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  1. I have a hard time finding a good movie. Too often they are unintelligent, base, the ending is wrong, or the values the movie is based on are wrong or not interesting. I also love old classics, and they aren't making more of those. I've found recommendations from others is the best way to find something I want to spend 2 hours watching. So with that I pass along to you some recent gems I saw that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere. The Man in the White Suit (1951) - Alec Guiness plays a chemist who has an idea and is driven to make it a reality. Pay no attention to the various reviews that call him an altruist, etc. I can't help but wonder if Rand saw this and found some inspiration for elements in Atlas from it - and if the writers had read Fountainhead and found some of their inspiration there. The Card (1952 aka The Promoter) - Another Alec Guiness where he is the lowly son of a washer woman with an upwardly mobile mindset. He takes initiative and risk and is rewarded for it in life (although one can argue one or two times he was less than honest...). In a way it's a bit of a reverse of It's a Wonderful Life as everybody's life around him is much more improved for his being there and there's no crisis about advancement. At one point he says, "I just want to make money. Is there anything wrong with that?" to which the reply, "Nothing at all," is incredibly refreshing. TiMER (2009) - A romantic comedy with a sci-fi premise that people can have a timer installed on their wrist that will identify the exact moment they will meet their soul mate. For a modern movie I am struck by how well the writers thought through the scenarios and repercussions. Ultimately this is a sweet romantic movie playing across an alternate background of a world where you can know if the person you are with is your soul mate. The questions it poses and sets up are interesting, though. Would love to hear of other lesser known gems you all recommend!
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    And a very Merry Christmas to you, too!
  3. Brook-Callahan debate in Seattle

    Thank you, Betsy! I've been so behind in many things and let my email slip away from me. I completely missed the ARI announcement until just the other day. I'll definitely carve out some time to watch this.
  4. It's great to see businessmen other than the former head of BB&T putting their philosophical foundations forward. I'll certainly be buying more from Lululemon. Their stuff is great quality.
  5. Thank you for posting, ewv. Absolutely disgusting.
  6. Anti bailout Ford commercial

    It's been pulled from tv, and apparently the internet, too.
  7. Limitation of freedoms

    We've had a number of posts recently about various regulations and actions against various freedoms. A Wisconsin judge has determined that citizens have no rights to own a cow, consume the milk of that cow, or even to produce and consume food of their choice. and This will be a case to watch as I suspect it will be appealed.
  8. An easy explanation of The Obama Stimulus.....

    Good story He left out the part where 40% of the water splashed out of the bucket before it could be poured back into the pool.
  9. Descendant of Somebody Famous?

    My family has quite a bit of our heritage documented, in family Bibles, and stories and the like. Recently I have tried to capture some of it, and dug out more research online. There's a number of famous people, and certain branches can be traced back a very long time because of the research others have done on them, but it's just as often the unheard of people I am more interested in. I've found it fascinating to look in to why people made certain decisions. Why did this family come to America when it did? Why did this family leave this other country when it did? What made a family move further west vs stay and commit to building a town? What pressures did this group find themselves under? I think especially now in these times as we are considering the same things I've been drawn to the stories of their lives.
  10. Battle for the California Desert

    Potentially, with different weapons. Going after building code, licenses, and zoning instead of an outright argument that one group can put a piece of property to better use than another. I'm not convinced it's eminent domain in that they have another use for the property in mind, which eminent domain requires. What I don't understand is what LA County is after in the Antelope Valley case. It appears far enough out that either an interstate or an airport (as some surmised) would be small against the vastness of that area. Is it just control? Forcing this group to bow to the whim of another? That's something I just don't understand. Perhaps if the department was about to be shut down, or a parent department was to see cuts, this "work" gives credibility to keeping staff and broadening their mandate. I can't find a plausible motive for these actions, or there's a piece to the picture that is missing.
  11. Thank you, Betsy! I agree that it's not clear how the above is being carried out or what the impact is. With many different loan terms, it's unclear to me what the terms of the loan agreement may have been and how that determines how these events unfold. Having a reporter look at it more deeply would be great. Seems private property is becoming less and less private all the time, as represented in the thread Paul's Here started about Antelope Valley.
  12. Battle for the California Desert

    Here's an excellent article about Antelope Valley in particular: The line of reasoning, from a legal perspective, is fascinating. "The government can define land on which residents have lived for years as "vacant" if their cabins, homes and mobile homes are on parcels where the land use hasn't been legally established." Which appears to mean that even if you legally purchase and own outright a 10 acre parcel in the middle of the desert, you cannot park a car, place a trailer, or build a structure without the appropriate zoning and permitting. Any action beyond that is illegal in some form, and in these cases has generated responses including imprisonment, liens, armed forced entry, fines, etc. There is one error in the article where McNamara mentions a situation in Redwing, AZ. Actually it turns out to be in Red Wing, MN, but still very interesting. Reason article: Institute for Justice overview:
  13. Battle for the California Desert

    Thank you for posting that. I can't even express how angry that made me, and how fearful. I had to strip the last parameter off the URL - this worked for me:
  14. The Left's Call to Violence

    The unions are responding. They have heard the words as well as the sentiment. Longview port stormed: Seattle and Tacoma ports shut down by strike: Much of Puget Sound affected (and I thought some in Oregon, although not finding it) Finally looks like the police will be investigating aspects of the Longview union events
  15. Anthem

    Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of Anthem. Perhaps not the spoken word part, but the sound, the emotion, "I'll follow you through the park, through the jungle, through the dark...". "Home is wherever I'm with you..."