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  1. introduction

    Czy Pani wciaz uzywa jezyk polski?
  2. burqa

    In one of his newest podcasts (see, Dr. Peikoff voices support for France's recent ban of burqas in public places. He does this on the grounds that any public manifestation of Islam could possibly be construed as aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism. I am not sure I agree with his approach on the grounds that wearing an article of clothing doesn't directly infringe upon someone else's rights. Even if merely wearing an article of clothing could be considered aiding and abetting the enemy, the state shouldn't be in the business of using force against people without objective evidence of some objective crime. Are there any thoughts on this?
  3. introduction

    Hi Sophia. Yes, I was born in the United States shortly after my parents immigrated from Poland about 25 years ago. Polish was my first language and I continue to use it on a daily basis. Do you possess any Polish background?
  4. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Adam, I'm a student from Minnesota, and have for five years now immersed myself in the study of Objectivism. Applying Ayn Rand's revolutionary ideas to my own life has completely transformed my character and values and has helped me articulate my life's fundamental purpose. I share Ayn Rand's deep conviction that abstract ideas drive human life and history and am eager to contribute in some small way to the transformation of our wilting culture. However, I acknowledge that I have a lot to learn. I am encouraged by the many intelligent and helpful posts on this forum and hope that I can use it as a resource for my own personal study.