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  1. U.S. National Health Insurance

    It is worse than you describe. It is mandated health insurance if you can afford it or not. I could not believe the margin that it passed by, the house approved it 154-2, the Senate 37-0. I guess that if they didnt pass it the US Dept of Health & Human Services threatened to withhold 385 million. I wonder if this isn't some scheme to get this going in the whole country. Unfortunately the real data will de tweeked or discarded to prove the system works; then we can all have it. Time to shrug...
  2. losing a trademark because it works too well

    In the early 90's or late 80's Fed-Ex created something called "ZAP-mail". It was awesome, you took a document into Fed-Ex and inserted it into a machine. The paper was pulled in one end and spit out the other. This machine was also conected to a phone line, which you used to dial the number of another machine. This machine scanned the contents of the letter much like a copier does and transmitted the contents thru the phone line to the other machine. The other machine processed the data and then printed it out on paper 1000's of miles away. I think they were able to send 3 letters before the government stepped in and said "this is too important for 1 company to control, we are giving it to the world". This machine of course is now called a fax.
  3. Ayn Rand Answers

    There seems to be alot of sub-species. My favorite is the "libertarian socialist"... Try to figure that one out, they do exist.
  4. Ayn Rand Answers

    That is true, with that group you never know.
  5. "Warp Speed"

    I think everyone has strayed from my original question.
  6. Ayn Rand Answers

    By no means am I a defender of libertarianism, it is just that for PBS it would be better to see that than; "global warming and the other man made disasters that plague the world today".(fictional show to demonstrate what I would expect them to air)
  7. "Warp Speed"

    I work for an airline; I travel plenty. I agree with Rand in that I am filled with awe just looking at skyscrapers. I also want to understand more about the universe. I want to be alive when they discover life somewhere else. I guess I get frustrated with how primitive we actually are. To try and paraphrase something Stephen Hawking said "if we do find intelligent life I think we should stay quiet and keep our heads low. In almost any historical case where an advanced culture locates a primitive one bad things happen". So much more seems possible if we were able to travel at high speeds. I guess I am just tired of waiting.
  8. Ayn Rand Answers

    A quote that made me laugh for days goes like this Question "Have you seen Milton Friedman's program Free To Choose on public television"? Ayn Rand "I saw five minutes of it; that was enough for me, because I know Friedmans ideas. He is not for Capitalism; he's a miserable eclectic. He's an enemy of Objectivism, and his objection is that I bring morality into economics, which he thinks should be amoral. I don't always like what public televsion puts on, but they have better programs than free to choose--the circus for instance". I have read several of Friedman's books and did not think he and Rand would be at such odds. It was just a bit amazing to me to hear her say that about him. I guess I look at public broadcasting today and wish they had a show about individual rights, even if it was put on by libertarians.
  9. Light Speed

    I saw a show on the science channel the other day talking about light speed (not fully reliable, I know). They made the statement "if you traveled to the center of the galaxy and back at the speed of light time for you would have only passed 40 years, but when you returned to earth it would be 60,000 years into the future." I personally think it would take longer than 40 years at the speed of light to reach the center of the galaxy, but for the sake of the question lets say these figures are correct. This is the concept I am having trouble understanding. It seems that time would be static, the same as if I am in the concord flying from NY to London. I still do not fully understand how time relates to speed. Please help me understand this concept.
  10. "Warp Speed"

    I am sitting here depressed that the universe is so amazing and vast yet virtually un-touchable without light speed capabilities. I am questioning whether "Warp Speed" is a possibility, or simply science fiction babble? I am assuming they (star trek) are somehow warping space to travel great distances in short amounts of time. Essentially wouldn’t this be equivalent to light speed? It also appears that warp speeds are far greater than light speed.
  11. Light Speed

    So if I set a clock on the earth and took a clock with me on a light speed journey to the sun and back, the clocks would read 16 mins. but the journey would seem like a few seconds?
  12. Stephen, you have been great at answering all my questions, I have another. If I were able to travel at the speed of light would time stop for me? I am having some discussions with a co-worker and I disagree with his statement that time slows down the closer you get to the speed of light. The more I think about it the more I question my own thoughts. I would just like a straight answer as to how and why this happens. Any help here would be great.
  13. Spectacular Hubble image of a spiral galaxy

    what then is meant when they refer to it as a singularity? Why would it have to be infinite? When you say singularity the first thing that comes to my mind is a neutron star.
  14. Spectacular Hubble image of a spiral galaxy

    I thought that because a neutron star was so tightly packed it would have more gravity than a black hole. I also heard that a black hole was really not a "hole" but that there was an object at the center. Just trying to sort out some of the things I have read and listened to in the last 20 years.
  15. Gamma Ray burst

    Is this associated with a star larger than one needed to form a neutron star or black hole? Or is it a smaller star hence the supernova?