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  1. Canucks lose; Vancouver riots

    The riot had little to do with hockey. These people went there with an agenda. The riot started over an hour after the game and after most people left downtown and went home. A group stayed behind and there was not only destruction of property but looting of high end stores as well. The whole city was disgusted with what happened. Within hours websites went up (local media outlets started advertizing those in the morning)which allowed people to upload their pictures and video that could help the police identify those involved in the riot. Also, the next day 15,000 people showed after work in downtown to help clean up.
  2. Business Growth

    Delegating tasks which do not need to be done by you directly to an employee would be my first advice.
  3. Happy Birthday to Scott A.

    Happy Birthday Scott!
  4. Grey, There is usually "cost" to anything worthy in life and there is almost always a possibility of loss when you allow yourself to value something greatly. Very similar arguments (the possibility of something going wrong) can be used against anything which requires considerable investment and against any human relationship. Life is not exactly made up of guaranteed outcomes - all we can do is to work towards improving our odds through rational approach to reality. My parenting experience has been nothing but joy in my life. The kind of deeply reaching value that I have a hard time expressing it. Whatever words I can find - they don't seem giving the experience justice. But I will make an attempt - here it goes: My son reinforces, daily, my positive outlook on life and humanity because he is the kind of person I would like all human beings to be. He makes this world a better place. If I lost my son tomorrow - it already has been worth the cost including the heartbreak that would follow - and he is only 9. It is better to love and lost than never to have loved at all.
  5. Happy Birthday to Paul's Here

    Belated Happy Birthday, Paul!
  6. Happy Birthday to ~Sophia~

    Thank you everyone for your warm wishes! Michelle
  7. Wikileaks

    Despite the significant decline in economic freedom since 2008, United States is still the 8th freest country in the world according to the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom. France is 64th.
  8. introduction

    Yes, I received most of my formal education in Polish (all except University). Back in college I did some casual work as a translator for an insurance company. These days, I use Polish with family and friends.
  9. Expert: TSA scans would let al-Qaida duplicate 9/11

    But it does have an effect on American society consistent with Obama's vision for America. It moves the line of what is socially acceptable in the relationship: government vs. the individual.
  10. Dr. Peikoff on McCaskey

    John McCaskey writes on his website in relation to that scholarly discussion: "I now believe none of the participants spoke with Dr. Peikoff directly."
  11. introduction

    Yes, I was raised in Poland. My family left Poland close to 20 years ago now.
  12. introduction

    Thank you for the introduction, Adam. Rozum means reason in Polish. Do you have a Polish background?
  13. Dr. Peikoff on McCaskey

    The scope of their activity is decided by ARI. We can engage in wishful thinking but we don't decide what that is. We can support it, in that form, or not. I personally will continue to do so. My support does not mean I automatically support everything that is promoted and funded by ARI - but I support enough of what comes out of ARI. In essence, them promoting Dr. Peikoff's work, even if incorrect, is not a deal breaker for me. Me supporting ARI does not prevent me from making my own judgment about what they promote and expressing that view. I think that implicitly there is this assumption that one does not have a voice, if not endorsed by ARI. But we all have a voice and whether something is right or not is not determined by who endorses it. Further, I also think that good things can come from de-centralization, if you will, of Objectivist activism and intellectual pursuits related to Objectivism, and for that to happen people should stop relaying on and looking toward ARI and start their own independent ventures.
  14. Dr. Peikoff on McCaskey

    But it looks like in order to do the first they decided that the best course of action for them is to do the second. For the time being those two are connected and that is useful to know. The final verdict whether or not an idea is correct comes from its adherence to reality. We are all free to make our own evaluations, free to express them, and free to act on our judgments. It is how WE approach intellectual matters, how we treat each other, that will determine what is the intellectual atmosphere "within the Objectivist movement". ARI only decide what is accepted within ARI.
  15. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    Happy Birthday!