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  1. Fat and glucose vs. fructose

    Wow, thanks for those links. My knowledge of biology (not even of the human body) is rather limited to Helena Curtis' Biology book for... probably high-schoolers. So much to learn I wish I could live forever. I know there's a lot of hype around calorie restriction, ph balance, and life expectancy. My references to this are Ray Kurzweil's over-optimistic research and Patri Friedman's personal "paleo diet" reccommendations.
  2. Fat and glucose vs. fructose

    Ray, I said steamed veggies with olive oil FRIED onions and spices for taste! I come from a place where meat is glorified, and like in america, white flours are the staple of one's diet. I drool for a good cut of wine-soaked sirloin: I'm not a vegetarian but I suspect that being one 6 days a week makes me healthier. I don't claim to have any metabolysm derficiency, nor I claim to try to make my stomach acids, base, (!?); I just want to know how metabolysm works. I want and need to learn how to live. Our parents, and specially grandmothers, told us how to live and eat in the imminent light of the next hunger. Wolves for instance eat (feat!) once a week or two, and then survive starvation - if they can - until they find new prey or berries. Of course wolves are animals fortunate enough to have developed a symbiotic relationship with men (1). I used to suffer from acid reflux because of my deep-rooted love for coffee; now that I've changed to a more alcaline diet, it's gone. Then again the only reason I'm eating "only" veggies is because of what you just said about the liver and kidneys (but every tissue in the "inner body" that is nor the skin nor the gastrointestinal tract) being suffocated by toxins and the body using acid fats to retrieve them and store them in sexy adiose tissue. (I'm very weak in biology, corrections would be more than welcome). (1) Konrad Lorenz Man meets Dog
  3. Fat and glucose vs. fructose

    First: l I understand that around 30% of the calory intake goes directly to the brain, even when you're not "using it". More importantly: Does keeping a more base rathern than acid balance in your body affects how you metabolize sugars? I began eating only steamed vegetables (spice and olive oil-fried onions for extra taste) and fruit for the last week, and I feel and even think a lot better. Today I tried some sugar-coated carbohydrate, muched it down in a second, and just as Betsy describes, only for the first time in my life, I had a quick high and then a horrible depression and a taste that I still can't wash off.
  4. Hello!

  5. Hello!

    However I'll continue on specific threads. Just introducing myself.
  6. Hello!

    Hello, I am yet another newcomer from another more heavily moderated forum on Ayn Rand's philosophy. I was raised in a progressive, not liberal in the American sense, atheist, mix-marriage (jew+italian) environment in a "second*" world country where I still live in. I study many different things all day long, but I am fascinated with re-defying the field of History. It is amazing how playing Civilization and reading Ayn Rand gives you a particularly interesting view of the history of man. I don't like the distinction between Anthropology and History. There is only one History of Man, which by all effects should be a brach of Biology. Yes like the last comment I rely on the users intelligence to distinguish when I'm talking literally (most of the time) and when I insert a "joke" even, or purposelly if it makes only me smirk. I love writing but I used to love drawing even more. I work in finance for purely financial reasons; and having studied different careers, my goal in life is yet to be defined but it is either a big intellectual opera on the history of the most particular animal of us all, or a building a private city/ies cruiseline and eventually, maybe, country; but flying a dozen flags of convenience wouldn't hurt me. I dislike Patriotism to my spine, but remember I'm not in either the USA or a Commonwealth country. IF I were in the states I'd probably be moderately patriot, but still a staunch defender of nationhood of convenience. I am a fan of Ayn Rand, I like Ayn Rand as an author. I like her literature, her short stories like the viking. I loved The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged made me "high" for some months (I'd love to ellaborate on the psychological effects of religions, philosophies and even Objectivism on another thread) . I agree with about 100% of Ayn Rand's values. I am trying to apply them to real life, because I agree with Ayn that reality is to be respected. However I had *I could define Second World, in this century, as a country that receives as much expatriates as loses emigrants