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  1. Happy Birthday to BrianReich

    Thanks, Betsy. Watching my daughter finish up her essay for the Anthem contest was one of my favorite birthday gifts today.
  2. Happy Birthday to Gideon Reich

    Happy birthday from one Reich to another!
  3. Bumper sticker of the day

    That reminds me of one of those annoying Church signs I saw once - "If God is your co-pilot you're in the wrong seat." That almost makes "God is my co-pilot" benevolent and rational.
  4. Panetta to run the CIA?

    Change you can believe in!
  5. The Associated Press lied

    I saw the same AP article and was stunned it was called "reporting." That's a great point by O'Brien on Archimedes principle.
  6. Anthem would be an even better choice.
  7. I got this in the Oregonian today. Apparently it went in a number of Sunday newspapers nationally. It's about "the threat of Radical Islam to Western Civilization." I haven't watched it so I don't know if it is any good. It is encouraging though to see so many papers take this on. Only 2 refused to carry it. Anyone else get this?
  8. Time Magazine asks a good question

    What would Ayn Rand have done?
  9. The end of GAAP

    I just saw this from the Wall Street Journal - Do we have any finance/accounting experts with a view on this? If I remember from my MBA finance class GAAP is more principle based and international is more rules based, which may be unfavorable. However, with the nightmare of SarBox I have read that other countries' systems, such as the UK, are more business friendly.
  10. We the Living (the band)

    I've seen some articles about them via my Yahoo Ayn Rand news search, but hadn't checked their music out before. I just listened to a few clips on iTunes. Sounds like decent pop rock.
  11. Russia Invades Georgia

    It was a nice 16 year break from the Soviets. Too bad they're back.
  12. Watchmen

    I just finished reading this. I will see the movie, but this doesn't hold a candle to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns or 300.
  13. Happy Birthday to Gideon Reich

    Happy Birthday to the other Reich on this message board!
  14. 2008 Presidential Poll for July 2008

    I'm still currently intent on holding my nose and voting for John McCain.
  15. UK Billboard Threats

    That "Watchful Eyes" poster looks like something out of 1984. Amazing.