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  1. Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates

    There is an interesting article in the spring City Journal by Christopher Hitchens: Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates; America's first confrontation with the Islamic world helped forge a new nation's character. http://www.city-journal.org/html/17_2_urba..._jefferson.html
  2. Democratic Party Ad During WWII

    Wonderful stuff. Haven't we come far?
  3. Events in Belgium

    Belgium has been hailed as the exemplar for the European Union. Turns out they are right.
  4. Founders College News

    I remember reading all the complaints, from the fact that FC isn't an Objectivist school, to the concern that the world wasn't ready for even a school as Objectivist as FC. There were those who "know something about it" that say the school is bound to fail (for whatever reasons given). I'll just say right out front that I don't have a clue about starting a college. I've done no research into the matter. I know nothing of teaching methods, except that those practiced in progressive schools, whether government or private, are erroneous and detrimental. I know that I would have given almost anything to be offered such a curriculum when I was going to school. What I do know is that these people are starting a business. They are taking an enormous risk; I don't pretend to know just how great, but I know it involves their lives and fortunes, just like our Founders (although, thanks to our Founders, I think we can forget about hanging for failing ). Whether it is everything I would have it be doesn't bother me much--I admire the vision, and the courage it has taken to act on the vision. This college represents an enormous step forward. That fact alone makes me smile. As I said above, I never would have guessed that I would see such a place within my lifetime, and I am enormously grateful. It is like the young man on a bicycle who drew inspiration from the fact of Roark's work. I wish them all good fortune. Phil, I understand your impatience. I've felt it, and feel it. There is damned little about the world that is as I would have it. But I've learned that the world is not going to move any faster because of my frustration. The world will only move forward one individual at a time--and now there's a place that didn't exist before, where some of them can go to learn how to do so. Those who want to go forward in the science of philosophy have OAC, where I trust that they will be learn about Objectivism in a way no school could or would manage right now. Frankly, I don't care if the whole world is Objectivist. I only care that individuals be reasonable. If FC is successful, the world will have many more reasonable people in it.
  5. Founders College News

    What Brian said. Tamara Fuller, I never thought I'd live to see something like Founders College come to pass. You've no idea how grateful I am just to know that it exists. For that alone, I thank you. I'll add that I wish I'd been a beneficiary of your curriculum.
  6. Public Schools

    I see you beat me to it, Erich, and as usual, you did a much better job of it.
  7. Public Schools

    If you don't mind my sticking my 2 cents in: If you are talking about early 17th century America, then you need to differentiate between the northern and southern colonies. Those colonies that grew out of the Plymouth/Puritan group were every bit as religious as any in Europe, saw the New World as a place to build a new shining City on a Hill--a new Jerusalem, and were as mystical as any Inquisitor in Europe. The southern colonists were looking to make money. Duel personalities from the beginning. Both groups learned the hard way that they must live in this world if they were to continue in this world. Whatever the surroundings, few who came out of Europe could have been prepared for life in a completely wild country, among a primitive people. (If you look at some of the things people brought with them to the New World, it is easy to see that they expected to live much as they had before.) By the time of the Revolution, however, people were close enough in their beliefs that Jefferson referred to the "American mind," meaning that most Americans were familiar with certain philosophers, especially Locke, and that the premises operating by that time were shared by most people. I won't go into what went wrong. I'm assuming that most of you understand the land mines hidden within the philosophical soil. Even those Americans with the best sense of life have become disarmed to the point that they don't realize how much they accept from those they recognize as dangerous to the country and to themselves. Speaking of just one area, observe the conversations about anything having to do with environmentalism. Even those who understand that most of it is bunk, and that the goal is the end of the Industrial Revolution, use the vocabulary and talking points of the enemy. For instance, almost every discussion about elite advocates of global warming revolve around the fact that they don't live up to their own rhetoric (essentials?). With few exceptions, environmentalists now control the conversation. They have become instituted within the culture and many people now believe that everyone must be controlled a la businessmen. In our schools--especially elementary schools--the amount of time spent on environmental issues, and the focus of lessons that have nothing directly to do with the subject, is astounding. The viros spend a lot of money supplying project material to schools. Learning to revere mother earth passes as science. Dick and Jane now spend their time volunteering, recycling and making friends with diversity. Eating a piece of blubber teaches students what it is like to be an Eskimo (a superior group living in harmony with nature)--a social studies lesson that takes the place of history. As long as we allow the government this kind of control over our children, we are in a danger that only grows with every generation.
  8. Founders College News

    Lucky first ten!
  9. Greetings and salutations.

    Welcome, Second Child. Take a look around, and don't hesitate to comment or ask questions.
  10. Syrian Nuke Cache

    Here are a couple of more articles I would to add to Jack's list: From the Jerusalem Post (for some reason this link isn't working, even though the address is correct; if you go to the home page as directed, you can find the article Dozens died in Syria-Iran missile test, at least it was there at the time of this posting): Bolton is getting around.
  11. The ultimate frivolous lawsuit

    Maybe we could make it a class-action lawsuit.
  12. The Muslim Brotherhood in America

    In yesterday's Dallas Morning News: If you aren't mollified by the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood is "largely underground" in America, read the rest. There is a link to the documents presented in the case, as well.
  13. Syrian Nuke Cache

    I wonder how much of Syria's nuclear program came from Iraq. Lord knows we gave Iraq enough time to transfer whatever they wanted to protect from Western eyes.
  14. Happy Birthday to Dufresne

    A very happy birthday, and many happy returns. :D I always enjoy your posts!
  15. Dr. Device's Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the FORUM, Derk. While I, too, have a certain envy (my first reading of Atlas was an experience I'll never forget), I wouldn't trade the increased understanding that comes with the years of further reading--and especially experiencing life as an Objectivist. I am always amazed when I reread Objectivist works, including the fiction, and find a new depth of understanding that was impossible for me to grasp in the beginning. Experience counts, and it is only with the passing years that I have come to more fully understand and appreciate Miss Rand's incredible accomplishment. Her's was a millennial genius.
  16. Introduction: Musashi Miyoshi

    Welcome to the FORUM! I look forward to your contributions. As you can see by my name, oldsalt, I'm a saltydog myself. My husband and I live on our sailboat in San Diego. We try to steer clear of the CG, however.
  17. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    I wish you a very happy birthday, Alon. And may good fortune follow you every day.
  18. I love it when he writes these special, personal poems! It is so thoughtful--a wonderful gift.
  19. Ha! We posted at the same time. I want to add this: Love the joyful, smiling face of the proud new papa!
  20. What an adorable little face, full of promise. Congratulations to you and your wife, and best wishes for a happy future. Sleep? Heh.
  21. Happy Birthday to Thoyd Loki

    A very happy birthday! With many more reading days to follow!
  22. I agree that there are people who are capable of overcoming the kind of environment that is being posited, just as there are those who are able to overcome the terrible horrors possible in many, if not most, of the cultures in the world today. But I think this takes an extraordinary person. It is possible to destroy the mind. It is also possible to cripple the mind to such a point that a person will spend most of their adult life overcoming what was done to them, to whatever extent they may learn to live a positive life. Since the mind is man's means of survival, the kind of injury done to the mind of a child that is described in the scenario given (and in today's world) can cause greater, and longer lived, detriment to a child than any kind of physical abuse, short of death. So, where would you draw the line, when each child's capacity for recovery is different?
  23. The War on Drugs

    Check out this articleby Radley Balko (I remember when this outrage happened): (hat tip: instapundit) This isn't a group of rogue officers who did this. Read the whole thing. This article doesn't address the fact that these same people confiscate everything a defendant owns and auctions it off as proceeds from drug activity. It doesn't matter if the car someone was caught in belongs to daddy, and daddy doesn't have a clue what his child is up to, if a person is caught with drugs, the car can be auctioned off (this happened to a friend of mine--his son had just picked up a 1/4 oz. baggy of marijuana, and was charged with intent to sell). The money goes to the drug enforcement entity that made the arrest. I am against drug use, for all the obvious reasons, but the government has turned the War on Drugs a major source of revenue, and a self-perpetuating method of job security. I won't even go into the fact that our prisons are bursting at the seams due to the War on Drugs, a fact that judges have used to turn murderers and rapists loose upon society. Balko does a follow-up here. He also gives us some good links.
  24. The War on Drugs

    I have stopped giving the benefit of the doubt to either side in situations like this one, where I used to always go with the police unless there is something obviously wrong. I am particularly skeptical about the D.E.A. I've seen too much not to be.
  25. Jesus Christ! I wonder if he would have done all of this if he was able to run again.