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  1. Happy Birthday to Lu Norton

    Happy Birthday.
  2. Happy Birthday to Lord Poppycock

    That's one thing that will never get old.
  3. Happy Birthday to Lord Poppycock

  4. Tattoos...would you ? have you ?

    I thought about the same thing over my bicep, but I think I’ll stick to dollar sign t-shirts because I can take them off when I decide I like a different design more. Primitive, huge and negative designs disturb me but I don’t see something small, aesthetically pleasing and positive as wrong.
  5. Test your Autism Spectrum Quotient

    I got a 9.
  6. Atlas Shrugged Movie
  7. Procapitalist Merchandise

    I like to do both. I’d rather focus on the positive more though.
  8. Procapitalist Merchandise

    Here’s a new shirt I just got done making:
  9. Individualism is Racism

    I should have included the word “moral” and to use the word to refer to particular ancestors is too much of a stretch. And now I’m thinking that perhaps I should have explained what constitutes individual merit. So I’ll amend the definition and say that racism is: Moral judgment of people based on their collective ancestors as members of a racial group rather than on individual merit; the ideas they hold and the actions they take as individuals. How would you define it?
  10. Individualism is Racism

    What I find the most disgusting is that the definition presented is an instance of actual racism. I’d define racism as: judgment of people based on who their ancestors happen to be rather than on individual merit. Within the schools definition there is no mention of judgment based on individual merit and the word is applied solely to a single race, white, against the other favored races.
  11. Individualism is Racism

    That is incredibly disgusting.
  12. Bush's Speech

    I took “pay a meaningful penalty for breaking the law” as a separate item in the list of things they “should have to” do. I think it should have been punctuated like this:
  13. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Atlas Shrugged movie?

    I agree that having Brad Pitt play Galt would be a bad idea. It would be far too easy to identify which character is Galt as soon as he made an appearance.
  14. A little Atlas Shrugged trivia

    I guess I should read other people’s post before making my own.
  15. A little Atlas Shrugged trivia

    He found the Fountain of Youth on top of a mountain and couldn’t bring it down? Something like that.