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  1. Study Methods & Motivation, by Edwin Locke

    Thank you. I remember you mentioning this book on OO.net, but then lost the reference. Likewise, my order is in.
  2. Social Capital

    This system sounds interesting to me. Let me try out a metaphor and see if I have this right. It seems as though what this would look like, in practice, is a kind of balance sheet (for instance, a bank's). I see this kind of like I do the required reserves, where a citizen might be required to keep a certain amount in case there's a run on "the bank," (whether that requirement is governmental or not). Is this similar to what the previous authors are advocating?
  3. Bright Eyes

    I used to find Mr. Oberst's music interesting. I would recommend the first album produced under the name Bright Eyes, a Collection of Songs. This album, to my knowledge, was entirely produced and mixed and recorded by Mr. Oberst without anyone else. It's a monument to ingenuity. The later stuff doesn't really fascinate me, it's just too depressing.