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  1. GOOD music for ballroom

    Thank you very much Ed! Your list is a good hunting ground.
  2. GOOD music for ballroom

    Thank you ELee, it is good to know of your friend's existence as a potential future contact. The Argentine Tango music that I love most is derived, it seems directly, from the classical/romantic music of Europe. I think introvertness is an important element of tango music, and this grounds the special quality of the intimacy of the connection between the partners in tango. My tentative conclusion is that I want music in other genres that has the same affinity to the classical music, IN SPIRIT. It is interesting that in the development of tango music there was a rift between the "old guard" orchestra leaders and a new generation, with the new style being condemned as "vulgar", around the same time that jazz went through its major development. I love jazz and big band music from the '30's and 40's, I can find plenty of wonderful foxtrots. Of course popular music styles have kept devolving through cycles of increasing vulgarity, and I think that as far as my milonga is concerned there is a critical break so that for example classic rock spoils the mood. Maybe it has to do with lack of introvertness. Some individual artists still transcend this break of course.
  3. GOOD music for ballroom

    My experience is that the music selection used at ballroom dances is often not very inspiring. My request is: please share with me your favorite danceable music. I am looking for all species, with emphasis on waltzes (slow waltzes, no Vienese waltzes) and rumba's. Two friends and I organize a weekly tango dance ("milonga") and we're experimenting with a once-a-month "with ballroom" dance, mixing in some ballroom music during part of the night. What I am looking for is: uplifting and romantic, not vulgar. I am not against energetic and exciting but I found out during the first trial that some participants take this as an invitation for giving drunken cowboy imitations. The mood of our milonga is very civilized, yet not sanitized, it is an uplifting and welcoming environment. The mood was broken in the ballroom experiment, which is not acceptable, and so I want to give it an other try to see if improving the music selection can repair it. Our goal is to encourage more ballroom dancers to try Argentine Tango--people who otherwise would be intimidated and discouraged from coming to an evening that to them has only dancing of an unfamiliar, new kind.
  4. I am starting this discussion in the hope that someone else on the board has some experience with Tibetan Yoga so that we can "compare notes" on the details of how to do the exercises properly. If there is noone else with experience here, but if instead there are others who want to try Tibetan Yoga, I'd be happy to share what I know about it and answer questions. I expect to learn from that also. The exercises in question are described in a small book called "Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth" by Peter Kelder. The book describes the proper beginning- and- ending positions of the body (see for pictures:, but it is lacking in regard to how to move from one to the other, how to use the muscles, and which ones to use, and especially how to synchronize the breathing with the motion. What makes these exercises extaordinary is that they -take only 5 to 10 minutes to complete -are not physically or mentally exhausting -are a more "active," more "assertive" action than regular yoga (this judgment is based on my own limited knowledge of yoga) -require no equipment whatsoever -condition and shape the body, making it stronger, more coordinated, more beautiful and more resillient and making fat disappear in stubborn areas -allow the development and clear control of healthy deep breathing -somehow increase mental resillience, abiltiy to focus, confidence and calm Disclaimer: I have no idea what "Chakras" means, and what "detoxification" has to do with it all. I only do the exercises, and I try to do them well. When I do them daily the effect is very befeficial. -David
  5. I'm inviting Objectivists in the North-Central Florida area to attend our party on December 16th. The party is for the inauguration of the new home and new meeting time of the weekly Argentine Tango dance ("Milonga") that I and 2 friends organize. RSVP by emailing me to get free admission. Tango y Té is the second milonga in the history of the world to be organized by an Objectivist, as far as I know! Below is the press release I wrote. -David
  6. Male-Female sexual roles

    No, probably she would be dominant! I think I agree with you there. I thought the question being discussed was wether there is something inherently dominating about penetration, and I said that I think there is. That does not mean that the man therefore has to be always the dominatng one. It only means that the penetration makes it easy for the man to enjoy a dominating role.
  7. Male-Female sexual roles

    No, precisely because the dildo is not moving, and if it were moving, it would also still not be dominant because it has no intention toward the thing it is penetrating.
  8. Male-Female sexual roles

    The basis for the perspective that penetration means dominance is this: in the context of sexual penetration, the penetrator is perceived directly as the object, and thus his actions are easily focused on. To focus on the actions of the enveloper is harder because the enveloping is an abstract relationship, not something directly perceived in the same way. I think it is possible to view the enveloper as dominant, but it requires an act of abstraction.
  9. Male-Female sexual roles

    Yes I see the significance of penetration from this perspecitve. I was gathering data from introspection, asking: how do I experience penetration, compared to being penetrated? The answer I found is: being the penetrator alows me to focus on my own actions, and being penetrated alows me to just feel and enjoy the other's actions. So the basis of this perspective is introspection, and the issue of dominance lies in the question of: who's actions are being experienced. The man's role in the sexual act is like the role of the lead melody in a musical piece, and the woman's role is like that of the accompaniment. They may create the composition together, but in the playing they have separate roles.
  10. Male-Female sexual roles

    I think the significance of penetration can be seen from a though experiment that I sometimes like to do. I imagine being intimate with the woman I love so much, and in this fantasy she has the male sexual body part and I have the female one. I am receiving her. What this alows me to do is, in a specific way, to focus only on her, her presence, her movement, her action (not my own). Alternately, in my normal role as penetrator, I focus on, and enjoy, my actions on her. This is a different way of enjoying her. I'm not sure about the idea of being enveloped: I don't think I like the idea as an action that a woman performs on me. However, I can see the act of enveloping done by the woman as sexy, but more as a way of taking an active role in "what's being done to her." Disclaimer: I am not certain that what I have just indicated exhausts the ways that enveloping and penetrating can be enjoyable/significant to me.
  11. Google blocking searches for anti-dhimmitude

    I found an anti-google website that relays the use of the Google search engine but "scrapes off" the adds when displaying the results: The search function is here: -David