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  1. Christmas Stuffing, Gravy, & Mulled Wine

    Just tried some Gluehwein at the Christkindl German holiday market in downtown Chicago - amazing!
  2. Coffee

    I'd try a smoother variety like a Guatemalan blend, a touch of Korintje cinnamon and possibly at first the Turbinado sugar as suggested until you wean yourself off the sweetness. It improves my productivity around a million percent - hope it does the same for you! Chocolate covered espresso beans, Kahlua flavored everything (Tiramisu, etc.) may help you get used to the taste. -Taylor
  3. Access Tutorial

    If you have any specific questions feel free to send me a message; I just graduated with a Masters in Information Systems so I can field most. -Taylor
  4. Saw some comments on it in other movie posts but haven't seen it up on it's own. I saw it last night and have some thoughts. Please add. -Thanks, Taylor
  5. The trailers are sparse but it looks interesting. Please add the movie to rate - though it may take a bit for the reviews to come in. I like the title at least. The synopsis is short but up at : http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/thepursuitofhappyness
  6. Founders College: Full Website Unveiled

    I'm floored; fantastic curriculum! Other colleges tout their liberal programs but this is how it's done correctly. I can imagine the result already, much more 'rounded students', like a journalism student that doesn't repeat economic fallacies and an econ student that could actually understand the thought behind the models they apply. Personally, that is the Econ degree I imagined in high school and never found in my college. I ended up switching.
  7. Club Status

    I agree on the use of university facilities. At the Miami of Ohio club we also switched to lounge meetings; as the president I felt like I was lecturing to the classroom and fielding questions which should not be how it works. People were much more engaged on couches. A small social gathering sounds great. Any idea what this would consist of? Like a certain location in Indy or restaurant? -Taylor
  8. Club Status

    Indiana University does not have a club right now but there's a good amount of us scattered around here. If you're up for doing anything combined this semester (perhaps in Indianapolis to make it easier for both sides) then I would be up for helping. I used to be the president of the Miami of Ohio club. I guess IU and Purdue are supposed to be rivals but I'm just here for grad school so I never picked that up . -Taylor
  9. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Atlas Shrugged movie?

    I was poking around the Lionsgate site and noticed a forum there that has an Atlas Shrugged topic. There isn't much there currently but it would be a good spot to post some suggestions for making it an ideal movie. Lionsgate Forums- Atlas Shrugged
  10. BMW Ad Campaign

    BMW has a new ad campaign called 'Why we say no.' It starts out with 'Beware of those who want you to compromise.' It's online here: http://www.bmwtransact.com/whywesayno/ On the web if you click 'Why no' the headline is 'Was anything truly extraordinary ever achieved by compromise? - In a word, No.' It's excellent to see such a forceful advocation, but it really shouldn't be as shocking as it is. The part where 'normal' people show why no isn't nearly as consistent. Overall pretty cool though.
  11. Thank you all for your input. I just submitted a letter to the IDS paper. If it does get published this will quickly accelerate my new classmates acclimation to the Taylor style. I'm curious to see how they will react. Anyways, here it is as sent: Ayn Rand: Good for Students I categorically disagree with Mr. Chandrasekhar's October 20th editorial and its representation of Ayn Rand's philosophical system, Objectivism. I, too, caution students against being seduced by the philosophy presented in the editorial. However, the philosophy depicted therein has little resemblance to Objectivism properly understood. The single quotation provided by Mr. Chandrasekhar does accurately sum up Rand's ideas; it reads: 'My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.' I personally have found much value in this philosophy and live my life accordingly. Happiness is attainable if one acts in accordance with reality, and I fully intend to passionately devote myself to achieving those values I hold and consequently enjoying life as much as possible. In regards to Mr. Chandrasekhar's main thrust, that Rand encourages readers to perform an 'onanistic withdrawal into their own smug world,' (probably an unnecessarily insinuative accusation) it might be objected that many of Rand's readers indeed manage to make friends and otherwise engage with people. In fact, even a cursory examination of the three texts Mr. Chandrasekhar has read would reveal characters not at all in accordance with the loner nerd stereotype he invokes. Friendship, love, and sex all play key thematic roles in Rand's work - in fact, it can be argued that an important theme in Atlas Shrugged is precisely the question of love and honor in an increasingly cynical society. I highly recommend readers read her fiction books to find out for themselves. They will find a fascinating amalgam of gripping storytelling, relevant political and philosophical themes, and - perhaps most importantly - a refreshingly optimistic and motivating look at living life. Further explanation of the themes found in her fiction can be found in her non-fiction work, including: Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal and The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution. Taylor O'Neal Student -Thanks again guys, Taylor
  12. Thanks for checking this out and your timely, thoughtful replies. I will let you know what I come up with. I hope ARI responds. Unfortunately, even though IU is a big school it does not have a club currently which could respond. I was president of the Miami Ohio club for a few years, and am trying to see if I can get some undergrads to get one going. The author sounds like part of the "read Ayn Rand with a 'filter'" group. MTV publishing has a book, 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' which repeatedly brings up the idea. When I get a question relating to this, I respond with the importance of having an active mind, not a closed or wide open one. If they've read it then the moral/practical discussion usually follows. The good news is it increases awareness like several of you have mentioned. At least no one's rapping about her in a music video -Taylor
  13. Hello forum members, Indiana University Student Article (click link) Today the above linked editorial was printed in the student paper here. I am formulating a response but am stuck as to what direction I should take, because there are so many things covered in the editorial. I've thought at about tackling one of the following: Articulating the Objectivist view of selfishness. Discussing altruism versus the Objectivist view of selfishness. Individualism vs. collectivism The role of an individualist in society The final paragraph discusses shutting yourself off from other views, which seems to be the most interesting albeit hardest issues to tackle in such a small space. Minor issues like charity, 'date rape', etc. probably are not worth responding to directly in order of relative importance to the above wider range issues. Any thoughts on what directions I could take, or completely different approaches? The paper comes out every week day so I will be working on this over the weekend hopefully to be printed early next week before it passes out of the radar of the staff. I look forward to hearing your opinions. Taylor M.S.I.S. Grad Student at IU