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  1. Theater

    If you like musicals too, I would highly suggest the Broadway show Wicked. It is a great show.
  2. I've Had Enough

    I am getting immensely frustrated by the current actions of the President and his administration. The one thing that takes dominance in my frustrations is his refusal to leave Iraq. I don't see what good we're doing there. I'm not saying I know everything about the war, cus I'm not incredibly well-informed on it, but I dont understand why we need to stay. It's still in unorganized, I know, but wouldn't it be better for them to set up their government themselves? I don't see why we need to send thousands of young men there, possibly to die, and spend an enormous amount of money (as if we're not already severely in debt) on this country. I don't know if it's just that they don't think Iraq could do it on their own, but have we even given them a chance? Yes, there's terrorist attacks still, we've all heard about all the bombs, but why is it our resposibility to "solve" the problem. I know some are in the "love thy neighbor" opinion, as stated before, but is it logical. If we want to fix someone else's problems, at least fix ours first. Again, I say I'm not well-informed so if anyone is, please correct and answer me. I guess I just don't understand, what are we fighting for?
  3. Who are your favorite painters, and why?

    One of my favorite artists is Elsi Russell. Here is a site with some of her works:
  4. The Tool

    I love it! It has good flow and the message is clear. This is a great poem, keep it up.
  5. That's part of the reason I am unsure whether or not to them to something important. The exact definition of justice is: "Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness." Is it more moral for me not to invite them because of the complete lack of respect between us, or is it more moral to invite them because they did raise me in a safe environment. But the latter argument seems to be basically saying, "You have to invite them, they're you parents. You have to love them, they're your parents." People seem to say that to me all the time when they find out my relationship with them, "But, they're your parents." I will not love them for simply being my parents. Anyway, I guess I'm just not really sure of what action would really be best, but I can figure that out when I come to it.
  6. I did not make this decision casually. I worked for years to try and fix the problem, but its not working. This type of decision, as you and others have said, is not one that you can or should come to casually. It's a decision you need to make for a reason, not just randomly and for no reason (though all decisions should be made for a reason). It was not easy for me to give up on them, but I had to do it. It's better to move onto a life without them than to waste my time and energy trying to solve problems that run that deep. I wish it could be otherwise, and I hope that a decision such as this does not enter the lives of too many, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
  7. Well, the only reason I'm considering inviting them is because of my sister. I love my sister, I cannot stand to be in the same room as my parents, but I love my sister. And I would love for her to be at my wedding. And I guess I don't know how I could invite her and not my parents because she would tell them. I can't even give her my address because I'm afraid she would tell my parents. My sister gas been able to get along with my parents well enough, and I have to try to block out my parents without blocking her out too. So, I guess I just don't know how I would be able to work that problem out.
  8. Justification

    I will also add, that even if one does accept the consequences afterward, I still don't feel that it's right. I also should say that, unless I were in this situation, I don't really know for sure what I would do. Right now, I will say that I wouldn't steal the drug, but if it were to happen to me in real life, I could very well take the other course of action and steal it, for the reasons that have been afore stated. But for now, I'll stick with the statement "I would not steal the drug."
  9. Justification

    I have not changed my mind. The main reason is, my highest value, is justice. And it is not just, to steal, ever. That probably sounds very naive and childish, but it is how I feel. Though, I must admit, you all at least made me consider the other side of the argument. However, I'm still keeping my ground. As I said, justice is my highest held value, and I'm sticking with it.
  10. Again, just for clarity, I am not getting married currently. I simply mean that, when I do get married, I do not know if I want them there. Sorry, I have always had a problem with clarity in writing.
  11. I send them a card for basically a combination of what some of you have said. My parents did provide me with the basic material necesities, like food, shelter, clothing, etc., I have no complaint there. However, as I said before they had no respect for me, I guess they can be compared to Reardon's parents in AS. I feel as if I'm obligated to send them cards because they did help provide those basic necesities that I mentioned before, and they never were abusive either physically or verbally. I refuse to do more than that though, because I do not feel that I owe anything to them, they are not deserving of anything. I have no intention of trying to maintain a relationship with them when I have only hate for them (though I thoroughly wish I could be indifferent towards them). I'm still trying to determine if I want to invite them to my wedding. I'm sorry, I'm probably giving a bit more information than you care to know, but I just wanted to help clarify after reading what some of you wrote. Anyway, if you combine what you all wrote, you basically get my reasoning for how I handle the situation.
  12. I think that the other side of this argument could also be addressed. It was discussed how a parent shares values with the child and doesn't necessarily get anything back, but what about the other way around? I know that, with my parents, I received nothing from them in terms of values. The had no respect for me or my values and morals, but expected me to worship them and their morals. They contradicted themselves constantly, and always treated me like I was worthless for anything besides chores. In the end, I left home and have never spoken to them since, they get a card on holidays with no return address so they can't come to my home. It may sound harsh to some, but I have no desire to waste time with people who couldn't even take the time to acknowledge my philosophy and values, let alone respect them. Anyway, my point is, there are two sides to this. Some parents get kids who give nothing back in terms of values, and some kids get parents who give them nothing back.
  13. Recommendations

    I'm not interested exclusively in serious fiction, but it is my favorite. I love literature with political based themes, meaning the contents and theme are involved with some sort of political philosophy (such as AS). I consider a book worthwhile if I can get something out of it. By this, I mean that the book has a theme and/or contents that I can learn something from. For an example, I'll use Ayn Rand's novels. Out of her novels, I was able to name the way of life I had always lived but never knew that it was its own philosophy. That's not really the best example I suppose, but it will work. Thanks again to everyone who has, and will reply.
  14. Recommendations

    I hope this is the correct place to put this, I'm not sure where else it would go. I am always looking for something to read. The problem is that I can't always find something good to read. I know of course that there is a ton of great literature out there, but my problem is finding and recognizing which books are the ones that are worth while to read. So I have called for assistance from all of the lovely Forum members who would be willing to come to my aid. For convenience I will include a list of some of my favorite books. Please suggest anything you can, I'll appreciate it greatly War and Peace, most Ayn Rand (there are some books I haven't been able to get a hold of),1984, Animal Farm, and Les Miserables These are a few of the books that I have read recently and particularly liked, please inform me of any suggestions that you have. Thanks
  15. anonymity on this forum

    It is definently alright to remain anonomous in th Forum. There are a lot of personal things that we sometimes have to share when we are making a point and if I knew someone on here, I wouldn't always want them to know those personal facts about my life. And also, although it is regretable, we may run across that one person who wil sned you angry emails and start getting in a fight with you and being anonomous helps to keep those arguments from going to far.