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  1. Help: New computer and cannot login

    Yay! I'm on. I got a hotmail account and used that to reregister here. I got the certification email with no problem; when I tried to reregister using my msn.com account, the Forum accepted it, but I never recieved the email to confirm. Why would this happen like this? What is it about the msn.com email account that wouldn't accept an email directed toward it (and no, it wasn't junked)? I had changed my email address on the Forum before I disconnected the webtv. I've been getting my subscribed noticed, but I was unable to access the Forum from the notification. I got to the site, but the site wouldn't let me on. One thing you ought to know, I'm ignorant as dirt about computers. I didn't understand most of what I read on this thread. Thank all of you for thinking about my problem. I'd still like to know what happened. I regret loosing my history on the forum. I've taken my old OOF name of "oldsalt".