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  1. The Objectivism Research CD-ROM

    So it doesn't work with "wine" ? I have a hunch that there's going to be an on-line subscription service that will work with most web browsers along the lines of It could not only include newer material than the CD-ROM, but could be updated on-line, in addition to working with browsers running on *nixes, PDAs and whatever's coming next. If this happens, I hope whoever does it uses the same editions of books that Mr. Oliver used in the CD-ROM. I'm already seeing page number references from the CD-ROM in on-line discussions ; maybe we're seeing the ipso facto adoption of "standard versions" of these texts ? That would be GOOD !
  2. Erotic videos

    My goal here is talk about videos that tend to produce sexual arousal when viewed. I think this can be done by videos of good actors pretending to have sex, and also by videos of actors literally having sex, so I consider both to be erotic. (It might be worth reminding people that discussion should meet the same standards as on the rest of THE FORUM -- no coarse language or detailed graphic descriptions, and no explicitly sexual pictures.) Since this could turn into a huge list, it might be more practical to focus on the ones that were surprisingly disturbing - where you rented it thinking it would help you and your lover "get in the mood", but it turned out to have a horrible sense-of-life and your philosophical/aesthetic revulsion overpowered any sexual arousal.
  3. During Dr. Kenner and Dr. Locke's talk on Romance at OCON 2006, Dr. Kenner mentioned that erotic videos can be a wonderful adjuct to a sexual relationship, but she also warned that some of these contain dehumanizing material that she would rather have never seen. Rather than having to go through similar experiences ourselves, I'm asking people to post recommendations here for erotic videos with a good (or at least decent) sense-of-life, and also to post warnings about ones that contain disturbing material. Thanks !
  4. Ayn Rand's view of love?

    I think you're right that friendship can be described as a form of love, but my understanding of her perspective is that romantic love is not a form of friendship, that it is a different kind of relationship, that to unite the two relationships under the same concept of "friendship" is an attempt to unite by non-essentials; that romantic love is not simply friendship plus sex (not to imply that that would be something simple). It sort of grates to say "my romantic lover is not my friend"; it raises questions like "Is it proper to treat one's romantic lover in unfriendly ways and to tolerate unfriendly treatment by one's romantic lover ? Can one's romantic lover be one's enemy ?", etc. I'm not at all happy with the term "inter-dependency" to describe the unique character of romantic love though - it sounds like a view from an altruist perspective.
  5. Ayn Rand's view of love?

    Because of the irreplacibility of the individuals involved. While it may be true that any number of individuals could potentially fill the role of one's romantic partner, once one is actually chosen, that individual is not interchangeable with another in the way that one customer is interchangeable with another in the general case of trade. What's being traded in love is the self which is unique. The value created by the relationship - the value each derives from the other's self - is unique and depends on the individuals involved. Ideally each partner independently chooses to enter into the relationship, but once entered into, the value of that person can only be obtained from and is dependent on that person, and vice versa, which is why I called it inter-dependent. It's still mutual trade to mutual benefit.
  6. Clash of cultures

    Thanks ! That's the list I was trying to remember. (I think you just sold a book, too )
  7. Ayn Rand's view of love?

    In Leonard Peikoff's talk Love, Sex and Romance, he discusses the distinction between love and friendship and quotes Rand as having said about her husband: He mentions that he used to disagree with Rand about this; that he used to think that love is to friendship sort of like what certainty is to cognition, but he's since changed his view and now agrees with her that love is a sui generus relationship. He also mentions that Rand stated that friendship can be promoted to love, but love can't be demoted to friendship (does anyone know if this is part of something Rand wrote and if so, where ?) The way I interpret this is that a love relationship involves a physical inter-dependency centered around sex wherein each person is a unique and irreplaceable value to the other, and as such the relationship takes on a host of aspects beyond friendship. I see this sort of liike if a friend becomes a business partner. While you may still remain friends, the relationship takes on a whole new dimension when you commit to the inter-dependency of being in business together. In a lot of areas where, as friends, it was OK to "agree to disagree", as business partners you have to agree, or the business will fail. Things like the physical location of the business, hours of operation, target markets, etc. can fall into this category. In a similar way, a love relationship is one wherein "agreeing to disagree" no longer works in many areas where it worked fine in a friendship. Again, I think these center around and arise from sex, but I think they quickly spread into a wide range of other things such as what sorts of social activities one engages in, one's choice of friends, certain personal habits, etc. It becomes necessary to agree on things with one's lover that one would never even question a friend about. I'd like to hear what others think of Rand's view that love and friendship are fundamentally different.
  8. Erotic art

    How about under "Relationships; Love and Romance" ?
  9. Columbus Day "Chat Party"

    How about opening up the Chat room for lunch time (noon to 4 ET) on Columbus day ?
  10. Clash of cultures

    [i realize I'm responding to a rather old post, but Columbus day is only a couple weeks away] It most certainly is, in audio and video.
  11. Erotic art

    During the "Romance: Bringing Love and Sex Together" course a couple months ago, Dr. Kenner mentioned that erotic art - particularly videos and DVDs - can be an excellent adjunct for a romantic relationship, but that a lot of it has really horrid content and some has haunted her for days after viewing it. I'd like to suggest a topic for reviewing erotic art/entertainment so we won't have to subject ourselves to the degrading stuff in order to find decent works.
  12. The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics

    Could you or someone here send me a PM with the link to the online version ? I don't want to re-type sections that I find particularly quotable and am hoping there are equivalent passages in the online version I could cut-and-paste instead. ( I'd prefer you not post the link here so people have every incentive to buy the book ). I think Valliant's book is a bold and audacious act of justice, and that he is right to be proud of this accomplishment. Like many here, I've found the book difficult to put down. From this perspective, I have one small criticism: on page 214, near the end of the fourth paragraph, he says "The Brandens, however, have given detailed accounts of their own version of these events, and it seems only fair to provide Rand's specific response to them, at least." I think "seems only fair to" borders on "envy avoidance behavior"; I'd rather he said something like "justice demands that the author".