suite 105 Laguna Hills, CA, 92653 Phone: 949-510-3737 http://www.vandammeacademy.com VanDamme Academy, an acclaimed private school in Orange County, CA founded by noted Objectivist educator Lisa Vandamme has a developed system for providing its comprehensive history curriculum to homeschoolers and parents everywhere. The school has named this educational initiative the "Remote History Program." Starting in September 2006, VanDamme Academy's elementary grades history teacher, Scott Powell, will offer classes to students across the country. Mr. Powell explains, "Our program spans the entire history of the West, from Ancient Egypt to Modern America. This year, to keep the program synchronized with our own curriculum, we will be offering the history of Europe (from AD 300 to the present)." The story of Europe, Mr. Powell elaborates, "is both an exciting story in its own right, and an important background and foil to the development of America. We will look at the emergence of Europe out of the Dark Ages, following the fall of Rome, and the evolution of its various nations up to the present day, noting especially the role of Christianity and monarchy in shaping their cultures. Quite simply, it is an amazing epic, with both shocking villains and powerful heroes. Children love it!" "To make this program available as widely as possible," explains Ms. VanDamme, "Mr. Powell's lectures will be broadcast both as live teleconferences, which teachers and their students can attend by phone, and by internet, via the school's website. In this latter format, students will be able to access recorded lectures on their own time, if the class times are not convenient. This truly represents an unprecedented opportunity for students everywhere to access an essential curriculum component that has sadly been displaced in public and private schools alike." The Remote History program is now accepting enrollment applications. Parents and teachers are directed to the program's webpage: www.vandammeacademy.com/rhp.
  5. "Invitation to History," my free infomercial for "A First History for Adults," is now available for anyone who would like to listen to it via the web. This lecture discusses the present state of the historical profession, with a special emphasis on the man I identify as the "Kant of History." Then I discuss the nature of history, and the challenges involved in acquiring historical knowledge. Finally, I explain the design of the PowellHistory curriculum for the history of Western civilization. Interested listeners should contact: powellhistory@powellhistory.com. Regards, Scott Powell. www.powellhistory.com P.S. Here's what some of my current students had to say recently about "A First History for Adults.": Scott's class rules and we'd recommend it to anyone!!! We love it. When he opens his diet root beer, we know it's time to rock. So, get your pencil and paper and join this fantastic class. -Anonymous
  6. FEBRUARY 26TH - POWELL ON HISTORY - MARRIOTT DEL MAR, SAN DIEGO SCOTT POWELL will present a promotional lecture entitled "Invitation to History" to the the San Diego "Collective." The lecture, which is also being offered as a teleconference, open to potential attendees anywhere, will discuss the present state of history from an Objectivist perspective, with a special focus on the 19th century "Kant of History." Mr. Powell will then discuss the nature of history, including certain challenges faced by novice students of the subject, and he will indicate the ways in which these are addressed in his "First History for Adults" curriculum. The San Diego "Collective" is a community group that holds informal monthly meetings at area restaurants. This lecture will be preceeded a brunch at the Marriott del Mar, starting at 10:30 a.m. The cost of the is $10-$20. The lecture itself is free and will run for about one hour, starting at 12:00 p.m. Time: Sunday, February 26, 2006 ~10:30 A.M-1:00 P.M. Place: San Diego Marriott Del Mar, 11966 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA Event Information: FRODE ODEGARD (mailto:frode@odegard.com) Teleconference Information: <http://www.powellhistory.com/invitation>.
  7. Invitation to History

    Stephen: 1. I've fixed the links. Thanks for the tip. Being a webmaster is tough! 2. Just a manner of speaking, I guess. My wife and I? All the rest of my students! 3. I plan for the lecture to be one hour. Scott.
  8. Invitation to History

    Rose: I will be making the "Invitation to History" lecture available for free on the web after the teleconference sessions. As for "A First History for Adults," the current session has been recorded, but I do not intend to make it available. As with any lecture series delivered the first time, it needs to be polished, so I'm hoping to put together a few more classes. When I'm satisfied with it, I will eventually sell it on CD, and perhaps as a web product. Regards, Scott.
  9. Invitation to History

    Dear Ayn Rand fans: As a history teacher at VanDamme Academy for the past three years, I've worked extensively on creating an integrated history curriculum for children, and in the process I've made wonderful breakthroughs in own studies of the past. Like most of you, I was not taught history, and my early attempts to learn it as an adult were frustrating, to say the least. Indeed, it's entirely understandable to me that most Objectivists, who are highly intellectual and committed to the value of philosophy, still find history, by contrast, to be inaccessible and even boring. That's why I'd like to invite you to hear a teleconference lecture I'm offering entitled "Invitation to History." In this lecture, I will discuss the present state of history from an Objectivist perspective, and I will introduce a new lecture series in the history of Western civilization, entitled "A First History for Adults," which I am confident will inspire you to include the study of the past in your intellectual pursuits. Three sessions of "Invitation to History" are currently planned. Feb.23, 24, and 26. Please visit my website at: www.powellhistory.com/invitation for more details and to register. You can also learn more about "A First History for Adults" by navigating through the site, and by joining my mailing list. Best regards, Scott Powell. scott@powellhistory.com