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  1. Happy Birthday Betsy Speicher

    Happy birthday from Europe!
  2. Happy Birthday to Capitalism Forever

    Thanks very much Betsy!
  3. Are Professional Athletes Economically Productive?

    His writings may have been subjectively valuable to the socialist, but they were not objectively valuable for anyone's life qua rational being. Economic production should refer to the creation of objective values that promote man's life; if you call the satisfaction of any old irrational whim production, then pretty much anyone acting on his whims is being productive.
  4. Are Professional Athletes Economically Productive?

    Ellsworth Toohey made money without the use of force but he was, in fact, destructive. I would amend your statement like this: The fact that they make money from rational customers without the use of force is proof of their economic production.
  5. A Reason for Faith

    The fact that it was a willing trade does not make it any less altruistic; in fact, only that which you do willingly can be evaluated morally and thus be either altruistic or egoistic. And by this token, any act could be called egoistic, by claiming that you valued the result more than what you gave up. Mother Theresa was an egoist because she valued poverty and suffering more than wealth and joy. It is not acting on some aspect of your value system that makes you an egoist, but rather having a consistent value system with your own life at its root, and acting on it.
  6. 476 Rome, 2008 Washington D.C.

    For the record, I did not mean to imply giving up on that when I wrote the article, and I do not think there is a reason to give up on it now.
  7. Where is he?

  8. Confusion about fractional reserve banking

    So you're saying that a banker may invest his own money, but not act as an intermediary for investing other people's money?
  9. Where is he?

    No, the question is not where he is now, the question is where he is when he travels. Traveling, like jumping, is a process that takes you from one location to another.
  10. Confusion about fractional reserve banking

    How would you define an honest banker? Someone who makes money by charging people for safekeeping their gold, and that's it?
  11. Where is he?

    Jumping is a process that begins on the bridge, progresses through the air, and ends in the water (or wherever he lands). The question is a bit like asking, where is a man when he travels from Houston to San Francisco? The same kind of answer would apply there.
  12. Government ownership

  13. Government ownership

    If government were restricted to its proper functions, and if the dollar were not as inflated as it is now, it would not be trillions of dollars and also not millions of people. And, as Betsy said, it would not be collective ownership by "the People," but private ownership by the government. "Collective ownership" is a lie that an honest government would have no need to engage in. It would not say, "we the People own this factory and use it for the benefit for us the People," when in fact the factory is being used for the (ill-conceived) benefit of government functionaries. It would just say, truthfully: "We the government own this police vehicle and use it for fulfilling our mission of enforcing individual rights."
  14. 476 Rome, 2008 Washington D.C.

    You just said you believed in just governments. Wouldn't justice require taking into account the context in which a man acted? If you shoot a man, it can be out of self-defense or out of malice, depending on the context. Wouldn't you want the government to take your context into account?
  15. 476 Rome, 2008 Washington D.C.

    I'm still not sure what you are trying to convince us of. We all do believe in just governments, we all are aware that today's governments fall far short of that ideal, and we also know that the original United States had some of its own flaws. Are you trying to say that all future governments will also necessarily be flawed, because man is inherently bad?