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  1. Australia Bound

    I feel very envious :-) After having my migrant visa for OZ for 5 yrs valid until last year (did not move down under as expected) .... Enjoy! -Lakshmi
  2. Who Needs Luck?

    What a wonderful way to start the day. Delightful little story. Thanks!
  3. More rough winter weather

    It was 82 degrees in Central California yesterday. Felt like middle of summer. It is ofcourse supposed to drop 20 degrees today Here's some California warmth to cheer you up!
  4. Why I Love Australia

    I remember that It was pretty tame I thought during the climb though it sounded challenging. -Lakshmi
  5. Why I Love Australia

    Yes. I too realised after a few times that rotate in place works best. Also it is much easier when there are no moving objects. Also the more pictures you try to stitch together the more challenging it gets since it is necessary to line them all correctly! -Lakshmi
  6. Why I Love Australia

    Stephen, That was taken from the Sydney Bridge. It is created by stitching three photographs together. I have an even wider panaroma, that is almost good. I say almost because, I missed one spot. If you look closely you can see the slight blur. This is again a multi part series of pictures taken from a ferry and glued together. -Lakshmi
  7. Why I Love Australia

    The Green Party does seem to have a lot of influence. As a country (NZ), it was very beautiful to visit and I found the people very friendly. Here is a link to panaroma of Sydney skyline from my trip in Dec 05 -Lakshmi
  8. Why I Love Australia

    Great pictures! Brings back very fond memories of my trips down under. I almost moved to Australia 5 years ago... I have been fascinated by Australia for a long time. Only recently it has been bumped to second place after my visit to New Zealand. -Lakshmi
  9. Blue Origin curtain of secrecy lifted

    I second that. Blue Origin interviews are pretty intense. I interviewed with them a year and half ago and unfortunately did not make the cut. I was interviewed by about 8 people in all areas such as propulsion, controls etc, though I had applied for a software position (my experience is in software but I have a degree in Aerospace). For any one wanting to try, you have to be well prepared. -Lakshmi
  10. Happy Birthday to the Navy

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. -Lakshmi
  11. Palm Springs Air Museum

    Ray, Thanks for sharing that information. I will put it down as one of the places to fly in our monthly flyouts. -Lakshmi
  12. Photography

    Thanks Manu! Yes it was a wonderful trip. I got to see some breathtaking scenery. -Lakshmi
  13. Photography

    Thanks. Here is a link to a Slide Show with more photos from Seattle and the Canadian Rockies -Lakshmi
  14. Photography

    Some spectacular photographs from a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies.
  15. Mukesh Ambani

    In the article it is mentioned, he was summoned by his father while he was getting an MBA from Stanford :-) Most educated Indians speak English.