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  1. THE OUTCASTS now in print!

    Many of you have read excerpts of my novel on the Forum. It is now finished, and available in print: as well as on Kindle: Product Description A 14 year old boy at the dawn of the Renaissance ... in a world of believers, he dared to say: "It would cost me my soul if I didn't question." The Outcasts is the story of a family destroyed by the "family values" of faith, obedience, and conformity ... and a boy's rebellious quest for truth. It's the story of Messer Agostino, a gruff patriarch who staggers back to his native Florence after being held a political prisoner for five years, his eyes burning with religious fervor--to find the city has sold his house for back taxes, his wife fears and hates him, and his son has turned away from the Church. And it tells of his young wife Monna Teresa, obsessed by the damnation of unbaptized infants--who fears her husband will discover the secret she hides behind locked doors--and, in mounting hysteria, keeps a bottle of holy water at her bedside. And it's the story of Marco, beaten since early childhood to teach him "you do as you're told"--a lesson he refuses to learn. An outcast and alone in the world--till he sees a savage Tartar slave girl stepping off a boat, in chains ... These are people who stake everything on their beliefs--and pay the consequences, however high. Powerfully conceived, dramatically plotted, The Outcasts is a counterpart of The Brothers Karamazov, written from an opposite point of view: the unbeliever's. There's never been a novel to challenge Dostoyevsky's oft-quoted dictum that religion and morality are inseparable--no story that celebrates the pure gutsy rebelliousness of a thinker who dares to question and defy centuries of dogma. Until now. "It will become a classic in the 21st century." Edward Cline, author of the Sparrowhawk series, First Prize, Honors Due, China Basin, We Three Kings, etc.