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  1. Art of Thinking

    Thank you very much for the feedback! If I can muster up the cash, I will definitely buy UO and the Art of Thinking. Learning to think better/more efficiently would be very helpful especially since I am going off to law school next semester Marcus Lange
  2. I was considering buying Leonard Peikoff's "Art of Thinking" CD lecture series for $220. If you own this, and would be kind enough to share some of your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks =) Marcus Lange
  3. Meditation

    As always, I appreciate your input Mr. Speicher Marcus Lange
  4. Meditation

    I am not sure where I ought to post this topic, so I am going with psychology since it seems best. I have recently read a book titled 'Brain Longevity' (Khalsa, M.D., Strauth) This books purpose is to teach the reader how to improve memory and cognitive function. The author suggests that one do this through proper nutritional supplementation, mental and physical exercise, and meditation. The meditation part is suggested in order to better deal with stress. I personally have been doing this for about a week now, and introspectively feel a little more calm than usual, and it seems that my mind doesnt wander as much. I have looked into some studies on meditation through the internet and havent really found much negative on the subject. My questions are; Are there any reasons not to practice meditation? What are your thoughts on meditation and why? Clarifications- By meditating I mean: 2 : to engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. (Webster.) Except I dont do it for any 'spiritual awareness' but instead just relaxation and to help with focus. Marcus Lange
  5. Seatbelt Laws

    Yes you have a point there. I was grouping all laws which are not designed primarily to protect ones rights as destructive. In this case the law itself is not destructive, but instead the lack of private ownership of the roads (which ends up requiring the government to make these regulations/laws.) The advertisement campaign about this law just gets me angry because the campaign is so explicit about protecting me from making bad decisions. Marcus Lange
  6. Best TV Series Ever

    Some really good shows were suggested on this thread. Firefly and Buffy being my personal favorite I just finished watching Buffy seasons 1-7 this summer. Due to me being in my senior year now, and the fact that I need to save up for a car (so I dont have to walk to law school,) I dont have the necessary cash to invest in buying cable. Thanks to this thread I might consider renting a DVD series suggested here in order to keep me entertained in my downtime. Anyone know of some good sci fi besides Firefly and Star Trek? Marcus Lange
  7. Seatbelt Laws

    By destructive laws I mean laws which violate individuals rights. I meant that I would rather write my congressman about keeping the state income tax out of FL, than repealing the seatbelt laws. And yes I do agree with the government being responsible for traffic laws, since most roads are currently not privately owned. My primary gripe with this advertisement campaign is the condescending tone. The "We're going to save lives for your own good, because you are too helpless to do it yourself" bs. Whenever I hear that on tv or the radio, I think to myself 'go to hell you paternalistic bastards' Marcus Lange
  8. Seatbelt Laws

    Florida is currently running an ad campaign titled 'click it or ticket.' There are many reasons why you ought to wear a seatbelt. In the vast majority of cases you would be irrational if you do not wear one. But the commercial itself has a very heavy paternalistic tone to it, which absolutely digusts me. On the rank of destructive laws this does rank near the bottom. But that doesnt mean that the premises behind the law aren't the same ones which rank towards the top when it comes to destructive premises (assuming the premises in the commercial are the same ones behind the law.) That being said, I would rather invest my time fighting more destructive laws and the premises behind the seatbelt laws in general. Once roads are privately owned the seatbelt issue can be dealt with very easily Marcus Lange
  9. Classify Theft by Dollar Loss?

    What standard would you suggest for judging a civil crimes severity? It seems to me that dollar amount is the best standard available. In the case of theft/breaking and entering the criminal ought to be punished criminally for breaking and entering, and in a civil manner by making him pay for what he ganked. As for the tools vs. jewelery; If there is a good way of determining how much productive work the victim lost by not having his tools available, then I see no problem in making the criminal pay extra in order to cover that. "Should classification of a crime's severity affect the amount of time and effort that police devote to trying to solve the crime?" Good question.. Not entirely sure how to answer it. So I will give it a try Since the police department has limited resources, it would make more sense to put more effort towards the more severe crimes. Both the theft of a TV and murder are morally wrong, yet one is more dangerous than the other. Both crimes involve the violation of ones rights, but the latter crime of murder is a much worse violation. Since the police is there to protect our rights from violation, they ought to devote more time to finding the murderer. When it comes to matters of similar degree (IE: a $15,000 Toyota GTA vs. $50,000 BMW GTA) a first come first serve basis seems to be just. Marcus Lange
  10. Batwoman Is Back As a Lesbian

    It might be interesting. Not really a big batwoman fan though. Marcus Lange
  11. Meyers-Briggs used in career counseling

    Also an INTJ. A good Objectivist friend of mine is an ENTJ. One of the reasons one might see a disproportionate amount of I's is because of a misunderstanding of "second handedness." Before I first started exploring philosophy I was much more extroverted due to some second handed tendancies. Wanting acceptance from the group caused me to act out in extraverted ways in order to gain this. As I began to start thinking for myself as I read The Fountainhead, I became more introverted because I was fighting off my old bad habits and was introspecting on my life. Now that I am more integrated I have learned how to gain value from others in a non second handed way, and thus have become less introverted, for I do actually enjoy interacting with many people. Many students of Objectivism may be going through a similar process. Marcus Lange
  12. Civilization IV

    Please Add Civilization IV to the rating list. Thank you. Marcus Lange
  13. Terry Goodkind

    gah sorry about the spelling mistakes and bad grammar... It is late Time for bed.
  14. Terry Goodkind

    That was an excellent post jedymastyr. I mostly agree with you. I definitely suggest that anyone on these forums that is interested in fantasy writing check out Goodkind. As to the plagiarism, although he doesnt directly cite Ms. Rand in his books (which would be silly in a fiction novel,) anyone that does any research on what the ideas represented are will see Goodkind giving all the credit to Ayn Rand.