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  1. Happy Anniversary to ME!

    January 10, 2005 was a Monday...a Monday when I realized that I value my own life, and I was not willing to surrender it to the evasive mandates of mysticism, the sacrificial altar of altruism, nor the obedient commands of collectivism. That day, I stood in a bookstore and discovered a philosophy that mirrored how I perceive and think about the world in which I live...a philosophy of freedom...a philosophy that stands on - and for - reason. That philosophy is Objectivism. Today I celebrate the last 10 years of integrating my observations, experiences and knowledge into principles to live by. And I look forward to continuing my journey of loving life - MY LIFE. theDML2112
  2. Man Of Steel (2013)

    Please post the film, "Man Of Steel" (2013), for rating and discussion. Thank you, Betsy. theDML2112 David Lombardo
  3. Please add the movie Ender's Game to rate. I see a lot of Objectivists on FB going to see this film and would like to know how it rates. theDML2112
  4. Gaetano shows TRUE colors...

    That should read Christopher Hebert, not Herbert. Sorry.
  5. Gaetano shows TRUE colors...

    Here is an interview of Ayn Rand book illustrator, Nick Gaetano, conducted by author Christopher Herbert for Interview Magazine. ???! Makes my stomach churn... theDML2112
  6. Celebrating "A Sense Of Life"

    Today, March 6th, marks the anniversary of Ayn Rand's death. Instead of focusing on her passing, I thought our Kansas City Objectivist group could celebrate her life and achievements by viewing "Ayn Rand: A Sense Of Life", the 1998 documentary directed and written by Michael Paxton. We did this during our normal every other Sunday meeting today. This is the 4th time I've viewed this film and I never tire of it. It is truly a celebration of her life. theDML2112
  7. The Westboro Baptist Church

    There is only one thing that makes the Westboro Church 'tick' - irrationality. theDML2112
  8. Symphony #2, Bortkiewicz

    I just received that CD in the mail yesterday. What a fantastic CD! And to think this music was 'lost' at one point, according to the insert. A new favorite in my Classical collection ! theDML2112
  9. e Readers - Which is the "best" one?

    I have a nook that I just love! I am currently reading Atlas Shrugged for the second time on my nook. I'm able to highlight sections & add notes to my highlights. It's great! The nook is put out by Barnes & Noble Bookstores and is also available at Wal*Mart.
  10. Anthem, the graphic novel adaptation

    I bought mine and was disappointed it wasn't in color. And I was GROSSLY disappointed in a glaring error on page 53. The author who adapted the novel slipped by using "I" instead of "we". Proofreading is a lost art anymore. I can't believe the amount of errors I see in print. I let my 11 year old read this. He liked it and wants to read the novel. theDML2112
  11. New Ayn Rand Documentary?

    The DVD "Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words" is already available for pre-order at Amazon. theDML2112
  12. Music for a Snowy Day

    This is one of my favorite symphonies of Tchaikovsky and all composers. I fell in love with this piece when I was discovering classical music in 1981 & '82. My favorite rendition is conducted by Evgeny Svetlanov recorded in the 1960's with the then USSR Symphony Orchestra. A close second is by Michael Tilson Thomas and the BSO. theDML2112
  13. The Christmas Stylings of Oscar Peterson

    I own this CD. It is a wonderful aural holiday treat. You won't regret getting a copy...
  14. Happy Birthday to KurtColville

    Dude - I know I've told you Happy Birthday, but I'm gonna wish you one here as well. theDML2112
  15. Agora (2009)

    THANK YOU FOR THE HEADS UP !! That IS great news ! theDML2112