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  1. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you John and Ruveyn!!
  2. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you very much!
  3. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    I am 29
  4. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you Betsy, Brianna, Alann, Vespasiano, Scott and Jason ! Toda Raba(which means thanks!)! I had a great B-day, and hope to have a great year! Alon
  5. Happy Birthday to Brianna

    Happy Birthday Brianna! Mazal Tov!
  6. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    Happy Birthday! May we continue to enjoy your poetry for many many years!
  7. Introduction

    You are more than welcome to ask as many questions as you like! I never get annoyed by questions... :-)
  8. Introduction

    Hello Brianna and welcome to the Forum! I too study for my Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Technion IIT (Israeli Institute of Technology). What is the topic you study for your Masters degree? I hope you enjoy this Forum as much as I do! Alon
  9. Jokes

    It's the missing link between men and apes...
  10. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you for you wishes, Alann and Vespasiano!
  11. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you very much, Jason!
  12. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you Scott!
  13. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you Betsy, Ray and John! B.Royce, thank you very much for a lovely poem, I will take it to heart to be a self designed Midas for knowledge indeed!
  14. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

    Despite some negative reviews I have read on the internet, I think that Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" is a fun, enjoyable movie with a sense of wonder (no pun intended), silliness and positivity that is very lacking in many contemporary movies. Visually, I liked the movie very much. The beautiful, somewhat wacky landscapes, the makeup and character visualization (The Red Queens big head is absolutely mesmerizing...) and the colors are very lively and add to the sense of fun and wonder of the movie. Personally, I enjoyed the visuals as much as those in Avatar. The plot of the movie, while quite linear (It is not a thriller, after all) has a surprising amount of depth. It has retained the satire of the original book about the social classes while interjecting themes of independence, pursuit of your own dreams and dealing with your own fears and the judgement of other people. I also got a very strong sense of life from this movie, and it was definitely one of the reasons I liked this movie very much... I definitely recommend this movie, and hope for more movies like that in the future.
  15. Alice In Wonderland

    Hi, Please put Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" for rating Thanks, Alon

    Happy Birthday!
  17. Lady Brin

    Very sad and shocking news. Thank you for your words, bborg.
  18. Worldwide Energy Depletion?

    What you say about solar energy is true. Even today there are already solar cells with a 28% efficiency (as opposed to 10-12% efficiency we had only a few years ago) , and next year or so there are going to be cells with more than 35% efficiency, and there is development for an even better efficiency. I don't think we have to wait much longer for a time where the sun can supply a good deal of our energy consumption (taking weather in account, of course)... Energy shortage, indeed....
  19. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Maybe your mystical tsunami force of well wishes traveled back in time and assisted me in having a great time... Thank you for your wishes , alann !
  20. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Actually, I did! I celebrated with my friends today, and had loads of fun! Tomorrow I will celebrate with my immediate family as well... And by the way, Wednesday and Thursday were also quite cool days, so thanks again for you wishes!
  21. Happy Birthday to Bob Kolker

    Happy Birthday and Mazal Tov!
  22. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Thank you all for your well wishes! My birthday is indeed on the 28th, but never mind, It's always nice to receive well wishes, even if a bit premature... And thank you B.Royce for those lovely poems, 3 Mazal Tovs are indeed a tidy sum!
  23. Mega Tunnel Drills

    If they have no GPS, they can use Gyroscopes to navigate. Those would have to be very expensive Gyroscopes, but they would be very precise.
  24. Dry Bones Blog - Obama's 3AM phone call