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  1. Ted Cruz filibuster read from Atlas Shrugged

    I think they meant he was reading the Obamacare parody of Green Eggs and Ham. "I do not like this Uncle Sam. I do not like his health care plan. I do not like these dirty crooks Who lie and cheat and cook the books..." etc.
  2. Here is the second half of Prager's argument The summary? "What a woman most wants is to be loved by a man she admires." Have fun.
  3. A Place of My Own

    I found this poem rummaging through some of my old things from high school. I wrote it back in high school when I was desperate to get out of my parents' house and on my own. *** Everywhere I go, my space is borrowed With nary a place at all to call my own. But someday I will roam To a place I will know is home. Where my own space will have found me, Where my own things will surround me, With my life built all around me. It is the vision that carries me through. Let me go soon. *** I had read Rand's fiction at the time, but was not really an Objectivist. Now that I have achieved the sentiment of the poem, it is very strange to read it again and remember those days, especially since I do not actually remember writing this one.
  4. Who's your current pick for president?

    @John - they're not more profitable to society at large, but they are more profitable to certain segments of society such as say... military supply companies. I think the idea in the case of banks is that since governments always engage in massive borrowing and spending for wars, they have to a) borrow the money, usually in large part from banks and bankers, and repay that money with interest, to the profit of banks and bankers.
  5. Love of the guilty for being the guilty

    People complain about how many people we have in prisons, but I must say I'd rather have crowded prisons and proper sentencing than the utter indifference towards crime I've seen in Europe. This case is not the only appalling example I've seen, nor is Sweden the only appalling European country in this regard.
  6. Who's your current pick for president?

    It's a pity they can't all lose :-(
  7. Khadafi dead or captured

    "I always wondered why more of those bullets didn't come down and kill people on the ground. That would stop such a stupid practice." I once read a book (nonfiction) where an Iraqi woman said that occasionally they did kill people. Apparently nobody cares. I don't understand why.
  8. Earlier this evening, i was talking to my mother about some short-term debt I racked up while moving to MI to start my new job (had to stay in hotels for a couple weeks waiting for my apartment, made 4 12-hour round trips driving, had to buy some business wear... you get the idea). She was commenting on the fact that I don't really have much furniture yet in my apartment, and I said I wanted to pay off the credit card first. She asked how much debt I had, I said about $2000 (my salary is enough to pay this off handily if I am thrifty). She said that was nothing, not to worry about it, lots of people my age have that much or far more and it was fine. I replied with the title of this thread. She actually suggested keeping the debt and not paying off much more than the minimum in order to build up a good credit history, despite the fact that it would cost me more money and there would be no point in it, as I already have an excellent credit score. It's not just that particular attitude either. My mother confuses me. On one level, she understands the fundamental laws of economics and the basics of our monetary system, has read and agrees with much of Rand's work, and in general knows the current trend of the US economy and government policy can only end in bankruptcy. On the other hand, she complains that I am "so right-wing" even as she acknowledges that what I say is nothing but the truth, tells me to "stop being so political" whenever I ask her to stop making comments to the effect that my future as a female engineer is assured b/c of affirmative action, complained about my extensive vocabulary when I was a teenager (it was somehow offensive and condescending to those around me to use large words in their presence), and otherwise continues to behave as though she is in complete ignorance of reality despite the fact that I know she's not. So here's the point of this thread. My mother is someone who "gets it." I know she gets it, because she's said many things to that effect. However, she is also someone who seems determined to run off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings, even though she can see the cliff approaching and knows what is going to happen. Does anyone else know of people who seem to understand the truth privately in their own minds, and then conducts their lives as though they are in complete ignorance? Can you shed some light on why people might do this?
  9. If you really want to buy physical, then I'd suggest you talk to David Batson (look him up on FB and send him a message saying Brianna referred you). He does investing for people too, but you need to commit a much higher minimum for that than you do for a simple monthly purchase plan for physical metal.
  10. So it is not out yet? Do you think they'll show it at the NYOS conference next month? That'd be cool, as I have made plans to go :-)
  11. Assassination of Americans

    False argument. The whole point of the civil war was that the confederates didn't *want* to be part of America anymore. It's a little difficult to claim the citizenship of a country you're in the middle of fighting to secede from. I don't think he should have been assassinated; not because he didn't richly deserve to be, but because I don't think assassination is a tool we should use on citizens. Extradite him if you can, kidnap him if you can't, try him for treason, and *then* shoot him. God knows a guilty verdict would have been easy enough to come by... or at least, by all reason and logic it should have been.
  12. Happy Birthday to Brad Harrington

    Happy birthday
  13. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I don't know about anyone else, but the vlog of her in a bikini was what I was referring to. As I said, a bit sensationalist, but also with a not-invalid motive behind it.
  14. Tax on financial transactions

    "If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be even a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." - Winston Churchill
  15. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    "The way she exploits Ayn Rand and other aspects of her web site, as well as the sexually provocative way she dresses and conducts herself, indicates a person whose primary goal is self-promotion, and I am suspicious of that, but there are some positives too." Now that I think of it, I bet that part of the reason why she dresses so provocatively is because many Islamists believe that "proper" attire for women means walking around swathed in black coffins. She made this video for the troops once (I think it was to wish them Merry Christmas) where she was dressed in a bikini, and I know for a fact that she did that specifically to tick the Islamists off.
  16. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    From what I've seen of Geller, she is a bit of a sensationalist, but overall she does more good than harm. The way in which she goes about fighting for her causes is not always to my taste (I prefer her colleague Spencer's more dispassionate, scientific approach), but her causes are valid and she fights well for them. As Betsy said, she is a fan of Objectivism and Rand, and usually discusses Objectivist material properly and in context, but she is not herself an Objectivist nor has she ever claimed to be. She is of Jewish descent, but beyond the fact that I know she believes in God I do not know what she believes or practices, if anything. Overall I think she's a good person doing good work, even if I don't always like the way in which she does it.
  17. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Yom huledot sameach! Mazel tov :-)
  18. In case you thought Islam was civilized ...

    Yeah, I just ran into that one on JihadWatch. Did you catch the one about the Malaysian woman starting the "obedient wives club"? 'Cause we all know if your husband beats you, it's your own fault for failing to be obedient enough.
  19. Jury Duty

    I just want to say that while I've never been on jury duty, as an engineer who has talked to other engineers who HAVE been on jury duty, they tend to get disqualified quickly once the defense knows what they do for a living. They know they will not be able to use emotional arguments on us, so they get us out of the way as fast as they can. Also, one of my professors once told me a story of when he was on jury duty (they'd tried to get rid of him, but apparently couldn't for some reason). It was a case where a woman's ex-boyfriend went back to the woman's place, stole stuff, and I think sexually assualted the woman. He said that the men on the jury were the ones who wanted to bash the defendant's face in, while it was actually the women who were trying to find excuses for the man's behavior, up to and including blaming the woman's behavior for the assualt. What a world.
  20. Hasidic hang up concretized

    That looks like a group meeting at work. Except fortunately I am never edited out of those.
  21. Local Currencies

    A good place to make regular purchases is They sell the silver directly, and they will get the gold for you by special order (call or email them via the info on the website). 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 and even 1/20 oz gold coins are available for order. I make regualr small silver purchases with them and they have always given me excellent service.
  22. Check back at the website. 428 theaters and counting!
  23. Local Currencies

    Update: I just checked the copper coins website and it appears I took the last 2 rolls. Guess anyone else who wants them will have to wait a bit :-(
  24. Local Currencies

    Actually, I've seen some of it. The biggest precious metals scheme I've seen is something called the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) which uses gold, copper and silver medallions in trade. There are even silver John Galt coins, and copper medallions modeled after the D'Anconia Copper company The main AOCS website John Galt silver coins D'Anconia Copper coins;productId=116 I just ordered some of the copper coins; in my opinion they are a great novelty item to spread publicity about Rand and about currency issues. Also, a group of us are going to get together to see the movie next week, and I thought they'd make a fun keepsake for whoever showed up (provided of course, that I get them in time)
  25. Atlas Shrugged Movie trailer

    From what I've seen, they've been doing a very good job. I agree that O'Toole is wrong about saying the theme of the book is "human evil"; Rand would never have made evil the central theme of any of her novels. Johannsen comes much closer, when he says he tried to make the movie about the nobility of the individual. It's not exactly right, but I think it's good enough for all practical purposes and that they'll make a good movie with that theme in mind. My favorite things about it so far are the characters, and the excellent job the producers seem to haev done of moving the book into the modern day. Having the airlines collapse from high fuel prices is very realistic; heck, it could happen in real life! And it makes it very believeable, how important it is to get the Line built for Wyatt's oil fields. And I think the actors will do an amazing job of representing the characters, especially the ones playing Dagny and Hank. My favorite line from the clip was when Lillian said, "Henry poured his metal today, and I have the first trophy!" It's not a book line, but it certainly captured the spirit of Lillian: malice and destruction disguised as innocent humor.